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The Apathy Pit


Wait, What?

Posted by The Present Automaton , May 27 2012 · 169 views

It's almost 10pm already?! B-but...Where did that time go? I haven't even written for the short story contest yet...

I want my Sunday back!


Extra, Extra! I Finished A Book! Read All About It!

Posted by The Present Automaton , May 26 2012 · 108 views

That hours worth of board messages did me good. I deduced my laptop was getting curiously slow anyway, so I shut it down and put it to one side so that I might pick up Charlotte Street and finish it. And that I did. And you know what? I bloody loved it. The ending was just so manly levels of beautiful, it made me glad I put everything else I'd purchased aside just so I could get through it. You get the message as to how you should take every chance and live every moment, but I don't think I've encountered it put across so well than in this book. Because it not only shows how it can improve your life, but if you take the wrong leap, it might just bugger it up. It's also insanely quotable, and whilst I could fill this entry with such quotes, I won't. I've already got one as an introduction to the blog, but I thought I might just throw in one other one that I liked.

"We're on this planet for the blink of an eye but some of us live longer, even when they die young"

Anyway, as for other things. I'm gonna be entering the short story competition. I'm not expecting to win, as I've never written a short story in my life. From a young age, I could never condense a plot into a limited amount of words, hence why I prefer epics and novels. I prefer to roam my characters personalities and look at the minutiae, which you don't get much leg room to do in short stories. But, hey, I may as well give it a shot, y'know? It's always worth practising.

Also, the laptop issue I had the other week. I think I might have solved the issue. I ought to stop leaving the ruddy thing on standby. There, fixed. I should be a tech expert. We're now looking at more reasonable temperatures of 42-53 degrees celsius, which while still unnerving, are not nearly as bad, and definitely not a sign my laptop has decided it wants to become lava.


Oh, Kevin Macleod, Where Have You Been All My Life?

Posted by The Present Automaton , May 25 2012 · 137 views

I've announced to pretty much everyone I know that from henceforth, "One-Eyed Maestro" shall be my theme tune. And now I can't stop listening to "The Cannery".

Also, check it out. I've actually added some content blocks, if only to give a little life to my blog. But it still feels like it lacks something. Hm, I'll think on it some more.


I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire

Posted by The Present Automaton , May 24 2012 · 250 views

Turns out I don't do heat. At all. Three days in a row, and I think having to throw open every window in the house is making me irritated. I can't concentrate on writing when I feel myself boiling in my own blood and now the ruddy flies are trying to lay eggs in the cat food. I dislike anti-Britain.

To make matters worse, the heat of my laptop's currently unnerving me. The CPU's running at 72 degrees celcius on average, and while I was informed 60 is the average, twice my body temperature just doesn't seem right. I'm too unnerved by this heat to even risk finally playing a video game on Steam, like Skyrim or something which I've been longing for for ages, just in case my laptop erupts into an inferno that consumes the entire country. Not cool.


Dude, Wait, What?

Posted by The Present Automaton , May 23 2012 · 151 views

Cold callers are certainly getting more and more...original, shall we say?

Him: "Hello, am I speaking to Mr [Surname, which they somehow managed to get wrong]"
Me: "Sorry, he's not in at the moment, but can I take a message?"
Him: "Brrm. Brrm brrm. Brrrrrrrrrm." *Hangs up*
Me: ...o_o

I don't even.

On the plus side, as well as reading a fair portion more of Charlotte Street, watching District 9 and No Country For Old Men and having a very pleasant walk, with 3,834 words, I must surely have finished Chapter 18 of TBKS, right? Wrong. I've only just finished the first half of the chapter. ;_;

Still, at least it ends on a cliffhanger I'm very satisfied with. It's all uphill (Or downhill, depending on your perspective) from here folks.

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