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The Junk Heap



Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Nov 21 2012 · 86 views

Blimey I've been tired lately. Like a bicycle. Two tyred. I don't know if it's my medication kicking in or the simple fact that I've been going to bed at 2am but it's playing havoc on me. I know I definitely ought not be falling asleep on the public bus to and from college yet I've been doing it despite the intense discomfort and threat of leaving a bag unattended. Also because I know I should spend that time reading either educationally (Need to finish A Handful of Dust which everyone else in my class has managed) or more realistically for pleasure. Especially given I'm currently on a book called Stormdancer which won me over with the two simple words "Japanese Steampunk".

On the subject of sleep I now want to praise the existence of mp3 alarm clocks which have to be the most unnecessary yet great ideas ever. I've been waking up every day to a different song from the Solatorobo soundtrack, with exception to this morning when I decided to switch things around and listen to Abney Park.


There's not really much to say

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Nov 19 2012 · 124 views

Unfortunately my day at college was a far less than cheerful one today. I found out last night that a classmate and friend had chosen to take his own life, much to everyone's shock and dismay. He was in two different subjects with me and I can honestly say they're going to be a lot emptier now without him. I don't know what drove him to such serious action and frankly I don't want to, but I'm genuinely surprised given on the outside he seemed such a cheerful and outgoing person. But I guess that just shows you can never truly know a person and that those who seem perfectly content may be far less than that on the inside. My thoughts and sympathies are with his family and close friends now.


Personal Statement

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Nov 18 2012 · 86 views

I should really stop leaving things until the last minute. I have a week left and I need to get this finished.

Though I do wish I had written a sequel called "[something] 2: Electric Boogaloo". Just for the sheer joy of having those words in such an important document.



Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Nov 17 2012 · 125 views

Huh. So it turns out I'm not being intentionally underpaid and my boss simply forgot how old I was. False alarm everybody, no human rights are being breached. I'm now earning minimum wage and got the extra I was missing out on last week. I don't think he was too happy about it though, and I can't blame him. I better keep looking for another job and fast.

So that smack in the face I got the other day blossomed into a black eye which was a great thing to go into college and work with. I'm not even being sarcastic, I thought it was pretty amusing. At least I didn't have that ridiculous "beard" I'd been accumulating. I gave up on No Shave November and simply left it at Movember.


So I think I got punched in the face

Posted by The Dandy Automaton , Nov 14 2012 · 122 views

Hooray for attention-grabbing titles. Not that I didn't get punched in the face, I most certainly did. But given it was in a mosh-pit, I think that's perfectly alright. As far as I'm aware it's only worth it if you come away with battle scars. Not that I know, I haven't been in many.

Yeah, for the first time in about ages I finally left the house and decided to go to a gig with some old friends I hadn't seen in a while, wearing far too many shades of orange to be considered a normal human being. That's what you get for trying to add colour to your wardrobe I guess. Not that I cared much, of course. I came to see the fantastic There For Tomorrow and that's what I got, as well as two other bands, Canterbury and Deaf Havana. The latter two I can't say I'd ever heard before but Canterbury were great and I might have to try to amend that for them. Deaf Havana...Egh, I'll survive without.

Posted Image

Even managed to get away with some discounted merchandise, a necklace and a shirt. Overall one heck of a good day out. Now I just have to wait and look forward to the next performance I go to which'll be in the front row audience of comedian Marcus Brigstocke. Anyway, that'll do for tonight. I need to eat some corn flakes before I starve.

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