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Updated Status Of Bs01

Posted by Swert , Dec 26 2011 · 454 views

For once, I bring -good- news on this 26th day of December. Nothing really special happens today for me, sorry.

But in regards to BS01, and believe me there's good news to it, we're finally settling in on the server quite nicely, and HS01 is up and running quite well. BS01, however, is being a naughty boy and we haven't even started the road to Christmas 2012 yet. No matter, we're speeding up the process internally, and images are (SLOWLY) being reintroduced.

I honestly do wish to apologize to all members of BZPower, viewers and editors of BS01, and people who don't read my blog but saw the word "Bs01" in the blog title and clicked on it. I was not immediately aware of how long this process would take me, but I'll share with you a few details to explain why I chose what I did and why then.

In October of 2011, I took over paying for BS01's server by returning to my job at City Blocks in Tacoma, WA. I spent two months paying for the site at the beginning of the month, a whopping $151.97. Now, I'm not ashamed to mention this price any longer, since I don't pay it any more. Keeping in mind I did this out of my own pocket with no ads, I looked down the line at my financial status and so forth, discussed it with staff, advisors, family, my boss and finally myself and decided moving to a cheaper, SMALLER solution would be best.

I had initially planned to purchase this server in mid-November. I would install MediaWiki on it, get the other MediaWiki on there, slowly upload BS01 and HS01 over, test its progress, then switch over same-day when I cancelled my old server. Well as we all know, that didn't quite work out that way.

So here comes early December. BS01 and HS01's old server was now acting up through some weird event, and I decided to just let it die and go get a new one, which was already planned. I cancelled my server that day, having taken the day off Dec. 6th, and initiated the purchase of my new server shortly thereafter. I now own two Virtual Private Servers, one optimized for the DB, and both run in sync with each other.

In regards to content, we did back up every inch of BS01 and HS01 of the IMPORTANT documents. We tried to save all user pages, but we did miss out on BS01's subpages (or some anyway) and talk pages were deemed unimportant (we are sorry, keep in mind I lost some logs, too.) Once HS01 was backed up, and BS01 99% backed up, I saved the images (every single image was saved), the users' DB (nobody lost, I swear!) and a few extensions (not many, but some).

Now for some issues on why images are taking forever: Turns out you don't just get to upload images into a folder on the site and expect it all to work. Turns out I forgot to save the images database table, so we gotta reupload each one, one by one. Or well, 10 at a time once I installed the Multiple Images upload extension (might keep it, might not, who knows.) I'm handing off images to volunteers over here to upload slowly over time.

So there you have it, BS01's status explained from the guy who did it. Now, one more final crucial reason why it's taken me a whole month despite having it all up and running within days, I do apologize. Let's just say work was rough all month, but the final result is well worth it. (I might upload the images of the products we did in the shop in another blog entry, just for fun.)

I hope my explaination wasn't -too- long and let's hope we get it all done before too much longer.

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Lies and slander, all of it! The martians came and replaced you, and the server. Don't try to hide it.

We know the truth!
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*^Ignoring Dorek^*

I almost feel guilty not working on it while Swert paying for the server. I know there isn't much to do on it now but still...

Anyway, I still think the partial loss of logs is kinda good. Now we don't have to worry about people looking back to the things we said that we now think are stupid. :P
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In fearful day...

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