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Rage Against The Machine XX

Posted by Queen of Liars , in Music Dec 06 2012 · 615 views

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So I decided to get myself a copy of the 20th anniversary special edition of Rage Against The Machine's debut album. Although usually I try to avoid reissues, especially of albums I already own, the demos and unreleased tracks included on the second CD were enough for me to get this one.
I'm quite happy with it. As you can see, the packaging is great and includes some good pictures of the band, although more liner notes from the band members themselves would have been nice. The remaster of the album barely sounds different, which is good as the original was absolutely fine. It's the same ten songs that still sound as fresh, relevant and hard-hitting today as they did in 1992. I do believe this to be one of the finest rock records of the last 20 years. From that iconic guitar and bass riff which opens the album with Bombtrack, to Zack de la Rocha's last calls for freedom on the record's closer, Freedom, this is a relentless onslaught of revolution which just doesn't get old.
The extra stuff on the second CD is also very nice for a big Rage fan like me. The unreleased songs are very good, and the demos are interesting to listen to as well. There's also a DVD with some live performances, although I haven't watched it yet.
So yeah, a good purchase, I think.
Oh, and I also managed to get a used limited edition copy of Paradise Lost's 1997 album, One Second, for just a few pounds. I just can't resist limited editions if they're a good price.

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do you think it's worth getting over the original for someone who doesn't own any RAtM yet?

also luckyyy @getting One Second

Paradise Lost albums are impossible to find around here
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Queen of Liars
Dec 06 2012 04:22 PM

This would be a very nice release to start off with, but getting the original would probably be better, as most of the extra stuff here will appeal more to long time fans, probably even the five previously unreleased tracks. Although really, it depends on the cost. If you can find this for not much more than the original, then go for it.

So basically, if money isn't an issue or if the price isn't too different, I do recommend this one. Otherwise, the original is just fine.

That only goes for the special edition of the reissue though. The regular only includes three extra live tracks, so it's not worth bothering with it and you're definitely better off with the original.


And yeah, now I have my eyes on a limited 2-CD 1995 edition of Draconian Times, but at £20 it's a bit too much. Still, at this rate I'll end up with two copies of each album.

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alright, I'll have to compare prices and check around some of the local shops

also I still need to get several Paradise Lost albums

likely I'll end up getting this rather cheaply-done "Original Album Classics" box set (which lacks individual jewel cases and booklets) in order to get Shades of God, Icon, and Draconian Times since I'd be paying like twice as much if I bought them individually
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Queen of Liars
Dec 06 2012 08:30 PM

Ah, I've seen those box sets floating around for Alice Cooper and Elvis Presley. They're definitely good value, but I'd never get one myself. I like having the individual artwork and booklets that come with albums. Part of the reason why I refuse to buy digital too.

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I'm absolutely the same way, which is why it really kills me to think of buying such a thing

but given my rather low budget and the fact that the individual albums are a bit pricey otherwise, it's probably my best option

but idk, if I get an Amazon giftcard or somesuch this Christmas, I may just say screw it and buy the three individually
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