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Mt. Coronet


Somewhere, Whenua is Weeping

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 27 2013 · 218 views

Managed to whip up a comedy for the monster contest: AQUA MAGNA ATTACK ON MARENDAR 10.1010 THIS IS (NOT) COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.  Figured it was worth a try.
Hm, with the Archives closing down, I guess I should do something about Bioni-Lords Books 1 and 2.  It would take way too long to repost them, and they're really not that good anyway--if I were to redo it, I'd like to wipe all the canon and start with a fresh slate, but that'll take way, WAY too long.
So here's what I'm thinking: I'll make a series of blog posts summarizing Books 1 and 2 arc by arc, along with a Bioni-Lords Master Post to hold all those links, plus the websites, plus the Kako link.  Also might put up a few important battles as blog posts, like Khadaz vs Union, Khadaz vs the 10th, and the Terminal Trial chapters.  Final Stretch is still on these Forums, so I may just skip the summary of Sekai Final arc.
Do you guys have any thoughts on this?  Suggestions and whatnot?
In related news, I put a few more Spirits online--another Mega Man Star Force Spirit and some based on characters from a new anime I've started watching/the game it's based on.
The next Kako is fully written, I just need to type it up!  I hoped to get it done tonight, but it looks like I'll be busy for a little while, and after that there's an...important event I wish to view (read: Doctor Who special).  But I'm off work tomorrow, so it shouldn't be a long wait!


Oh, There Goes The Link Bandwagon

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 26 2013 · 250 views

I feel like I should jump on, but the only social media I frequently use is Tumblr.
And I'm not giving you my Tumblr.
The reason being that, to quote a certain Jedi, "you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" than Tumblr.
I've blended a bit and swear a lot on my blog over there.  I mean, maybe if I were to behave long enough to get one full page without swearing, I could link it, but...no.
The good thing about this, and one of the main reasons I still use Tumblr, is because this type of atmosphere doesn't make me feel like I'm under that much pressure.  Other sites like Facebook are so widely used now that you need to keep up appearances--how many of us have had to refrain from saying what we really think because one or both of our parents could easily view such a status?
I guess I just feel like I can behave however I want on Tumblr, which is a nice feeling.
That being said, my side/roleplaying blog, Ask Yandere Vhisola, should be clean, so I'll just leave a link here and see what happens.  (I haven't been very active with this lately, but that's partly due to me running low on Nokama images from BioSector I can link to.)


Happy Birthday BZPower!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 20 2013 · 218 views

Here's to even more years!
A giant monster contest?  Must force self to enter.
In regards to the Technic Coliseum voting, eleven fighters have 3 or more votes, so they'll be added soon.  It may take a while before I'm done.
Other news?  Well, Kingdom Hearts X is officially released in Japan.  There's also Comic-Con, which has given some news on the new Adventure Time and Regular Show games, which I must admit I'm looking forward to.  They also talked about Korra Book 2, airing in September!  As good as the whole series has been thus far, truth is I'm more interested in learning about the first Avatar than anything else.  I just wished they had thought of something more creative than "Wan". (Wan?  One?  Hrm.)  There could be some other news, but I haven't seen it yet.  Back to looking!


Some Stuff

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 13 2013 · 495 views

So Clannad is a pretty good anime.  You know, if you like crying your eyes out.
Also, I ended up seeing the last half of Syfy's Sharnado since there was nothing else on.  It was exactly what you'd expect.  I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard.
There's been a ton of Pokemon news lately, plus the new movie is out in Japan!  I'm already getting a tentative team together.  I'm thinking Froakie, Yveltal, Honedge, and Noivern for now...going to need a Ground type to cover the Electric weakness of Yveltal, though.
In other news, Kingdom Hearts X [chi] is now holding an open beta!  It's free to play, but you'll need a Japan Yahoo ID to access it.  I don't really feel like making one.
I've posted a new short story: Programming Disconnect.  With all the talk about how shipping is non-canon in the MU, I decided it would be interesting to write something about an Agori falling in love with a Matoran who is incapable of understanding (let alone returning) those feelings.  Being an author, I enjoy finding new ways to torment readers.


Mostly Video Games

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 06 2013 · 342 views

Managed to get Kako 46 online yesterday!  I've started writing 47, but it may take a while before I can post it.
In unrelated news, a trailer for Kingdom Hearts X [chi] was released.  While I do wish they had done something more for a game supposed to be set during the Keyblade War, I'm kind of excited for it.
Hm, let's see, I already mentioned Honedge, the sword Pokemon...what else...
Don't think I can source it here, but I am PSYCHED!  The anime was so good, and I had been considering downloading the fan translation, but I can be patient a little longer I suppose.  Really looking forward to this one!



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 05 2013 · 652 views

There's a Sword Pokemon!!
A Steel/Ghost, possessed sword that you can catch and train and send into battle to cut down your enemies!
How are we supposed to be patient for another three months when we know there's going to be a sword Pokemon?!


The Last Big Batch of Coliseum Stuff

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 01 2013 · 375 views

-As mentioned previously, the Inika Charge has been dropped and the Hordika Venom has been edited.  I also said more Kanohi will be made available in Nuva!  Specifically, we’ll be making the Suletu, Kadin, Mask of Emulation, and Crast upgrade-friendly.  The Calix and Felnas are going to stay the way they are, for now at least.
-Also, I decided to go with Canis’s idea for making Rahkshi Staffs compatible with Antidermis Infusion.  In addition to buying the staff, you will need to pay 3,000 W to make it Infusion-compatible, which will change its designation in your inventory to “Staff of ___-C”.
-One last upgrade: the Shadow Leech Partial Drain!  It may cost 30,000 W, but with this upgrade your fighter will gain Shadow powers in addition to their current Element!  It wears off after 10 battles, though, and there are some restrictions involving this and the Elemental Rahkshi Staffs.
-Wraith suggested an item to let the Glatorian fly, so here it is: the Imported Jetpack!  7,000 W, as you would expect.
-Credit to Canis, the Nui Stone will be available for any fighter to purchase!  When used by a non-upgraded fighter fighting an upgraded fighter, it targets the stats they have an edge in and splits the difference like a Suletu!  Not super sure about the price, but right now I’m thinking 20,000 W.
-Another awesome but impractical item: the Golden Kanohi!  If you can shell out 80,000 W and obey the restrictions, you can use this item to have access to the powers of every Kanohi you own at once!  And yes, it breaks after one use.  Not planning to make this one available in Nuva.
-You’ve been asking for it, so here it is: the Adaptive Armor!  But this isn’t an upgrade—no, this is an item that any fighter can buy!  This armor will cost 30,000 W, and protects the wearer from any and all stat reductions, plus effects such as blindness, illusions, poison, and whatnot.
-Last but not least, the Golden Armor, also available for any fighter to buy!  This one costs 10,000 W, and when brought into battle it prevents any and all Rahkshi Staffs from being used in the match.  Great for going up against an opponent who loves their Rahkshi Staffs!  It cannot, however, be used to cancel out the Staff power being used by a fighter with an Antidermis Infusion.
Well, that’s everything I had planned.  Feel free to keep submitting item ideas, though!

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