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Mt. Coronet


Temporal and Canonical Restraints

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 20 2013 · 337 views

Obligatory comment about officially being here nine years: woohoo
Moving on.
On Monday my next semester of classes starts, and it looks like I may have a bit more work this time around considering my science fiction class has asked me to buy nine different novels.  In addition, I’ve got a part-time job now, so that’ll also take up some of my time.  I’m not complaining, just saying I’ll have less free time over the next few months.
Even less once I get my hands on Pokémon Y heheheh…
This is obviously going to mean less BZP time.  The only things I’m really working on here are Technic Coliseum, which has slowed to a crawl anyway, and Bioni-Lords, which only a handful of people read.  I should be able to stay up-to-date with the Coliseum.  As for Bioni-Lords, I’ll work on it when I can, but the frequency of new chapters may drop even lower than it has been lately.  Sorry about that.
To be honest, though, I’m getting really frustrated with Bioni-Lords.  I decided when I started this flashback book that I wasn’t going to contradict canon outside of what had already been explained away by “the Retcon.”  Seemed like a good idea.  Now that I’m actually writing the darn thing, I keep bumping into restrictions that are a real pain, primarily in regard to Tahra and Zempyst.  Unless I do some rearranging, they’ve got some nasty fates in store, which is something I really don’t want to follow through on; not just because I like the characters, but because their respective presences provide things that Bioni-Lords sorely needs.  Tahra is probably the closest thing I have to a great female character (though I feel like there are still some problems with how I’m handling her), and Zempyst’s relationship with Aile is one of the first times the story has stepped towards any form of diversity.  Upon realizing this, I came to the conclusion that I was a close-minded cool dude when I developed this canon, and I will not make any excuses.  I’m deeply sorry and I promise to do my best to improve.
I don’t mean to overstate the importance of Bioni-Lords, of course.  It’s an obscure fanfiction that can’t be anything more than practice for when I try to write other stories.  But that’s just it: it’s practice for me.  I need to home in on what I need to change and try to actually change it.  Still, when the characters I think I can actually use in this process already have tragic ends, it doesn’t feel like I’m really making a whole lot of progress.  With the first two Books being offline, though, this could give me a chance to just go ahead and retcon.  I don’t know…maybe there’s still a way I can twist things to get the practice I need while not entirely contradicting canon.
I guess I’ll try to figure that out, then.  Hoping I get it down soon, because I think Vitirus is going to fall into this category too…


Pain and Pokemon. Mostly Pokemon.

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 17 2013 · 342 views

I decided to watch Madoka this week.  I'm still in pain.
But Pokemon news helps me forget the pain!  Game Freak is holding a Pokemon Game Show over in Japan right now, featuring a demo of X and Y focusing on Mega Evolutions!  Apparently you activate it using a special button on the move screen, and you can use a move the same turn that you activate it.  The demo lets you use Mega Mewtwo.  Impatience rising.  In addition, it confirms that you now run by default, and holding the B button slows you down to a walk.  Very good.  I believe there was also a report saying there would be just under 50 Mega Evolutions in the game? (Not 100% sure on this one.)
There's also some news about the Fairy type being introduced into the TCG, and a new anime called Pokemon The Origin.  It's not clear if it's a special or a mini-series or what, but it takes us back to Kanto to follow the story of Pokemon Trainer Red, so it sounds pretty flipping awesome.  I'm too lazy to link the trailer, but you should go watch it.


Pahrak's Latest Bright Idea

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 10 2013 · 501 views
It’s insomnia-fueled idea sharing time again!
Due to some anime I've seen, I want to do a story with personifications of stuff, and right now I’m thinking I may try with the islands in Bionicle.  Tentatively thinking title could be “Geonicle” (Geographical Chronicle)…anyway, it’d be about a bunch of Toa-like beings named after the various islands, with traits and abilities tied to that island.  Interaction will hopefully imitate canon events.  Also thinking each one can summon a “Geo Blade,” with the size reflecting the size of the island they represent.  Might also give each one an Element.  Anywho, character brainstorming!  See if you can get all the jokes!
-Mata (Nui): Male, looks like Glatorian Mata Nui with a Kanohi Hau.  Thinks he’s above everyone else, sometimes pretends the other Islands don’t exist.  Capable of flinging Bohrok out of his body.  Earth.
-Metru (Nui): Female, maybe Toa Metru design?  Strict and serious, considers self very sophisticated.  Also flings Bohrok.  Psionics.
-Voya (Nui): Female, not sure on design.  Used to be very sickly, but since getting better she’s become a real travel fanatic.  Generally rather quiet, but extremely powerful.  Clumsy, usually crashes into Mahri.  Stone.
-Mahri (Nui): Female, probably Hahli Mahri design.  Though she used to be very kind, over the years she’s grown increasingly crazy and sadistic.  However, each day she reverts to her old self for about an hour, which the other Islands refer to as “safe hour”, and she never takes her anger out on Voya.  Water.
-Karda (Nui): Female, don’t know about design.  Energetic beyond belief, very powerful, capable of charging the other Islands.  Also a very good cook.  Lightning.
-Karzahni: Probably just going to use the being that’s already named Karzahni.  Plasma.
-Artakha: Same.  Gravity.
-Zakaz: Male, obviously a Skakdi.  Rude and violent, routinely breaks into Voya’s home while she’s gone to try to rob her (usually beaten up by Mahri).  Has Utility Vision, which lets him do pretty much anything with his eyes.  Air.
-Xia: Female, probably Roodaka-based.  Has a mind for business, great at making things, traitorous.  Magnetism.
-Stelt: Male, looks like Krekka.  Big, strong, and dumb.  Obsessed with Visorak, usually manipulated by Xia.  Ice.
-Destral: Male, looks like a Makuta.  Hates the other Islands, routinely tries to destroy them.  Has a habit of popping up out of nowhere.  Shadow.
-Odina: Male, probably based on the Shadowed One.  Has a criminal empire, along with an eye for business that enables him to get along well with Xia.  Often gets in fights with Destral.  Sonics.
-Daxia: Female, Helryx-like.   Tough and sometimes violent.  Likes to watch Destral and Odina fight.  Light.
-Nynrah: Male, maybe a Fe-Matoran?  Keeps to himself most of the time, but people will often ask him to make things for them.  Artakha values his work, but Xia seems him more as a competitor.  Iron.
-Visorak: Male, not a whole lot of details aside from ability to fling Visorak and shoot webs like Spider-Man.  The Green.
-Artidax: Male, don’t know about design, probably an explosive temper.  Stole something from Destral a few years back—Destral wants to retrieve it, but Daxia is also trying to get her hands on it.  Fire.
-Thinking I could also include the planets at some point.  Bara (Magna) would be very independent, but nobody really likes him.  Bota (Magna) is a nice enough guy, but no one knows he exists, or bothers to remember his name or anything.  Aqua (Magna) is well-liked, seen as a big sister by the Islands.  Not 100% sure on how Spherus (Magna) would be represented though.


Mega Pokemon

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 08 2013 · 513 views

Apparently this is a legit thing.
Some Pokemon now get Super Saiyan forms.
Not sure how I feel about this yet.


Not a Whole Lot to Say...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 03 2013 · 346 views

Hey, guess what?  The Platinum Avohkii is on sale again!  It's cheaper this time, but I still can't afford it...
In other news, I managed to get two chapters of Kako up in the past week.  Hoping to get the next one done soon.
Aside from that...well, the Technic Coliseum tournament starts on Monday.  That's pretty much it.  It's been an uneventful week, not that I'm complaining.

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