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Mt. Coronet


Pokemon Bank Update

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 28 2017 · 94 views

If you didn’t hear, Pokémon Bank has been updated! You can now use it with Gen VII games, transfer Pokémon from Gen VI to Gen VII, and transfer Pokémon from Virtual Console Gen I games into Gen VII!

Bank now also has a National Pokedex function, which registers all the Pokémon you have in all games connected to it, making it even easier to keep track of your progress. Still hoping they update Sun and Moon with the National Dex, but this is pretty neat.

When transferring Pokémon from VC to Gen VII, here’s how they’re updated according to Serebii:
-They all have their Hidden Abilities! Unless the species doesn’t have a Hidden Ability, of course.
-Nature is “based on experience”? Not very specific…
-Guaranteed to have at least 3 maximum IVs.
-Gender is random.
-EVs are wiped clean.
-There’s also a chance of being made shiny based on what their Gen I IVs are!

Don’t forget that a Bank pass costs money, though. (I thought I had enough but taxes pushed it a few cents too high.)

Oh, and using Bank from now until October 2nd will get you Mew’s exclusive Z Crystal! And that still leaves 2 more event Z Crystals to look forward to.


More Complete Thoughts on KH2.8

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 27 2017 · 60 views
kingdom hearts
I won’t be getting to play it anytime soon (PS4s are expensive), but now that I’ve watched and processed 0.2 and Back Cover I wanted to gather up my reactions and speculations in one place because…of reasons?



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 21 2017 · 105 views

So, Dragon Ball Super. They’re about to head into a new arc where 10 fighters from each of the 12 universes are brought together for a massive tournament, and the losers’ universes will be destroyed. I’ve been unsure what to think of this since the beginning: multiversal tournament sounds great, but the survival aspect…I mean I guess it adds stakes, but I love that we found out there are 12 universes, it opened up so much potential and if they’re going to throw all that away…


I guess we’ll have to see. Anyway, a new trailer for the arc was released today, giving brief glimpse of the gods of destruction and angels of some of the universes. Several of them have animal motifs like Beerus, though others are more humanoid, one is a clown…for some reason. There are also clips of some other fighters, including ol’ Cabba and Frost, and someone who…

Uh…well, it’s early, but we see what appears to be a female character quickly transforming into a female Broly.

I don’t think anyone was expecting this, but let’s think for a second. Broly is, well, “legendary” for being so powerful. If we’re getting a female version of that character, then that means we might actually be getting a female Super character…who can hold her own against relevant opponents?!

We’ve already seen that Android 18 is going to be involved in this arc (finally getting back in the action after a long wait), so that could be cool, and Vados and any other female angels (or goddesses of destruction?) are definitely sitting at a high power level, but this feels a little different. Probably because:
-Being a Super Saiyan phenomenally increases one’s chances of being/staying relevant
-Saiyan, so definitely going to be actually doing some fighting
-A female Broly. That’s, like…something new!

I mean we’ll have to wait and see how exactly this plays out, but…I’m extremely interested in seeing how it does.


Tsundere Program Non-Optional

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 18 2017 · 88 views

I’m watching someone play Steins;Gate 0 and I realized something. (No spoilers don’t worry.)

Amadeus Kurisu is an AI based on the memories of someone who (during the plot of 0) is dead.

MegaMan.EXE is an AI who (somehow) incorporates the DNA of a deceased person.

Basically they’re one and the same and I propose we refer to Amadeus Kurisu as MegaMakise.EXE from now on.


0.2 Many Questions!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 16 2017 · 96 views
Kingdom Hearts
Someone has provided English subtitles for the entirety of the 0.2 section of 2.8, so I watched that. Master Aqua is even more my hero than she was five minutes ago, we don’t deserve her, she’s got to be one of the most awe-inspiring protagonists in video game history.

Something else that really caught my attention, assuming the subs are at least approximately accurate there are some interesting lore implications brought up.



My Gosh

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jan 12 2017 · 143 views

Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover is literally a Mafia game



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Dec 28 2016 · 114 views

Posted Image

I love the avatar system in KHUX.

There's so much going on here:
-The so-called "Disco Suit"
-An enormous afro with a galaxy inside of it
-The afro covers your eyes, but not your glasses??
-Those headphones are just kinda...emerging...from within the afro galaxy...
-A jetpack
-Gauntlets and shield meant to evoke ancient gladiators
-And, you know, the giant cartoon key used to slay evil

I guess I had to look this good in order to slay 2016.


It's Christmas!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Dec 25 2016 · 132 views

So, you know…have a Merry Christmas! Please. I mean, if you want to.

Or if you celebrate something else, I hope you have a happy holiday as well!

And if you don’t celebrate anything than I hope you have a nice day!



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Dec 22 2016 · 125 views

You scroll through the Library Forum and see a short story entitled “Bionicle Agni Kai Fight.”

You think “Agni kai? Oh, those firebending duels from Avatar? It’d be awesome to see two Toa of Fire have one of those!”

Upon clicking the link, you discover a tale of Agni and Kai having an argument.

From there you’ll probably experience either regret, anger, or perhaps a feeling of “Oh, that was clever!”

(Fingers crossed it’s the last one.)


An Age-Old Question Answered

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Dec 19 2016 · 185 views

You all know what a Super Saiyan is. You scream a little and then BAM, spiky gold hair and a power level over 9000.

But...what would happen if you tried to turn Super Saiyan and were bald?!

This question has plagued the worlds' greatest* minds for decades, but fret not! At last, we have an answer!

Posted Image

This is Super Saiyan 3 if you want to be technical. Either way, the question is answered!! If you don't have hair, then your beard gets gold and spiky!

...Although...what if you were bald...and didn't have any facial hair?!

Hm, perhaps the quest for knowledge is neverending after all...

*Not really

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