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Mt. Coronet


Power And Hair Are Intimately Linked You Know

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Jun 05 2016 · 169 views

Things that need to be done for Divine Strength: improve characters, settle on worldbuilding details, structure plot, actual work

Things I’m focusing on for Divine Strength: the Queen of Light’s hair color

Yeah. The idea is that some Queens, when their body is charged with magic during the fusion of the human soul and the deity soul, have their hair color altered to a specific color. In the case of the Queen of Light, that color changes over the course of her life, acting as a gauge for how much of her natural lifespan is left. It starts out red, then shifts to orange after a few years, then on to yellow, green, blue, indigo, and finally violet for the years leading up to her death. The origin of this idea was stupid, but I feel like it’s interesting (if possibly silly) so I wanted to keep it. Plus, the novel plot involves a way for the Queens to lose their power, and I like the idea of the color draining from Light’s hair to show this.

But recently I remembered that violet light has more energy and red light has less, so now I’m thinking it might make more sense to reverse the order above. That way it looks like the energy is gradually seeping away over time instead of intensifying for some reason. Of course, I’m always hesitant to make changes, and this would mean the Queen of Light in the novel will have purple or indigo or blue hair, which seems a lot more…anime. And that could be detrimental. (Then again, I’m already saying the Queen of the Sea has hair the color of the ocean, so…)

Well, while I’m at it: I have an idea for the next chapter of Beyond Ruin. Rather than focusing on Light and Sea like I previously said, I’m thinking of doing something with Land (with appearances from Sky and Knowledge) to test out that one concept I was talking about, that the Magic of the World reacts to people’s feelings and beliefs. I just need to find the motivation to write it, which is something I’m really just not feeling lately…so, no clue when it’ll be up, but it’s in the works I guess.


The Heart of the Sea

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 31 2016 · 221 views

June…doesn’t really mean anything special.

Except now it does, because it means you can get Manaphy over Mystery Gift! This is far less convoluted than that egg nonsense from when it was first made available!

Also, when you get your Manaphy, be sure to leave it at the day care with Ditto—that’s the only way you can get the not-exactly-Legendary Pokémon Phione!



Medal Working

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 28 2016 · 163 views

Unchained X has been out for a while now, but I finally managed to activate Guilt for the first time!

Posted Image

Well, the English version calls it Special Attack Bonus or something, but that's long and generic. So, Guilt. See that little purple crystal thing? That's active Guilt!

Man, that took a while. Lots of Munny, lots of Medals--EXP, evolution, Goofys...Guilt is difficult. I have another Goofy I might evolve and merge onto this to try for a new Guilt percentage, but since this Medal is Low Guilt it can't increase much anyway.

This might be all I do with Guilt for a while. Most of the Medals I'm using come from the Shop, so I really can't Guilt them unless I spend a lot of jewels and get really lucky. But, eventually they'll be adding that Fantasia Mickey and Brooms Medal which lets you add one orb/activate Guilt on any medal...

Oh, also, Adamant Ore Quests are up. The one now advertises Lady Luck, and one of the objectives requires it (for Avatar Coins), but heads-up: you can use that Adamant on any Keyblade. (Except Olympia.) Lady Luck +21 isn't bad, but the only Medal type boost it gets is one Reverse Medal boost, which I cannot use so I kind of regret it. You may want to do some research to pick which Keyblade you want to get to +21 first!


Unfortunately Pahrak is Still Reading Bleach

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 26 2016 · 253 views



Steins;Gate 0 Localization!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 25 2016 · 231 views


Still no news on when the anime starts, but we might not need to dodge spoilers that much longer!

Steins;Gate 0 will be released in America and Europe this year, on both PS4 and Vita! I'm very glad I didn't sell my Vita now.

Apparently, the company selling the localization is advertising it at an event this weekend, and whoever comes to their booth can get a free poster if they say "El Psy Kongroo". I like that.



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 25 2016 · 247 views

It bothers me when people insist that I am smart.

I’m a college dropout working part-time in a grocery store deli. What part of that says smart to you?

I need a quick way to shut people up the next time this happens. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one. Because I’m not smart!


More Magic

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 23 2016 · 163 views

Since one of the reasons I’m writing Divine Strength (or anything really) is to play around in a fantasy world, I feel like I should try to do more with that fantasy element than I already am. For example, the only magical beings who currently exist in the story are the Queens and the Ruinous. Only having two categories both with very finite rosters seems weird.

So I thought maybe I’d expand upon the backstory I had for the Ruinous: that they were born from the forces of magic in response to the state of the world. Perhaps in this universe, the Magic of the World constantly reacts to the emotions and beliefs that fill the world—so people are constantly channeling and shaping magic without even realizing it.

This could also relate to the Queens. They originally existed in an ethereal realm, but then were pulled into the material realm. Maybe the eons of war began before this, and people felt desperately that they needed guidance. So the Magic of the World responded by pulling the Goddesses into the material realm, and people were given the leaders they asked for.

I think this has a lot of potential—new magical beings can essentially just pop up whenever, so I could introduce new things while still being consistent. Though, I worry this might feel…cheap, I guess, like I’m cheating and saying “Yeah new stuff just poofs into existence all the time how convenient is that!”



Heart of the Cards

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 19 2016 · 203 views

Well...Heart of the Medals. Kingdom Heart of the Medals?

SO. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X added another 25 missions, plus a week of Daily Jewel Missions, so between that I was able to pull together just enough to do the current Shop event with 4/5 hours to spare. I really wanted the KHII Kairi Medal, though I figured it was a bit of a long shot--still, some of those other Medals look cool too, so eh, let's take the long shot.

Let's see, Dumbo, Wakka, Paine, huh, this isn't really wait. Medal 10. The very last Medal in this pull IS...

Posted Image

A gift directly from God that's what it freaking is.

Once I finish these missions and get the next Orichalcum I'm upgrading Lady Luck and putting this Medal in it even if I don't get its stats up.


Something Else of Fire and Ice

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 17 2016 · 188 views

The next chapter of Beyond Ruin is finished!

As I said previously, I wanted this one to focus on the Queen of Fire. In the end, the Queen of Ice also showed up. I think there are going to be more multi-Queen pieces than I originally anticipated, but I’m also going to try to change up the pairs they appear in (and maybe try showing more than two at once?), and this means there will definitely be more than just one chapter per Queen. Actually, I’m considering trying to come up with an arc if I can, but we’ll see where that goes.

Next is probably going to be the Queens of the Sea and Light. After that, the only one left will be the Queen of Knowledge, and I’m thinking she’ll be getting a visit from the Queen of the Sky in her first piece. Where it goes from there I really have no idea!


Too Hot to Handle

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 11 2016 · 252 views

I’ve decided to commit to writing the next chapter of Beyond Ruin about the Queen of Fire. But, I’m having trouble thinking of a good way to showcase her.

While she’ll probably develop some aggressive and impatient attributes like most fire-wielders, I think I want her to mainly be a flame that burns in place—she just enjoys being where she belongs, ruling over the volcanic realm of Pyrada in peace. I’ve said before that she stays out of affairs that don’t concern her, but she can hold one heck of a grudge and hates being indebted to people, so it seems like her view is based on paying things back, looking at most things like a transaction, reacting to things rather than instigating them…

And I kind of like that, but I don’t know what to do with it right now. You know what I currently have in the document for the next chapter? She’s leaning against one side of her throne half-asleep tossing a fireball in the air like it’s a hacky sack or something. That’s it. I don’t see her as being motivated to do much else, and I doubt anyone would be up to messing with her while the entire world is rebuilding in the wake of the Ruinous.

I mean, I could have someone try to loot the still-damaged Pyrada, but the Queen would just set them on fire and that’d be the end of that. She has been tasked with sealing away the Eastern Ruin, but I’m not sure how interesting it would be to see her dragging an unconscious monster up a volcano, plus the Eastern Ruin is the only Ruinous I haven’t even started coming up with an appearance for. Maybe I could write something about her wanting to stay independent, but her advisors point out she kind of needs to start trade agreements with the other queendoms, and then she groans and tries to get out of it, and…relatable as that is, I’m not sure it’s entertaining, fitting, or smart to do (since it might be limiting her character a bit more than I really should).

So it looks like I tried playing with Fire…and got burned! Hahahahahahahaha!

(Seriously though does anyone have any suggestions?)

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