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Mt. Coronet


Something Else of Fire and Ice

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 17 2016 · 190 views

The next chapter of Beyond Ruin is finished!

As I said previously, I wanted this one to focus on the Queen of Fire. In the end, the Queen of Ice also showed up. I think there are going to be more multi-Queen pieces than I originally anticipated, but I’m also going to try to change up the pairs they appear in (and maybe try showing more than two at once?), and this means there will definitely be more than just one chapter per Queen. Actually, I’m considering trying to come up with an arc if I can, but we’ll see where that goes.

Next is probably going to be the Queens of the Sea and Light. After that, the only one left will be the Queen of Knowledge, and I’m thinking she’ll be getting a visit from the Queen of the Sky in her first piece. Where it goes from there I really have no idea!


Too Hot to Handle

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 11 2016 · 254 views

I’ve decided to commit to writing the next chapter of Beyond Ruin about the Queen of Fire. But, I’m having trouble thinking of a good way to showcase her.

While she’ll probably develop some aggressive and impatient attributes like most fire-wielders, I think I want her to mainly be a flame that burns in place—she just enjoys being where she belongs, ruling over the volcanic realm of Pyrada in peace. I’ve said before that she stays out of affairs that don’t concern her, but she can hold one heck of a grudge and hates being indebted to people, so it seems like her view is based on paying things back, looking at most things like a transaction, reacting to things rather than instigating them…

And I kind of like that, but I don’t know what to do with it right now. You know what I currently have in the document for the next chapter? She’s leaning against one side of her throne half-asleep tossing a fireball in the air like it’s a hacky sack or something. That’s it. I don’t see her as being motivated to do much else, and I doubt anyone would be up to messing with her while the entire world is rebuilding in the wake of the Ruinous.

I mean, I could have someone try to loot the still-damaged Pyrada, but the Queen would just set them on fire and that’d be the end of that. She has been tasked with sealing away the Eastern Ruin, but I’m not sure how interesting it would be to see her dragging an unconscious monster up a volcano, plus the Eastern Ruin is the only Ruinous I haven’t even started coming up with an appearance for. Maybe I could write something about her wanting to stay independent, but her advisors point out she kind of needs to start trade agreements with the other queendoms, and then she groans and tries to get out of it, and…relatable as that is, I’m not sure it’s entertaining, fitting, or smart to do (since it might be limiting her character a bit more than I really should).

So it looks like I tried playing with Fire…and got burned! Hahahahahahahaha!

(Seriously though does anyone have any suggestions?)


Actual Sun and Moon News!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 10 2016 · 294 views

So it looks like those rumors about the region being based on Hawaii are true! Alola looks kind of small, though.

The starters all look great, but Rowlet is clearly the best choice. It’s an adorabird! You must choose the adorabird!

Sun lion and moon bat both look pretty interesting. Not entirely sure at this point since we don’t have types and such, but I think I’m leaning Sun at the moment.


Fanfic Concept

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 06 2016 · 214 views

An OC who is forced to go through bad fanfic versions of numerous series, and painfully aware of just how badly their life is written.


"You are one of the chosen few who can wield the Keyblade."


"And yours is a very special one with powers that no other Keyblade possesses."

"Wait why?"

"Remember, you are the one who will open the door to the true Kingdom Hearts."

"...Is that a good thing?"


"OC, we need your help to defeat Platinum Frieza and gather the Mega Dragon Balls!"

"Uh...sure? I'm still adjusting, what can I do again?"

"Turn Super Saiyan God Super God King Saiyan God Saiyan!"

"...And what color does that turn my hair?"


"Toa OC, you are the only being capable of controlling the Legendary Mask of Life."

"Aside from the Mask itself, you mean?"

"Now, you must defeat Marendar!"

"Oh, so you're sending me, a Toa, to kill the thing specifically made for killing Toa? Alone? I guess things like Unity and logic aren't traits standard to my Element. Which I never did find out."

"You are a Toa of Reality."

"Oh come on."



Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 05 2016 · 284 views

The fight going on in Bleach right now is exhausting nonsense. This villain’s power is literally “Come back stronger each time you die”, so no matter how thoroughly they destroy him, he stands back up and it just keeps dragging on.

It’s like trying to argue with a Genwunner. No matter how definitively you disprove their argument, they keep insisting it is true no matter what, and it never ends.

(Wow, I actually made that relevant!)

…But seriously. Can’t we make, like, an Official Genwunner Topic, and limit all baseless complaints and hate leveled against G2 to that topic alone? I like that solution. Can we try that?


Level 200 And Beyond

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 02 2016 · 207 views

Posted Image

The level cap was increased just before I hit it. I guess it keeps me more invested that way.

Now that they've reset Raid Bosses, I'm defeating them very quickly...but only get just over 1000 Lux for each one. I currently need around 40,000 for each Level. That combined with April's "Half AP" thing being over mean that I can't sit and play as long as I used to, but maaaaybe that's for the best.

Oh, yeah, I got a jetpack. Jetpacks are cool. Gauntlets are also cool too.


The Living Nightmare

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , May 01 2016 · 186 views

And now it’s May, so I may have some news for you.

If you head to your local GameStop, you can pick up a Darkrai! It’s like a dream come true!



Why Finish One Thing When You Can Start a Fifth

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 28 2016 · 164 views

So I got bored the other night and was avoiding working on all the stories already on my plate and looked back over an old story I did featuring Vhisola and Macku on Mata-Nui. It’s really pretty basic, but I actually sort of like how it turned out—at least, I think there’s still some potential to the concept.

I now find myself considering writing a sequel. Well, it might not be too tied to the original, so that I can say “You can read this one without reading the other one”, but in essence, a sequel. The previous story took place right near the start of the Matoran’s 1000 year stay on Mata-Nui, so there’s plenty of space left there to play around in. I could do something else before the Toa’s arrival, but I kind of like the idea of setting one during the Bohrok saga…

I don’t know. Vhisola can be an interesting character and I’d like to explore her more. But, I should probably finish one or two of my current stories before I put too much though into this.


Graphic Novel 2 Spoilers (FREE Fan Rage Included!)

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 26 2016 · 221 views



War and Ruin

Posted by Lab Member 0579 , Apr 26 2016 · 200 views

Beyond Ruin part 3 is now up, focusing on the Queen of War!

War’s already gotten a lot of focus—she and Light were the Queens who appeared in the story this idea grew out of so I wanted them both to be fairly important. While I'm trying to experiment with characters who aren't necessarily right or wrong, War is a character who I think needs to have a unique morality, since I had to find some positive way to spin an incarnation of the concept of war, and that’s something that one needs to think about.

Anywho, after constant warring releases immortal monsters upon the land, even someone who thinks war is a good thing might begin to question such a belief. So War’s probably in a very interesting place right now.

Alright, who’s next? I suppose the Queen of Fire has had a start but little else…

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