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Mt. Coronet


Come Play Slizer Dome!

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Mar 07 2016 · 172 views

Slizer Dome has just gone live in Games & Trivia!

If you'd like to experience the Slizer world firsthand, this is the game for you! Train your abilities, create disks, gather resources, fight elemental monsters, and battle other players to earn your place as Champion of the Millennium!

Signups will only be open for 48 hours, so don't miss your chance!



Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Mar 06 2016 · 246 views

I’ve received a great one. Don’t tell Zuko.

I have been promoted to Outstanding BZPower Citizen! I honestly never thought I’d earn this much proto, reclusive as I am, but it seems I’ve gotten a lot more mileage than I expected out of my Pokemon news blog posts and violent crossover games!

Since I haven’t been keeping track of every increase I don’t know who each one came from, but I know Windrider’s given me at least two, so a big thank you to her! And thanks to everyone who participated in said blogging and games, I hope you all enjoyed the time you spent indulging me. :P

Wait…does this make me a role model now? Yikes. Kids, let’s get one thing out of the way right now: do as I say, not as I do!

Coincidentally, I recently realized that I’ve had this name since December 2014 and was thinking it was time to change it. And now I can abuse name changes more than ever. *rubs hands together in a vaguely sinister yet cheesy due to being cliché manner*

Also for completion’s sake: I changed my blog title. Sinnoh forever.


NEW GAME: Slizer Dome!

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Mar 04 2016 · 261 views

Prompted by fishers' contest, I’ve got a brand new game inspired by the constraction line that started it all!

Slizer Dome will allow players a chance to immerse themselves in the overlooked world of the old line, becoming Slizers of any region they choose and pushing their abilities to the limits in order to battle it out in a planet-wide tournament! You’ll need to find disks, gather rare sources of power, and battle elemental monsters if you’re going to become strong enough to best all the others, and be named Champion of the Millennium!

The game will start Monday. I’ll make another post here with the link, and then you’ll have 24 hours to sign up before the first round gets started. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Virtual Red Update

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Mar 02 2016 · 172 views

My team has been completed!

Hana the Venusaur, currently Lv 42
Scorch the Growlithe, currently Lv 41
Gahlok the Vaporeon, currently Lv 41
Sentinel the Marowak, currently Lv 42
Aeroga the Aerodactyl, currently Lv 41
Articuno, currently Lv 50

I haven't actually used Articuno yet since I want everyone else to catch up, but I think they'll really come in handy. Pokedex just hit 50 so I picked up the EXP All, hoping that will prove useful; I managed to beat Sabrina so I'm now exploring the Pokemon Mansion, which I might mess around in for a bit even after I need to in order to get some more levels. Although between Gahlok and Sentinel, I don't think Blaine's going to be much trouble.

But Scorch, though. Poor, poor Scorch. Bad movepool, low stats, the only way to fix the former is by coping with the latter until Level 50...it's a bit frustrating. But, I'm gonna hang in there. We can do this, Scorch!

Also why can Aerodactyl, a Rock type Pokemon, not learn any Rock type moves in this Generation? Kind of disappoint. (Aeroga's still freaking awesome though.)

On another note, thinking about the team I had planned for Pokemon Z has made me think about restarting Y with said team, Zygarde included. I figure I'll decide after I finish Virtual Red and transfer my Living Dex to Omega Ruby.

EDIT: ALSO, starting March 4 you can get the Regi trio with Hidden Abilities through Pokemon Bank! Sorry, can't believe I forgot that...


The Voice of the Forest

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Mar 01 2016 · 258 views

So, March. The month of celebrating green!

Because Celebi is now available! I believe this is one you can download from the comfort of your own home, so just use the Mystery Gift option and you should be good.

Unless it shows up in a special Poke Ball that no one can open, and then you take it to an expert and totally forget that it ever existed in the first place. That would sure suck, wouldn’t it?



Virtually Unchanged

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Feb 29 2016 · 180 views

I wasn’t going to buy the Virtual Console Pokemon games, but since we can transfer Pokemon from them to Sun and Moon and I had some leftover eShop cash, I decided to pick up Red.

For one thing, it takes up basically no space and downloaded super-quick, I was surprised by that. Anyway, I’m enjoying it, which I wasn’t too sure I would. They’ve held up alright, though if the system had remained totally unchanged Pokemon probably wouldn’t have lasted 20 years.

I started with Bulbasaur, named it Hana, it was the only Pokemon I used all the way through Vermillion. So Hana’s now a Level 37 Venusaur who’s basically sitting back and watching the new recruits try to catch up. Gahlok the Vaporeon is doing nicely at Level 32, and Sentinel the Level 32 Marowak very quickly became a pillar of the team. I also caught a Growlithe, currently Level 31, but the only STAB move poor Scorch has is Ember, which is pitiful—and they won’t learn anything else until Flamethrower at Level 50. So, that Fire Stone is going to be sitting in my bag a while…hopefully a flamethrowing Arcanine will be worth it.

Scorch was able to beat Erika for me, though, so next up is Koga. But the first trainer in his gym has a Level 38 Hypno, so that’s not happening. There are still some sources of EXP around—especially Silph Co and the Fighting Dojo—so I’m hoping to power up there, beat Koga, and then go from Pallet to Cinnabar so that I can get Aerodactyl on my team. After a little time powering that up, I want to go to Seafoam Islands and use that Master Ball on Articuno. Perhaps then, I’ll be able to stand a chance against Sabrina…but, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So yeah, Virtual Red is pretty fun! Now I’m considering future Virtual Console Pokemon games…


That Went Surprisingly Well

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Feb 26 2016 · 220 views

Sun and Moon are legit, and on 3DS (thank God!)! And judging by how the video was only citing games which began a new Generation when it was leading up to the announcement, it sounds like it really is Gen VII! This adds new questions, but hey, new Pokemon! This year! On a system I have!!

Not only that, but the Virtual Console games will be compatible with Pokemon Bank! It only mentioned moving the Pokemon from the VC games into Sun and Moon, so I don't think they'll be able to get to your Gen VI games, but that's still really good news! I think I'm actually going to play one now!


Technic Tournament 3 Feedback

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Feb 25 2016 · 189 views

Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles just concluded with Knuckles acquiring a full set of Super Emeralds and unlocking an epic scene where Hyper Knuckles destroyed the Makuta-possessed Great Spirit Robot in a single punch and then flew around the eight realms distributing magic rings to their inhabitants.

Also Umarak became Champion and lost to Pridak in the Title Match. Not the ending I was hoping for.

I’m not sure when I’ll host Technic Tournament 4 in 3D, but while this last game is still fresh in your minds I’d like to ask for any suggestions you might have. I’d like to make at least a few significant changes, else it doesn’t really feel justifiable to do another one.

The only thing that’s really bothering me right now is that we still have most fights ending up with a character with Widgets vs a character with none. (Though this was averted relatively well in the Title Match, thank God!) The first thing I thought of was a limit on how many times each fighter can be promoted—like, in the first round each fighter can only be promoted by two players, and then they’re closed for sponsorship until round 2—but, I dunno, that feels a bit too restrictive…

An alternative I like more: I was considering that players would promote a match rather than a specific fighter. You would of course state which fighter you preferred to win, and then I’d do another roll to decide how the money you bring in gets split between the two fighters. This would make it a bit more luck-based, since I’m tired of how easy it is to predict how the entire tournament is going to play out as soon as the first round gets underway. If I do this, I might also remove the “overpopular penalty” system, since it would probably be more obstructive here, and the bonuses and multipliers determined by type of promotion would most likely activate based on the preferred fighter.

Trying to think of more wild cards, I wondered if I could add a “public opinion” system, which has an influence on how well certain lines do. Say G1 has +1 public opinion—if you promote a fight with a G1 fighter, they get an extra 1000 W or so. Meanwhile if Hero Factory has -1 public opinion, and if you promote that fight then that fighter makes 1000 less. (Though I may want to establish a lower limit, I’d hate for a player to bring in absolutely nothing based solely on this system.) I’d need to think of a good way for players to influence these values, of course, and I’m not 100% sure how to work that. My first thought was that it would be based on how many times fights featuring a specific line get promoted, but I also think it’d be more interesting if you could spend Widgets on more than just the promotion, so I might instead provide a set of campaigns players can fund to affect public opinion of certain lines. I think I’d like to randomize where these values start, and maybe add in a few random additions and reductions per round, but right now I’m thinking that for the most part I’d like it to be player-guided. That could change though.

I also think I’ll reduce all rounds to 48 hours in length. Now that I’ve played a few more recent Games & Trivia games, I realize the rounds in the Tournaments are absurdly long, and it definitely gets driven home by the days spent watching the topic sit there with no activity because everyone’s already made their actions for the round. So Technic Tournament 4 in 3D should take only 10 days altogether.

That’s all I have so far. Anyone have anything else to add?


Pokemon Direct Version Announced

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Feb 24 2016 · 299 views

A Nintendo Direct centered around Pokemon has been announced for Friday, at 7:00AM PT/10:00AM ET/3:00PM GMT! We don't know what it's about, but there'll probably be a new game revealed, so get your wallets ready.

Pokemon Z, maybe?


Tournament Tales

Posted by Alola Form Pahrak , Feb 22 2016 · 256 views

Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles is on its Title Match right now, and I’m laughing.

Partly out of rage at how the RNG seems to highly favor that wretched, boring, Sue-like shark over our challenger, I’ll admit.

But mostly over this other thing.

So, this time around, each player only gets one attempt at promotion during the Title Match—that’s it. You have one chance to bring in money for your fighter, and after that, all you can do is wait. Most people are doing what they’ve been doing even before this rule went into effect: throwing all their money in at once. Because of the additional multipliers I’m using on Title Match rolls, nearly every attempt is bringing in millions—Lucina brought in over 21 million alone.

And then there’s this post, and the fact that it resulted in a whopping 4 W.

Keep in mind, Luroka is the entire reason Pridak is in Technic Tournament, requesting the fighter when I announced the first tournament even though I had already decided on the roster so I decided to put him in Tournament 2. (A mistake, I now realize, but that’s neither here nor there.)

So I can only envision all these investors meeting up at the Tournament facility, waving around giant wads of cash, and then Luroka walks in—Pridak’s number one fan, they think, the one who will ensure the shark’s victory. And he just pulls out one dollar. Sets it down on the table. We all stare at him as the ad airs, and we find out that it has sold almost half a ticket.

And it gets better, because this is actually a great tactic! Because if Pridak wins, then all 50 million-ish Widgets this match has made is going to get divided up equally amongst Pridak’s supporters, most of whom currently have no money to their name and will be tied. But Luroka, who only sold half a ticket, has a 700,000 W lead on them.

I’m not kidding when I say this has renewed my passion for running this game. Technic Tournament 4 in 3D just got moved up.

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