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Mt. Coronet


This Really IS Halloween

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 05 2016 · 274 views
Kingdom Hearts, Unchained
Posted Image

95% Guilt!

Posted Image

(No, seriously, first try!)

I've never seen Guilt this high, let alone on a Medal this good. At this point it's more sensible to wait for Magic Mirrors than fuse another one! Thank God I might actually be able to get some Adamant Ore now.

EDIT: My gosh I just noticed

Posted Image

Jack what are you doing. Why the sneak.


Rowlet is Still Best Starter

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 04 2016 · 317 views

A new Pokemon trailer is out!

-Later this month we’ll be getting a demo similar to what happened with ORAS, which will give us access to a Greninja with the ability to transform into Ash-Greninja from the anime. Which is great! Except it’s still called Ash-Greninja instead of getting a better name. Oh well.
-The main draw here is the mid-stage evolutions of the starters! Check ‘em out!
-Mega Evolution is confirmed to be back! Thank God! Why did they wait so long to mention it? No word on if there are going to be any new ones yet.
-There’s an area called Festival Plaza that connects to other players and provides several useful facilities.
-A new system lets you assign your boxed Pokemon to various islands to level up, lure wild Pokemon, and find items. Which is awesome! Now even the Pokemon you’d never even think of using can be super useful!


Ideal Worlds

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 02 2016 · 302 views

We already have confirmation of Hercules, Big Hero 6, and Tangled worlds for Kingdom Hearts III, hopefully they’re going to reveal more soon, here are some I want.

-Atlantis was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Rewatching it recently I wasn’t as impressed, but still, it’d be nice to see, and it even has the Heart of Atlantis as a thing so it would work almost too well.
-Everybody complains about Agrabah but I want it back. Ideally with a good adaptation of King of Thieves, which I need to rewatch.
-Honestly I want Space Paranoids back. They went through all the trouble of integrating it into the plot, and Radiant Garden is probably going to be back, so I hope they go pay Tron another visit, it’s only fair.
-It’s been forever since I’ve seen the Jungle Book, but since they’ve been trying and failing again and again to put it in I hope they finally get it onboard. End the struggle.
-Something Pixar. Or everything Pixar. Pixar.
-A new Lilo and Stitch world that covers more than just the opening of the movie.
-I’d like the 100 Acre Woods back too actually, it’s a charming little diversion world that brings a lot of positivity with it.
-I’d like Destiny Islands back as a playable world, which it hasn’t been outside of KH1 and rehashes of it.
-A Muppets world, with a line similar to “This boss fight is brought to you by the letter X and the number 13!”
-It’s be cool to see the Pride Lands come back.
-Not exactly a world, but I’d like a post-game area like the Cavern of Remembrance in KHIIFM. It’s always fascinated me and we haven’t had anything like it since. Or bring back the CoR itself, with story relevance, that’d be super rad!

…Wait, this trend is talking about Kingdom Hearts worlds, right?


The Secret Sword AND The Steam Pokemon

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 01 2016 · 220 views
Pokemon, distribution, reminder
October doesn’t have to be scary, you’ve got Mythical Pokémon beside you!

Keldeo’s available over Mystery Gift. It’s a great Water Pokémon in a Generation that isn’t really good with those, even if its form change is purely cosmetic. Also it probably knows alchemy judging by its voice in the movie.

But EVEN BETTER, if you go to GameStop between the 10th and the 31st and get a serial code, you can download Volcanion, the 721st Pokemon, last in Gen VI National Dex order! Gen VII is right around the corner, so grab this quick so that you can have a totally complete Dex for about a month!



Throwback Thursday

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 29 2016 · 277 views

We had some down time at work right before I was about to leave so we were just talking. Random stuff, no real direction, and somehow the conversation ended up on dinosaurs, which ones we thought were kinda cool and that sort of thing. And someone mentioned a liopleurodon.

And I was like, “Huh. You know, I’ve only heard that name in one context before. That’s a memory I’m not really sure I want to relive.”

The conversation continued in that vein until I left, neither of us directly referring to the thing we both agreed we didn’t need to remember, but we both knew.

We both knew.

Not to mention that right before that, another coworker had said “pew pew” in response to my saying “laser-focused”. (She was the one who offered “throwback Thursday” as an explanation.) So it is possible I’m entering into some time distortion where decade-old memes come back to haunt me. That could be dangerous…but then again, I know that Rick Astley would be on my side in that fight. He would never let me down.

Side note, typing that title makes me think Throwbot Thursday should be a thing. Maybe.


Newest Kingdom Hearts Trailer

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 13 2016 · 422 views

A trailer for 2.8 was released at TGS, as well as the game’s boxart and the announcement that it was being moved from December to January (but January in both Japan AND the US!).

Getting some nitpicks out of the way, I’m…not really a fan of the new Hikari remix. LOVE the name (Hikari - Ray of Hope Mix - ), but as soon as I heard it it just seemed kind of off. I dunno, maybe it’s just me. Also it appears there’s going to be DLC for the game (I mean I don’t have a PS4 so I probably will just watch someone play it but still…ugh), and my instant reaction to that isn’t positive for whatever reason. Lastly, one of the news sites I frequent points out that the Drop Gauge doesn’t appear in the footage of Dream Drop Distance, and says the Gauge was “frustrating” and if it has been removed that will make fans happy. Come on, people. It wasn’t that bad if you just managed it right. It was a lot smoother alternating between Sora and Riku than BBS’s method of playing through one whole story, then starting over with the second, and then starting over again with the third. (I love BBS but the Drop Gauge was definitely an improvement.) Kingdom Hearts fans really are unpleasable.

Anyway, those are my complaints. Moving on.

-Master Aqua is beautiful. I mean, everyone already knows this, but…Master Aqua is beautiful.
-I love the way the snippet of 0.2’s opening goes, showing Terra and Ven in their possessed states. I don’t know why.
-There really isn’t much to say about the Dream Drop Distance segment other than the apparent lack of Drop Gauge.
-Following up on Aqua seeing an illusion of Terra in the remains of Castle of Dreams, we now see her finding an illusion of Ven in the remains of Dwarf Woodlands. She also finds the Magic Mirror, which produces a doppelganger for her to fight. I’m a sucker for doppelgangers.
-We see a few short clips of the Foretellers. Aced wants to form an alliance, Gula’s being edgy and saying he can only trust himself, and there’s an interesting bit where Ava tells Invi that what she’s doing might be making things worse. Which is the first time we’ve seen any hint of Invi being interesting at all.
-Back to 0.2, there appear to be some new Heartless, though I haven’t gotten a clear look at them. There also looks to be an interesting segment of exploring a castle and the world suddenly becomes inverted. Probably related to the ol’ Magic Mirror.
-It keeps jumping back and forth, anyway, we also get to see Luxu and the Master of Masters in the same room for the first time. So, there goes one of the possibilities I was considering. But it still looks interesting.
-Once again to 0.2, Mickey makes his appearance! This leads into a very…peculiar scene that I’m sure is going to be important somehow. We see a swarm of Darksides all throwing orbs of energy into the air (in a method reminiscent of whatever Master Xehanort does to summon Kingdom Hearts in BBS), all joining together into one massive sphere just like the one that appeared over Destiny Islands as it was destroyed back in the first game. It’s a striking image.

Again, there’s little to no chance I’m going to be able to buy this and play it for myself, but I’m still really looking forward to watching Back Cover and 0.2. It’ll be wonderful to finally get full context on what’s going on in Unchained X, and seeing Master Aqua again is a lovely dream…I mean, aside from the fact that she’s…still in the Realm of Darkness…but, it’s a step. Plus we know the frame tale is going to show Master Riku and Kairi at Yen Sid’s tower and I really want to know what direction that’s going to point us in. (Kairi with a Keyblade with any luck.) Ah, maybe 2017 won’t be horrible!

No, it probably will. But at least I’ll have Kingdom Hearts.


Back to School Jetpack

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 07 2016 · 337 views
kingdom hearts, unchained
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X continues. One of the recent additions was a school uniform (on a Raid Board), not exactly a costume I was looking forward to but there was a Cid on the other side so, eh, I’ll pick it up.

Posted Image

…I actually kind of like the way it looks.

But on a less tsundere note, I’ve actually leveled up quite a bit recently, because this month’s Weekend Raid Boss If There Isn’t Another Event Raid Boss is

Posted Image


I saw this on the Wiki a while back and just think it looks so cool. It’s a giant dog mecha piloted by numerous Heartless, with cannons that shoot other Heartless and, as I just discovered, ROCKET POWERED FISTS. Also it’s purple. Like, what’s not to love? Not only is fighting it easier than that 30 million HP Fortress Crab (the Hound starts at only 3 million), it also gives out way more Lux, not to mention I finally figured out when Bonus Hours are in my timezone and they just added the once a day Lux Up button. There won’t be one this weekend since the Trident Tail with the school uniform Raid Board is still going on, but man, I’m looking forward to fighting more of these.

Also I’m so close to being able to equip a full set of 6 Star Medals, maybe then I can start getting more Adamantite and power up my relatively weak Keyblades. Divine Rose is awesome though, like it’s only at +18 and it already has a much higher strength than any other Keyblade I have. And it looks lovely.


Pokemon News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 06 2016 · 279 views

(Thinking up new and fresh titles is hard okay)

Check out this new trailer! Or not, here’s a round-up:

-They start off by introducing a strange new Pokemon named “Type: Null”. Yes, that is apparently its name. It looks pretty darn weird too. I’m…not entirely sure what to make of this, but the Pokedex info revealed makes it sound like it’s important to lore, being constructed to fight Legendary Pokemon or something like that. I’m guessing it’ll have a form change since that helmet is a power limiter. It’s supposed to combine the abilities of numerous Pokemon, so…chimera confirmed? There is speculation of alchemy-inspired themes in the game.
-Then they reveal Jangmo-o, a cute little Dragon Pokemon. I like how it looks, if it evolves into something cool I might try to make room for it on my team.
-There’s also Alolan Raticate. Nothing much to say here.
-Apparently, Sun and Moon are “set 12 hours apart”. It’s a little vague, but I’m guessing this means that Moon will actually invert the standard day/night cycle, so times that have been “day” during every game up until now will actually be “night”. This could make it easier to get certain time-based evolutions!
-Next is a new organization called the Aether Foundation. They appear to be responsible for the man-made island seen on the Alola map, which is a Pokemon sanctuary. It’s a little too soon to get a read on them, but this could be an interesting development.
-Team Skull has an “enforcer” named Gladion. I can’t wait to beat him up.
-Apparently Dexio and Sina, the glorified cameos who did absolutely nothing in X and Y, appear to give you a cube that you use to collect Zygarde Cells and Cores as you explore the region. Free Perfect Zygarde?! :D
-There’s a photo-taking feature in the game, and it seems very similar to the beloved Pokemon Snap (which I should probably play).
-At the end, a new concept known as “Ultra Beasts” is teased. It’s super vague, all it does is show one such Pokemon, named “UB-01”, and its Pokedex information says it’s made of a glass-like substance, constantly shapeshifts, it’s not clear if it has an actual intelligence, but apparently “its movements resemble those of a young girl”? I really don’t know what to think. Eager to learn more, though.
-I’ve heard that the Japanese equivalent of this trailer also shows a brief shot of a new Pokemon, a Pokemon that rather resembles Cutiefly, but no relation has been confirmed as of yet.


Video Games Are Important to Me For Some Reason Okay

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 03 2016 · 447 views

I’ve been thinking about some games I like that are sort of underappreciated so I don’t know I’m just gonna spit ‘em out. It’s late and I’m tired, here’s a closer look at how Pahrak thinks.

-Mega Man Star Force: Seriously this is probably the least-liked of the Mega Man series…es. Unless you count Xover, but chances are a lot of people don’t even know that was a thing, so I’m not gonna count it. And sure, it has its flaws, and I know fans of the main timeline’s gameplay don’t appreciate the RPG style of this and Battle Network (I’m actually the reverse), but there’s something it has that the Mega Man series as a whole is not known for: character development! (…Granted, mostly the first game, but STILL.) You don’t just go around crushing random berserk robots or stopping a series of increasingly quirky cyber-terrorists, each boss you fight is an actual person going through an honest-to-God crisis when a freaking alien materializes in front of them and says “HEY I’LL HELP YOU SUCKER!”, and then Mega Man actually cares about what they’re going through and tries to actually help them through it in addition to kicking their butt. (It’s a game, butts have to be kicked.) And Mega Man has problems too, that he slowly works through over the course of the game/series! Geo is my Mega Man because I can actually relate to him, even if Hub was my first and Ven/Aile are the only main timeline heroes whose game I’ve actually beaten. Geo Stelar is like Shinji Ikari done right. Which is the perfect mix of what I’m actually like and what I’d kinda sorta like to be like. Please love him.

-The World Ends With You: Oh man where do I start. Yeah, the only reason I bought it at first was because “oh hey a new Square game could be fun”, and then it ended up being one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. Grinding feels like a privilege. And I never even fully mastered the crazy combat system, I had a freaking blast being mediocre at it. On Ultimate difficulty. It’s just so much fun to play. And then you get a story with genuinely interesting twists in a world with neat mechanics (the more complicated ones you don’t even need to know about until you get to the post-game reports) affecting characters who feel like actual modern teenagers in a way that isn’t totally obnoxious. Okay, one of them is totally obnoxious. Maybe two. But Neku is great. And you know JRPGs are generally all “friendship and collectivism”, and there’s some of that there, but they actually make a point of showing collectivism going too far, and instead of demonizing introversion and individualism, make a darn convincing argument that it is vital to strike a healthy balance between the two extremes. How novel! And they make it so easy to replay it, which is the real danger here, because if you like this game you’ll probably end up playing through it at least seven times, which I’ve done, and I really don’t replay many games. For me the world ended when I realized I could play this game instead of interacting with it. That’s not entirely true but I thought it sounded funny. Anyway TWEWY is dramatic yet touching and you should love it, but no rush they’re probably never actually going to make that sequel they teased.

-Final Fantasy V: Because it’s always about VII. Cloud has blocked the sun from falling on everything that came before him, except occasionally IV and VI. V is always in that dark spot, partly because the original SNES version was never brought stateside, and I guess the PS version had a bad translation? (So I’ve been told.) BUT DID YOU KNOW! Prior to the release of IX, V was Sakaguchi’s favorite Final Fantasy?! (Sakaguchi is the guy who made Final Fantasy BTW.) And now we have the GBA and mobile phone versions which have a much better translation and new stuff, and the sprites are pretty weird in the phone version but you can deal with that, so there’s no reason to ignore it any longer! FFV takes the Job System from I and III and enhances it before it disappears for a few installments, probably because it took them a while to feel like they could do it better. And this game, let me tell you, it has that balance of humor and drama that I love. A huge amount of it is self-parody, just messing around with standard Final Fantasy stuff and not taking itself too seriously. And then suddenly something super dark happens. And sometimes, there’s something serious happening, and someone says something that’s just genuinely hilarious. And then a few minutes later you’re crying. Like, you’ve got Gilgamesh taking about “NOW WE FIGHT LIKE MEN! AND LADIES! AND LADIES WHO DRESS LIKE MEN! FOR GILGAMESH, IT IS MORPHING TIME!” And then like, Exdeath just chucks your hometown full of innocent villagers straight into the Void for no practical reason. Exdeath is the most terrifying tree ever. Gilgamesh is the best recurring boss, which is why he recurs in so many Final Fantasies now, and those are just the villains. The heroes are great. Bartz is pretty normal I’ll admit, but he’s still pretty darn cool. Then you’ve got Captain Faris Scherwiz, who gets thrown off a cliff and just freaking climbs back up two dialogue boxes later. (She’s probably the coolest girl in this franchise, and was written in 92. A cool girl in a JRPG in 92. You didn’t think it was possible did you?) And freaking Galuf, who basically breaks the game mechanics through sheer force of will and I’m crying again. It’s goofy and dark and filled with lovable dorks and you get to master the piano to the point where mere mortals quake in fear of your superhuman keyboard manipulation skills. Please punch Cloud and play this game.

-Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: I mean, as far as Pokemon regions go. This seems to be about the cutoff for nostalgia blinders. But see, Young Pahrak (Pahrak Va) wasn’t allowed to watch/play Pokemon at first, not until around the end of Gen II/beginning of Gen III. At which point I binged, fell in love with Gold, but then got annoyed that I couldn’t trade my Pokemon up to Ruby and Sapphire. So my newly-permitted interest in Pokemon just completely dropped off, until I was in a store and saw Diamond, realized I had enough money in my pocket, and took it home with me. That game is the reason I’m playing Pokemon today. Sinnoh is a beautiful region filled with great Pokemon (I know, not enough Fire types, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES), the Gym Leaders started to develop actual personalities and do things, and it had the first and still best female Champion (you were on your last Pokemon Cynthia, why did you do that to me, I still love you but why). And the mythology. Sure it led to Legendary inflation, which I’ll admit is obnoxious, but the mythic feel of Sinnoh just gives it a meaningful and fantastic (as in fantasy-like, though it is fantastic good as well) atmosphere I haven’t found elsewhere in the Pokemon world. Sinnoh is wonderful please love it like you love Kanto/Johto/Hoenn.

That’s all I can think of right now I should probably sleep.


The Victory Star

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 31 2016 · 239 views
Pokemon, distribution, reminder
Do you remember? It’s September. (The joke works great because this Pokemon is an Earth Wind & Fire type.)

To ensure your success this month, you should access Mystery Gift to get a Victini! It’s a great Pokémon, I used one on my team back in Pokémon White. Because I use Legendaries on my teams and I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad about that.

We’re really winding down on these Mythical distributions. Since the Gen V events were all much easier to access, I’m wondering if people will really need these new ones as much? Well, it’s still neat.


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