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Mt. Coronet


Yesterday Was A Good Day

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 30 2015 · 162 views

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Mm-hm. Pretty good.


Tides, Comforts, Joys

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 25 2015 · 202 views

Merry Christmas!*

*If you celebrate something else, have a happy one of those!**

**If you don’t celebrate anything, then have a nice day-before-Boxing-Day!***

***Seriously, what is Boxing Day?


Decisions Are Hard

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 21 2015 · 163 views
Divine Strength
Between how long it’s been since I last worked on it and what changes I’ve made since then, I think I’m going to try going back to the beginning of Divine Strength and just start over. I mean, a lot of it will probably still be taken directly from the current draft, but…well, maybe this’ll help me do a little better.

I’m still not sure what to do about Light’s hair color, though. My previous idea was that the color was determined by her age—it starts red, then turns orange as she gets a little older, then yellow, and so on down the visible spectrum, ultimately becoming purple right before her death. I can’t help but feel that’s a little silly, but I like the idea of her hair color changing with age, so I thought maybe the color stays the same as the body’s natural color, but the shade starts out brighter and eventually darkens. So, if the woman had black hair, upon becoming Queen of Light it would become very light gray, and then darken progressively until it becomes pitch-black near the end of her life. But…I’m not sure about this either. I feel like it’s weird to put so much thought into this little aspect, but it’s something I really want to get figured out.

If I’m starting over, I’m also considering changing the result of the early battle between the Queen of Light and Riniyon. This is where Riniyon reveals he can sever the bond between the Queen and her Crown, but in the current draft she’s able to retrieve it before he escapes. Now, I’m wondering if the story might be more interesting if she can’t retrieve it and Riniyon ends up stealing the Crown and running away. This would lead to a lot of people questioning if she really is still the Queen of Light—both in the sense of who she is and if she’s qualified to continue ruling Bivor. It would also provide Riniyon with a chance to study a Crown up close, which he could use to craft new spells for fighting the Queens and make him more of a threat. Still…I’m hesitant. It might make it feel like this story about Queens isn’t actually following a Queen.

As for making Riniyon more of a threat, I feel like that’s really something I should explore. Up until now he’s been some bumbling angry fool who just got lucky, and I’m increasingly worried that destroys any chance for tension. So maybe he’ll actually be a rather powerful sorcerer? Or, since it still could be hard to justify a human being able to battle the half-goddess Queens, maybe Riniyon could be…something else? Looking back, the magical aspects of this supposed fantasy story are actually very limited, so it might be worth my time to explore some additional magical beings and such.

And, another slightly minor concern, the queendom of Roche. The name made the most sense when it was ruled over by the Queens of the Land and Gravity, since it’s a reference to concepts about gravitational pull and orbits. Now that the queendom is ruled by the Queens of the Land and the Sky, however, the name seems less applicable…though, I’ve been using it so much I’m quite attached to it, and I thought it might have some thematic applications to the flaws and conflicts between these Queens. I might be overthinking it—the chances of people caring that much about the name of the queendom are probably lower than I’m worrying.

Gee, it’ll be a miracle if this ever actually becomes a thing.


O579 Announcement

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 19 2015 · 171 views

Posted Image

Strike of the Hour introduced a new character into the Okoto 579 universe: Max, the Ice Region blacksmith who discovered the secret to becoming a Mask Maker. The person who designed this character, Karios, is currently writing a spin-off story featuring Max making his first journey across the island, exploring new lands and distributing his masks to villagers far and wide. When the story is complete I'll be posting a link to it, so please be on the lookout!


Since I Can't Really Talk About Episode VII

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 19 2015 · 145 views

For some reason I got to thinking "If the Seven Guardians of Light for Kingdom Hearts III were Star Wars movies, who would be which movie?" The answer may shock you!

-Ventus would be Episode I, because they tried to recapture something classic but the result kinda just sucked
-Lea would be Episode II, because of his half-baked romance subplot
-Aqua would be Episode III, because while not universally loved it is generally accepted this is the best thing that came out of the prequel
-Mickey would be Episode IV, because iconic
-Sora would be Episode V, because also iconic
-Kairi would be Episode VI, because while classic it can also be a little divisive
-Riku would be Episode VII, because you’re not sure at first but then you start thinking this might actually be the best one

I run a quality blog.


Things to See

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 19 2015 · 168 views
Star Wars, Steven Universe and 2 more...
Well, for starters, I decided to suck it up and go to an 11 PM showing of Star Wars on Thursday. It was an excellent decision and if you have not yet seen the movie I highly recommend you do so. There’s basically nothing else I can say about it, because I’d rather have friends than spoil it.

Also, it was announced that Steven Universe is going to be back on January 4th! Not just that, but it’s going to be a full-fledged Steven Bomb, and the brief descriptions we’ve been given for the episodes are sounding pretty interesting already!

Oh, and then there’s this event going on in Japan right now, Jump Festa or something, and I guess Square Enix is there and released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts II.8 and III. Wait…actually, that’s kind of a big deal!!
-The II.8 part of the trailer starts with some footage from (what I assume to be) the introduction of 0.2, showing Yen Sid explaining the situation to Mickey, Riku, and Kairi and saying they must find Aqua, Ventus, and Terra. Mickey then confirms he met Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, and…that’s that part. Then they do a bit for Back Cover—basically the same as last time, it flashes a few shots of the Awakening platform with the Union emblems and the Foretellers are speaking about how there’s a traitor. And then of course there’s some shots of KH3D HD.
-After that, we get a bit of KHIII gameplay footage! Seems to be set in Rapunzel’s world if I’m not mistaken, it reuses a few old scenes of Sora fighting dandelion Heartless before showing him fighting a group of the new Nobody breed we’ve been hearing about! We don’t get a close-up, but it’s still super-obvious they were under Marluxia’s command. There’s also footage with the Buzz Lightyear Blaster Attraction Flow. Also, it looks like Sora’s using something like a Shootlock, although when he dashes between the enemies its styled like how they’re presenting Flowmotion in KHIII, so…I dunno? And there appear to be new variations of those floating mage Heartless! The one looks a lot like the Yellow Opera but might have a new design on its cloak, and it seems to summon a ring with four sharp points along its edge. There’s also one that looks to have a pinkish red cloak, and it also creates rings, though its look a lot like Axel’s chakrams for some reason. Not sure if there’s a reason for this, but it’ll be interesting to see.

I sure hope the rest of my weekend is this good.

(Oh, and I should probably mention that Cartoon Network is airing the new Pokémon movie tomorrow if that’s something you’re interested in.)


Looking Ahead: 2016

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 18 2015 · 192 views

Well, there are a few weeks left, but it looks like I’m going to survive 2015, thank you God. Really, really hoping next year goes better, but hey, no way of knowing that now, so I’ll just blindly make plans until events play out and I watch them all crash and burn!

There are some things I hope to work on in the coming year. Obviously I aim to continue Okoto 579, and my first story adapting the 16 arc, The Age of the Hunter, is already underway. (Not exactly far, but…underway.) If my outline holds, I’m hoping to put a lot of focus on the Toa in this story, since they’ve been hugely overlooked in the series thus far. I also want to try doing more with other Protectors—Korgot’s really stolen the show, her mother was important in The Time of the Mask Makers, we had an old Protector of Ice in In Our Bones, and Izotor had a brief appearance in Strike of the Hour, but…that’s it. Though to be honest, I think Kivoda, Nilkuu, and Vizuna might all stay less important. And of course we’ve got our new star Umarak, who will be getting plenty of screen time! Who else will make appearances, I wonder?

Regrettably, I’m still not quite finished with Shooting Star Sonia. I’m quite close, though! The next chapter, providing a scenario for Crown Thunder, is typed up and will probably be posted very soon, and all that’s left is the finale. Of course the finale’s going to be very long—a whole arc, really. It’s kind of necessary thanks to all those boss rematches Mega Man games throw at you in final stages. Things will be changed around a bit, of course, but it’ll still take a few chapters (current outline has the story ending with 17 chapters total). I’ve gotten started on the first chapter of this arc, but it remains to be seen just when I’ll get everything finished.

And of course I’ll be hosting Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles at some point in January or February. I’m keeping that name.

In addition, there’s a brand new fanfic I’m hoping to get underway expanding on some ideas I used in several of my Reference Roulette pieces. I don’t have a working title at the moment, unfortunately, but I can tell you that it is set about 100,000 years after the Reformation of Spherus Magna, at a time where Toa transformed by the Red Star are the norm and society has been struggling to recover from the devastating civil war of the Great Beings. A small team of Toa will discover the hope their world has been looking for, but they must act quickly to protect it from one final enemy left to them by now-ancient nightmares. Let’s see if I can get this off the ground.

I think that’s everything I’m planning at the moment. I mean, there are a few other things on the back burner—Divine Strength, Amalgam Atlas, maybe even Kaita Legacy (which was like halfway done before I stopped)—but I don’t have any meaningful developments to report on in that department. I’m also considering a new comedy, but I haven’t done any significant brainstorming just yet.

Well, hoping you all have a merry Christmas and happy new year and whatnot.


Technic Tournament 3 Roster

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 17 2015 · 188 views

That was awful I am never holding a poll again.

Anyway these are the fighters I’m putting in Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles:
-Kopaka Mata
-Jet/Judge Slizer
-Blaster Slizer
-Boss RoboRider
-Virus Rider
-William Furno
-Dragon Bolt
-Nick Bluetooth
-Hybrid Rescue Tank
-Mobile Devastator
& Knuckles

And whoever wins will fight Pridak in the Title Match. Now go away.


Top Starter Pokemon

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 12 2015 · 292 views

For no reason whatsoever.

-Gen I: It's a difficult choice between Charmander and Bulbasaur, but as cool as Charizard is, I just really, really like Venusaur. I even defeated a Charizard with a Venusaur once, back when I was playing LeafGreen. Anyway, plant dino is best.
-Gen II: Cyndaquil. Without any doubt, it's Cyndaquil. My early days with Pokemon were a little weird, and to be honest I don't remember a whole lot of what I did before Diamond, but I clearly remember Blaze, the Cyndaquil I chose in Gold version who grew into a fearsome Typhlosion that wrecked everything. Not being able to transfer Pokemon from Generation II to III means that Blaze was lost, but all Cyndaquils since have been named in his honor.
-Gen III: Honestly they're all pretty equal. I can remember Blaziken showing up in the anime when Gen II wasn't quite over, so it left an impression on me. I legitimately enjoy the Mudkip meme and my OR Mega Swampert is super-cool. And then there's my AS Mega Sceptile, the sassy vampire lizard plant wielding the legendary Leaf Blade. I can't choose between them.
-Gen IV: I absolutely love my Platinum Infernape--his team was the first of mine to reach Level 100 without cheating Rare Candies. But, I chose Turtwig in Diamond, and Diamond is a game that still means so much to me since it was what brought me back into Pokemon after my interest faded in Generation III. Sprout the Torterra carries a lot of great memories with him, so Turtwig will always be my favorite. Again, plant dino is best.
-Gen V: Now, this is also pretty close. Really, really close. Because I love Oshawott--it was my starter in the first Gen V game I played, and the samurai unicorn it eventually evolves into is so ridiculous I love it. But, the two Serperior I've used were, well...sort of better. So, it's very close, but I'm giving this one to Snivy.
-Gen VI: Froakie, duh. It just looks better than its competitors at every stage, and then of course there's Smash Bros. Even before that, though, training Gali the Greninja in Y made it clear to me that I had made the best choice, and I maintain that after using the other two in my X playthroughs.

So, favorite Water starter is Froakie, favorite Fire starter is Cyndaquil, and I'm going to give favorite Grass starter to Turtwig. If a game made me pick between those three to start, now that would be a tough choice...

And while I'm at it, best legendary is Dialga. (But you probably saw that one coming.)

(Oh, by the way, Sceptile was announced for Pokken Tournament and Volcanion has been officially revealed. While we're on the subject.)


Technic Tournament 3 Fighter Poll!

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak , Dec 10 2015 · 280 views

(I know it's super-early but some stuff happened and today might get out of hand so I'm getting this up while I can)

It’s time to decide who’s going to represent in the next Technic Tournament, and that decision will be made by you! Please feel free to vote even if you haven’t played the previous Tournaments, and please don’t feel like voting means you have to play Tournament 3—the more votes the better! We’ll have eight lines with 2 fighters each, so there are several stages to this process.

First, Bionicle G1. This will be broken up into a hero poll and a villain poll. For the hero poll, you can vote for any one Toa (in their original form only this time) or Glatorian, excluding Tahu, Takanuva, and Mata Nui. For the villain poll, you can vote for any one of the following: Nidhiki, Krekka, any Piraka, Nektann, Brutaka, any Barraki (excluding Pridak), Nocturn, a Skrall, Stronius, or Tuma.

Nominated G1 Heroes

Nominated G1 Villains

For G2, you can vote for any 2 characters who have been released as sets, except for Kopaka, Gali, Ekimu, and Kulta. Since this game will run in 2016, any Toa involved will be in their Uniter form, if that affects your decision, and the Creatures and Umarak are eligible. I’ll put the two characters with the most votes in Tournament 3.

Nominated G2 Fighters

As for Slizers, there are only four who haven’t been in the previous two Tournaments. You can each vote for 2 of them, and the two with the most votes will be in.


Unfortunately, all canon RoboRiders (and one fanon Rider) have already been used! So, I’ll list them here, you can each vote for 2 of them, and whichever 2 get the most will be in Tournament 3. You can vote for Virus Rider if you really want to, but I’m not going to put them on the list until requested.


Now for Hero Factory! For the Hero slot, your options are Furno, Evo, and Rocka. For the second slot, you can each vote for any one villain set, excluding Von Nebula and Toxic Reapa.


Nominated Villains

On to the new lines! The one with the most requests was, oddly enough, Galidor, so we’ll do that one first. Vote for any two of the Galidor characters listed below.

Galidor Fighters

We’ll also be including Knights Kingdom II! Again, vote for any 2 fighters.

Knights Kingdom Fighters

Finally, we’re also bringing in Exo-Force! There are a whole lot of eligible sets, so I’m going to link you to the Brickipedia set list and let you vote for any 2 Battle Machines.

Nominated Exo-Force Battle Machines

There you go! The poll will be closed on December 17th!

The Technic Tournament Series

-Technic Coliseum Alpha (Lost when the Forums crashed)
-Technic Coliseum
-Technic Warzone
-Technic Tournament (Champion Granite)
-Technic Tournament 2: This Time It's Personal! (Champion Pridak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles (Champion Umarak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 4 in 3D (Champion Avak, Title goes to Avak)

I Have Approval Now?!

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