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Mt. Coronet


Night at the Mu-seum

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 17 2016 · 124 views
writing advert
Chapter 2 of Shooting Star Sonia 2 is up!

While chapter 1 was more of an original prologue, this chapter starts to get into the adaptation proper, though things have been moved around and I’ve decided to begin with something that happened a little later in the original game. Hey, it helps if there’s an actual reason for the villains to be targeting the heroine, right?

I tried to revise the world history presented in the game into something a little more cohesive here, and also more clearly emphasize the connections between Mu and the Lost Tribes. There may also be some subtle hints to what you can expect from the Tribe On forms, and a little fun is poked at some choices the game made, though I’ll admit they’re a little obscure. (I guess I’m a nitpicker after all!)

Chapter 3 is on-track for August 1st!


Technic Tournament: The Comeback

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 15 2016 · 112 views

(No, that’s not the new title of the game.)

I know I said the next tournament would be up a few months ago, but stuff came up and I just wasn’t feeling up to running it. Sorry about that.

But, I think I’m ready again, plus now I can say I’m doing it to celebrate BZP’s anniversary.

So, Technic Tournament 4 in 3D will begin on Wednesday, July 20th! As usual, you can join whenever you want, but joining in the first round gives you the best chance at success—and this time, each round only lasts 48 hours! Don’t miss it!


Fish Fry

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 14 2016 · 143 views
Kingdom Hearts
I was playing Unchained's latest update today and encountered a Trident Tail Omega. Level 1 so it wasn't too bad, but I am a bit puzzled.

Now, Trident Tail has an interesting design, and the general color scheme of the Omega works I guess, but...

Posted Image

Did you really need to paint flames on it...?


Late Night Story Ideas

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 12 2016 · 101 views

Yet again, brainstorming new fanfic ideas instead of progressing on old ones.

There are two oneshot crossovers I’m thinking of, but I’m also considering one other larger undertaking. Unchained X gave us an opportunity to create an avatar of ourselves within the Kingdom Hearts universe, but naturally, that’s been left as open as possible. So, I can’t help but consider the prospect of fleshing Pahrak out a bit more.

It makes the most sense to start with backstory, but after that, I thought it might be interesting to continue on into a slightly-altered telling of Unchained’s story. Obviously there’s still a lot we don’t know so I might have to make some sharp turns later on to meet back up at the canon ending, but still, it could be fun. And I’d like to play around in this world a little more.

It’ll probably be one of those “post as I have it” things, so I feel like I should pick a title before I really get started. I thought of just doing something simple like Pahrak of Ursus, and I do like the sound of that…but if I wanted something more appropriate for Kingdom Hearts, I’d probably go with something like Re: Unchained X – Oneirism for Avatar.

Hm. I wonder…


Sequel On!

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 04 2016 · 106 views
writing, OTC
About five months after the first one ended, I’m finally ready to start Shooting Star Sonia 2: Tribe!

This might’ve been out a little sooner if not for computer troubles (which seem to be doing much better, thank God) and standard-issue distractions…and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X…but anyway, I got a bit of a headstart before deciding to post the first chapter, so hopefully updates will be regular for at least a little while. For now the schedule is every other week, so expect Chapter 2 on the 18th!

I’m already taking some more liberties this time around, since the general consensus is that Star Force 2 was Very Bad. For starters, rather than a gap of 2-3 months between games, SSS2 takes place two years after the end of the first, and in the duration Sonia has been working alongside NAZA to maintain relations with Planet FM in addition to restarting her singing career. (It bugged me that the entire trilogy takes place in under a year.) The other changes will be revealed steadily, but hopefully I’ve been able to smooth over some of the more glaring issues the game had.

So there you have it! It’s time for Sonia’s second battle to begin!


Well This is a Complicated Emotion

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 03 2016 · 120 views
Apparently volume 73 of Bleach just came out in Japan, and it states that volume 74 will be the last. With how many chapters are usually put into volumes and how many have already been serialized in Jump, estimates are saying that there are five chapters left in the series.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaang on

Now I know I’m on record as frequently saying I want Bleach to end, and I do, but with the point the series is currently at as of last week? If we only have five more chapters to go then I only see two outcomes:

1. The ending is super-rushed, which is just going to be a huge letdown, despite all the disappointment I’m still fairly invested and was holding a tiny tiny sliver of hope that there could be a decent ending.

2. Nothing will be resolved and a dang spin-off is gonna start up and I’ll be stuck with this series for another fifteen years.

I don’t know which is worse so I’m really hoping that this is all a huge misunderstanding/marketing ploy. First Bionicle, now Bleach! Why must the things Child Me liked that start with the letter B get treated this way? D:


Irresponsible Children Wielding Magic Keys

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jul 01 2016 · 118 views

The NA version of Unchained just got to the point where the story really gets started!

…And most people are upset that the new character, known in Japan as Ephemera, is now being called Ephemer in the translation.


What baffles me more is that a few missions before that they show your character sleeping and don’t bother changing their outfit at all. I wear a jetpack. I was lying in my bed wearing a jetpack that flared to life every few seconds. How did my bed not catch on fire? I am appalled that they would portray me as so irresponsible, everyone knows to take their jetpack off before they go to bed!

Also the player character actually speaks briefly, which is almost as rare as Link or any Pokemon protagonist speaking. This is also far more interesting than the letter A.

And it looks like I should actually be able to afford this week’s special 10 Medal deal, which guarantees several high-tier Medals and gets you 3 free Cid Medals! Combined with the reset Coliseum, I should be able to reduce cost on Three Wishes just enough to evolve HD Aqua! Hopefully I’ll get some good Reversed and Speed Medals. Or a good Reversed Speed Medal.


The Sky Warrior

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jun 30 2016 · 132 views

Would I July to you about this?

Shaymin is available over Mystery Gift right now! And I’m sure there’s some way of getting the item to change its forms in XY and ORAS, but I don’t really care enough to look up what it is right now.

This is especially momentous for me because Shaymin was, aside from Volcanion (and then there’s Sun and Moon but y’know), the only Pokémon my Living Dex was missing. So I now have 720 Pokémon, and can achieve that same number in any Gen VI game simply through transferring! If I just get a chance at Volcanion, I’ll have a totally complete Pokedex for maybe a few days! (Depends on exactly when the US gets it, I guess…)



Kingdom Hearts Theory Attempt

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jun 28 2016 · 203 views

This is probably poorly organized but what the heck. Spoilers obviously, mainly pertaining to X and its variations though it also deals with Master Xehanort's plans, which is more of a BBS/3D thing. Also refers to the second secret ending of the Re:coded cinematic in 2.5, but that's the only interesting thing about that story so I don't feel bad if I spoil that.

So if Master Xehanort’s Keyblade is “the most ancient Keyblade in existence”, then the most logical assumption is that it was made by the Master of Masters, right? As far as we know he was the first wielder, given how early in the timeline X is and that’s when Keyblades really took off. It would also explain its similarities to the Foretellers’ Keyblades.

And I think we were all pretty surprised to find out that the guy in the black coat talking to the Foretellers is the Master of Masters. I was sure he was the mysterious Sixth Apprentice.

And that’s a weird point too: If the Master of Masters gave new names and Tomes of Prophecies to five of his apprentices, it’s really strange that he didn’t do that for the sixth.

But you know…that Keyblade is heavily associated with someone who likes putting his heart into other people to possess them. And the story of the Foretellers seems to parallel Ansem and his apprentices, which ended with one of them assuming his identity. Except, maybe this time, that happened in reverse?

I wonder if, after giving Tomes and new names to the Foretellers, the Master of Master possessed his final apprentice. This Keyblade might’ve always been used for obtaining new vessels–this could be the “will that has been passed down.”

Related to that, I’ve also been wondering what all powers a Master of Masters might have. Keyblade Masters are able to control hearts. Would a Master of Masters’ powers be a logical extension of that? My first thought on how that might work would be that a Master can control their own heart, but a Master of Masters can also control the hearts of others. Of course, we’ve already been told that regular Masters can control the hearts of others…but as far as I recall, the only one we’ve seen do that is Xehanort. The guy who has the Keyblade that probably belonged to the Master of Masters. So, maybe?

Anyway there are a few different ways I think this could go:
-One possibility is that the Master of Masters is going to end up being the True Villain, and Xehanort has been possessed by him for a while now. This is a twist Kingdom Hearts is rather fond of, and it would fit well with Young Xehanort’s apathy and insistence that getting that Keyblade is what will direct his destiny, plus the Master of Master’s future-seeing ability would go a long way towards explaining how crazy-prepared Xehanort is. Kind of hoping this isn’t the case though. #stopretconningXehanortsidentity
-Maybe the Master of Masters is still out there somewhere, and he’ll end up being the villain of the next saga? Xehanort might’ve just learned about the Keyblade and what it was used for through his research. Now, if the Keyblade is tied to vessel-making, then it may not be likely he’s still body-jumping now that Xehanort has it, but there are other ways he could still be around. Perhaps he has also become Unchained, whatever that means.
-Or, maybe the Master of Masters was killed long before the Xehanort Saga and Xehanort is just using him as inspiration.

I’m not entirely sure how it’s all going to go down, but I’m positive that Keyblade belonged to the Master of Masters, and I’m very eager to see just what that connection might mean.


An Inconspicuous Vent

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus , Jun 26 2016 · 269 views

Dramatic Personal Life Nonsense You Should Really Just Ignore

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