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Mt. Coronet


Pokken Tournament Will Be Amazing

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 14 2016 · 205 views

I don't know why I don't see more people excited for this game, just look at the roster we've got so far:

-Pikachu (and Pikachu Libre)
-Mewtwo (and Shadow Mewtwo)

And you get to control them all directly. To beat the poffins out of each other. With their fists (or whatever they have in place of fists).

Like forget Pokemon Go I just want Pokken Tournament.


Now You Too Can Catch 'Em All!

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 12 2016 · 230 views

So in case you didn't know, 2016 is Pokemon's 20th anniversary.

Turns out one of the things they're doing to celebrate is, throughout the year, have official distributions for every Mythical Pokemon from Gens I through V.

That's Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, and Meloetta.

(And of course Volcanion's probably going to be distributed this year too.)

So yeah. Get your Pokedexes ready.



The Nort Awakens

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 08 2016 · 245 views

Once again, a new member of the XIII Darknesses has been unveiled!


“There has been a retcon. Have you felt it?”



Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 07 2016 · 141 views

Another of the XIII Darknesses has been revealed!



Revising the Backstory

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 05 2016 · 150 views
Divine Strength
Okay, if I’m going to rework Divine Strength, the backstory’s probably a good place to start.

Now, the idea had always been that the Queens didn’t always exist. I mean, their goddess forms more or less always did, but they lived in an ethereal realm separate from the material one, and humans knew about them through occasional visions and such. At some point the two realms started to merge, bringing magic to the material realm. Eventually, this process resulted in the goddesses appearing in the material realm, but since they had no material bodies they would have dissipated and died if not for being placed within the Crowns. This is where the age of the Queens began.

I was also going with the idea that the Queens initially waged frequent wars with each other, leaving the land in a very chaotic state and possibly leaving much of the landscape devastated. At some point, they came together and established a truce which has persisted up to the time the story is set to start. But, I guess I never really put much thought into why they made such a huge change…so, combining this with a desire to try out some other non-Queen related magical creatures, I have an idea.

What seems most logical is that there was something so dangerous that the Queens knew they had to work together to defeat it, and the age of peace arose in the wake of that. So, some sort of magical creature was unleashed! The idea right now is that four terrible creatures appeared: one from the north, one from the south, one from the west, and one from the east. (Not entirely sure what kind of creature…my first thought was serpents, but that might be a bit too obvious. Now I’m tossing together weird hybrids and seeing how that goes.) These creatures thrived on the chaos the Queens were engulfing the world in, and so they advanced upon this land and turned chaos into utter ruin. Now, this could range from just destroying things to literally consuming reality as they advanced, I haven’t decided yet. The Queens are unable to stop the creatures on their own, and so decide the only way they can prevail is by working together. Luring the four monsters to one spot at the center of the region ruled by Queens, the monarchs combined their powers in a fateful battle, eventually slaying the creatures!

…But, for a little more intrigue, maybe the Queens weren’t able to totally kill the creatures, probably because they were born from the primal force of destruction that can never be truly destroyed or something. (“You cannot destroy me, for I am nothing” and all that.) So the Queens dragged the fallen creatures back to the four edges of their region and sealed them away—the Queen of the Sea trapped the western creature at the bottom of the ocean; the Queen of Fire plunged the creature from the east into a massive volcano; the Queen of Ice froze the northern creature in a mountain cave so cold that only those born of magic could endure it; and the fourth creature was lost to the southern forests, its location known only by the Queen of Nature. The Queens agreed that they must cease their senseless violence, knowing it would only give new life to the four wretched creatures. (They need a group name…The Ruinous?) A truce was called, symbolized by a neutral meeting place being built on the grounds where the creatures were slain—the Hall of Ether, a place filled with magic that made violence within its walls totally impossible. The Queens began to rebuild the world, and the creatures passed into legend.

Now, a concern of mine here is that, if these super evil creatures are around, I feel like there will be an expectation that they’ll all be revived or something for the plot/climax. And, I don’t want them to totally override the plot, though they’ll probably become relevant somehow. Plus the abomination-sounding names I’m coming up with at the moment might be a little too silly. (Norsklantal, Sojethalat, Esvayila, Wezgyan…it’s hard coming up with something that has few/no Google results…)

I am starting to like the sound of “The Ruinous”, though…


First New Story of the Year

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 02 2016 · 115 views

I mentioned that I wanted to try writing a new epic this year--right now I'm thinking of using the title "Guiding Principles", but I dunno, I might change it...anyway, I've been trying to work out characters for it in my stories Towards No End and Malleable, but the Toa in these pieces still need someone to lead them.

The new story, Pillar and Pedestal introduces Toa Phoeba, though I feel like I might need to work on her a little more before I really start the epic. It refers back to the other two stories, but you don't need to have read them to read this one. (At least, that's my intention.)

Now to work out how I want to structure the epic...



Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Jan 01 2016 · 170 views

You remember Bionicle Heroes? That was fun. I mean, it’s kind of a terrible game, sure, but it was still fun to explore Voya Nui and blow it up and stuff.

After I beat the game I put it down for a while, until a few years later I picked it up again in a quest for 100% completion. I emptied out the shop, upgraded all the Toa, and combed through every zone, smashing tons of enemies and collecting every canister I could find. It was magnificent…until I couldn’t figure out how to get the last Golden Canister in the second jungle level. I triggered the black constraction with Vezon, but I couldn’t figure out what it unlocked. I looked at the 99% on my file, sighed, and moved on.

But recently, I was perusing some videos of the game on YouTube, and the truth was discovered! This particular player was replaying the levels as well, and this was one of the few canisters they hadn’t gotten and they too had difficulty finding the path, so I feel much better about the whole thing. Anyway, I dug out my PS2 on Christmas and finally captured that final Canister! (Sidenote: I am way too accustomed to HD, I could barely see a thing.) It was the absolute last thing I needed, so 100% achieved, right?

…No, the 100% achievement wasn’t given to me. So, I replayed the Vezon battle! The results screen initially showed the achievement as unlocked, then produced a locked icon that it then threw onto the board where that particular achievement was. Wow.

So I’m not really sure what happened, I guess I’ve encountered a glitch or something, but I know in my heart that, after nine years, I’ve finally 100% completed this game, even if the game itself refuses to admit it.


Looking Back: 2015

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Dec 31 2015 · 141 views

This year freaking sucked.

But, the real point of this entry is to catalogue which new series I started following this year, so let’s just get on with that.

-Bionicle Generation 2: Surprise surprise. I mean, sure I have some complaints, but I like the general feel and am optimistic about the future.

-Fire Emblem: I played Awakening early this year and could not put it down. We’ll see what happens with Fates I guess.

-Cromartie High School: My sister had been telling me to watch this for about a year, and I finally felt like sitting down and marathoning it. (Each episode is about 11 minutes, there are 26 total, it’s an easy one-sitting anime). My gosh. It took me quite a while to get acclimated since the whole point of the show is totally absurd humor—it has the strangest opening of anything I’ve ever seen, and I play Kingdom Hearts! Once I was warmed up, though, I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was definitely worth the time.

-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: This one I came to like much more quickly since I enjoy seeing tropes called out and made fun of, and possibly because I related to the characters a bit more. The super-catchy opening certainly helps.

-One-Punch Man: Everyone kept singing its praises and I thought it might be nice to watch something popular while it’s airing, so I caught up about half-way through the season. (Of course, I still need to catch up on the rest…) There are some funny bits, some cool stuff…I’m definitely invested, but with how popular it is I can’t help but feel like I was supposed to be more into it than I currently am. Might just be a case of overhype setting my expectations too high, so I’m trying not to be too hard on it. I really should finish it.

-Dragon Ball Super: Yes, at the moment it’s just rewriting the past two movies, but it’s still been a lot of fun to watch, even with only minimal changes. Also my parakeet really enjoys the opening. I’m really looking forward to the next arc when we get totally new material—what we’ve been told about it so far is looking interesting.

-While I technically started watching Steven Universe last year, it was this year that I really got into it. It’s a good show. Lots of super cool magical people with interesting powers, and it does subtle foreshadowing in a masterful way. (Though, after the plot twisting nonsense I’m used to I might just be easily impressed when things actually make sense.)

-It’s kind of cheating but I have to mention Star Wars Episode VII because my gosh I love it. I got a ways into the movie before deciding whether I liked it or not, but I like it, I definitely like it. I’m sure it’s still too soon to go into the details, but…go see it.


Yesterday Was A Good Day

Posted by Bird Mom Pahrak , Dec 30 2015 · 177 views

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Mm-hm. Pretty good.

The Technic Tournament Series

-Technic Coliseum Alpha (Lost when the Forums crashed)
-Technic Coliseum
-Technic Warzone
-Technic Tournament (Champion Granite)
-Technic Tournament 2: This Time It's Personal! (Champion Pridak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 3 & Knuckles (Champion Umarak, Title goes to Pridak)
-Technic Tournament 4 in 3D (Champion Avak, Title goes to Avak)

I Have Approval Now?!

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