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Mt. Coronet


Jeopardy Me

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 11 2016 · 623 views

You post the answer, I'll guess the question.



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 09 2016 · 304 views

I’ve seen other people making lists of good things that are happening soonish so that they have something else to focus on and I really have no clue what else to do. So we’re gonna think about things that don’t suck here on Mt Coronet! (This means you, vampires.)

Let’s see…oh, there’s an episode of Steven Universe next week! A half hour special on Thursday. And I believe more new episodes in early December?
Not to mention next week is Pokémon Sun and Moon! Of course, they’ve already leaked online so we know everything already. I’m cool with discussing it with you, but we should probably use spoiler tags. I think it mostly looks good from what I’ve seen…aside from a few things like one of the Pokémon I was most looking forward to being a version exclusive and forcing me to switch my pre-order. I’m going to try and pretend this is my biggest problem right now.

Hm, I am really enjoying this current arc in Dragon Ball Super. Next week’s episode looks particularly good judging by the preview, and I’m really interested to see how this resolves and what’s coming next. I think Goku and Vegeta might finally be catching up to Beerus, which means we can start bringing in bigger and badder enemies, and that’s gonna be cool. Not to sell the current arc’s villain short, though—he’s the first real villain Super has had, and I really liked how this arc came together. Zamasu might be able to replace Cell as my favorite villain in this franchise. Honestly this is probably the most I’ve ever enjoyed Dragon Ball, due in part to this all being new stuff I can’t just look up online.

I don’t know if I mentioned this here: the Steins;Gate 0 visual novel is being officially released in English at the end of the month! Still no news on the anime, but this means I should be able to watch someone else play the novel through December, so no more dodging spoilers!

And I mean, I guess Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. I’m not much of a holiday person anymore, but who knows, maybe I’ll indulge.

Early next year brings us Kingdom Hearts II.8, which should be interesting. Following that should also be some more Kingdom Hearts III news, and I am looking forward to something on that. Oh, and Unchained will be updating then as well…though, I still haven’t managed to beat Mission 475 or get much Admantite…
Though, the Scorpio Charm being given out this week in Unchained is adorable. And, looking it up, there are indeed more such charms of Chirithy imitating the Zodiac signs, so I’m looking forward to seeing those go around.

Star Wars Episode VIII is next year! Late, but…next year. And there is Rogue One this year, though admittedly I haven’t been paying any attention to that. I’ve really only ever followed the Episodes to be honest.

Ah, Nintendo Switch as well. When did they say, March I think?

Hmmmm, I’m probably forgetting some things, but the beauty of blogs is that people can add to this if they want. I’ll just sit down and play my Azure Flute for now.


Final Fantasy V Explained as Bionicle

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 05 2016 · 280 views

(I’ve been in a FFV mood.)

We start on Aqua Magna. A Toa of Air and his trusty Dikapi go to investigate a Toa Canister that has fallen from the sky, and end up teaming up with a Toa of Water who rules over a nearby Wahi (no big deal) and an old Toa of Earth who has lost his memories. They convince a Toa of Fire with a pirate ship towed by a giant Tarakava to take them to the Suva of Air—unfortunately, the Suva breaks apart just as they reach it, but the Toa recover powerful masks and are instructed by a local Turaga to save the other elemental Suvas.

Along the way the Toa of Earth gets back his memories and tells you he and some other Toa from another planet visited Aqua Magna once and used the Suvas’ power to seal a Makuta, and if all the Suvas break that Makuta will be free again. Every Suva breaks. (But you get new masks each time one does!) The Toa of Earth uses his Toa Canister to chase the Makuta back to his home planet of Bara Magna, and the other three Toa find another Toa Canister, go after him, and have to be broken out of Makuta jail. About this time they have their first encounter with a Dark Hunter, one of Makuta’s minions who keeps reappearing and eventually becomes their friend.

The Toa find the Suva on Bara Magna but the Makuta follows them and tries to destroy them. The Toa of Earth breaks free of the Makuta’s hold, shrugs off numerous shattering blasts, and then channels a Nova Blast through his bare fists to force the Makuta to retreat. The Toa of Earth then dies, but gives his masks and a Toa Stone to his favorite Onu-Matoran who joins the party in his place. The Makuta still manages to destroy the Suva, and Aqua Magna and Bara Magna fuse back into Spherus Magna.

A talking Dermis Turtle who likes to make fun of the Toa of Air tells you to find legendary weapons hidden around the world by Artakha, but you don’t gotta do that if you don’t want to. The Makuta gains power over the Zone of Darkness and starts sending everything there, so the Toa go and beat him up inside the Zone of Darkness. Some of them might die, but if they do they get better soon after, and then they all return to their normal lives and occasionally meet up to ride Dikapi together. The End.

(I mean, if you really want to, you can try to fight the Kardas Dragon and Marendar inside the Zone of Darkness, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Though you can scrape by on Marendar if you get one of your Toa to master the Calix-Garai-Kakama combo.)

Tune in next time when I summarize FFVII, starring Spike, Toa of Angst.


A Dramatic Decision

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Nov 03 2016 · 603 views

You know, I really enjoyed making my dramatic reading of the Piraka Rap.

Logically this should be followed by a dramatic reading of Creeping in My Soul, but...Creeping in My Soul kind of already sounds like a dramatic reading, so I don't know if my version would really sound all that different.

2007 was terrible.

I don't know what do y'all say, yea or nay?


The Reconstructed Hunter

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 31 2016 · 288 views
Pokemon, distribution, reminder
November already? Here’s something to give thanks for. (Because Thanksgiving? I know it’s not my best one, but none of you laughed at my Earth Wind and Fire joke in September so I’m not breaking my back trying to find a better one.)

Genesect is available at GameStop! I’m not sure why it wasn’t saved for December, being the last Pokémon in Gen V National Dex order, but hey, Genesect is cool! Go get one if you don’t already have one!

Come to think of it, Genesect was the first (and thus far only) Bug-type Legendary! Right now Poison is the only type without a Legendary. Or…could that be about to change?!



Kingdom Hearts AND Pokemon News!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 27 2016 · 452 views

Kingdom Hearts first, since there’s less.
-Sora’s going to be in World of Final Fantasy as DLC. Haven’t been following this so eh
-1.5 and 2.5 are being put together as one collection on PS4. So once this, 2.8, and III are all out, you can have the entire series on one console! I really need a PS4!!
-The opening movie of 0.2 has been released. Master Aqua…
-Two screenshots for KHIII were also shown, and it appears we’re getting new/modified Drive Forms? One picture shows “Guard Form”, which uses the Keyblade shield we’ve seen previously and has a yellow color scheme. The other is “Power Form”, though…I’m not sure it’s different from the standard form we’ve seen? Also they edited the screenshot so we couldn’t see the new Keyblade he’s using. Boo. But Drive Forms, that’ll be cool to have those back!

Okay then, on to the new Pokemon trailer!
-The final evolutions of the starters are confirmed! Popplio’s final form, Primarina, is Water/Fairy like everyone expected. In a shocking twist, Rowlet’s final form, Decidueye (how do you pronounce that?) is Grass/Ghost, and Litten’s final form, Incineroar is Fire….DARK! Oh thank God, that was a close call. Anyway they all have new moves too, I hope this stays a continuing trend.
-The Island Guardians have all been revealed! In addition to Tapu Koko there’s Tapu Lele (Psychic/Fairy), Tapu Bulu (Grass/Fairy, oddly enough), and Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy). They all know Nature’s Madness, have an ability that creates a specific Terrain, and share a Z Move called Guardian of Alola which basically teleports the Yellow Devil over from Mega Man’s world so that the Guardian in totem-head form can sit atop it and smash its foes. Brutal.
-Clarification on Alolan Persian, it’s Dark type and abilities are Fur Coat and Technician.
-A new Pokemon named Cosmog is revealed. Pure Psychic, and is very mysterious due in part to its lore (extremely rare, previously known only to royalty, the Aether Foundation is studying it) and a certain thing about it seen in leaks, but I’m not going into that. I’m curious to see what happens with this one.
-There’s a place called Battle Tree where people are trying to construct a Pokemon League. Not sure if it’s going to be finished later on or not, but for the time being we’ll still be able to battle certain powerful trainers there (and team up with them as well.) Shown are Wally (eh, okay?), Cynthia (!!!), and new redesigns of Blue and Red (he still doesn’t talk, it’s hilarious). This interests me.

We’re getting so close to Sun and Moon now please be good PLEASE be good.


Mimikyu Has Its Own Theme Song

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 21 2016 · 329 views
Seriously. There's an official trailer like thing where Mimikyu sings a song about itself. Here's the original, here's one with English subtitles.

It's adorable. It's sad. Sadorable?

I want a Mimikyu.


Sun and Moon Demo

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 18 2016 · 441 views

It's available on the eShop! I thought for sure the server would be too busy, but I downloaded it in just about 20 minutes!

It's pretty fun, though obviously rather short. You get to meet Hau an Kukui, and have some encounters with Team Skull. I was right, they're losers. As reported previously your main Pokemon here is Greninja with the Batte Bond ability, letting it turn into Ash-Greninja after knocking out a Pokemon. The description just says it powers up Water Shuriken, though the move info doesn't say how much, so...seems a little underwhelming. But what did I expect from a form change that's just "give it the palette of the worst Pokemon trainer ever"?

You get to use Kukui's Pikachu during a Trial, though! At the end it's given a Z-Crystal for one battle, letting you try out Gigavolt Havoc, which is pretty rad. The trial itself involves using the Poke Finder to take pictures of Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o, culminating in a fight against a Hakamo-o with the new Totem Pokemon mechanic. It's Sp. Def is boosted, and it can summon a Rockruff to aid it. After clearing that and reloading the game, you get the Ride Pager and can ride Tauros around the map, and you can access several small tasks that give you items you can transfer to the main game. There are also a lot of people saying certain things will happen in a certain number of days, so we're gonna need to keep checking back to see everything.

Also, I haven't seen this myself, but...Serebii reports that you can sometimes use Poke Finder to see what would appear to be an Alolan Dugtrio. And it's, uh...not really what you'd expect...something to look into if you want.

OH, also! Apparently, on the 31st and 1st, certain theaters in the US are going to be showing the first Pokemon movie! I haven't been able to find a list yet, though...

PS People have datamined it and found what appears to be the compete Pokedex, plus shinies. I'm not gonna link it, but...it exists. If you want to see it. (Come on, you want to see it, right?)


Another Destiny

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 15 2016 · 271 views
writing advert
Has it really been 9 months since I last posted a Bionicle story? Wow.

Anyway, I just posted a new short story over in the library: An End Escaped. I don’t feel motivated enough to commit to a full story right now, but I still wanted to throw this idea out there in some form, just to feel sort of productive.

Essentially, it’s a prologue to a potential 17 story that could have been. It begins by summarizing an alternate end of the 16 story, and then sets up a new character to embark on the quest to gather the fragments of the MoUP rather than cramming that into the end of JtO. This particular character (the winter wave villain, if you will) is actually a G2 iteration of a certain someone, but you’ll have to read the story to find out who!

It’s really more of a proposal than anything else, and there’s probably not much chance this closely resembles what Lego was planning, but hopefully it’s some enjoyable food for thought. If nothing else, it felt good to stretch my legs in the Bionicle world again, especially for G2, since Okoto 579 kinda flopped. Now I wonder if I can get together something for G1…


Synthetic Arceus Basically Confirmed

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Oct 14 2016 · 448 views

A new Pokemon trailer is out!

-Type: Null evolves into a Pokemon named Silvally. There really isn’t much change, all it really does is destroy its power-limiter helmet (here I thought that was just gonna be a form change), but in doing so it gains a new ability: RKS System. RKS. Say that out loud. Wanna know what it does? When given certain items, Silvally changes type, as does its new signature move. RKS. Too cool for subtlety it seems.
-Remember that dragon Jangmo-o? It has two evolutions, both of whom are our first Dragon/Fighting types! Really considering one of these for my team. It’s been suggested this might be the new pseudo-legendary, and I’m willing to believe that. The look is a little weird, but I still think it looks pretty darn cool.
-Bounsweet evolves twice, both are pure Grass types.
-Cutiefly evolves into a Pokemon named Ribombee. It’s basically Cutiefly with a scarf, and it’s pretty adorable.
-Alolan Grimer and Muk are Dark/Poison. I’m not crazy about them, but they’re more creative than their Gen I selves.
-Two new characters are also introduced: Olivia, Kahuna of Akala Island (Rock specialist), and Trial Captain Ilima (Normal specialist), who will apparently be the very first Trial Captain you face.

Don’t forget that the demo is coming out on the 18th!

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