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Mt. Coronet


Ad-Lib Joke About 12 Years

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 19 2016 · 269 views

I have been on this site for 12 years now.


Let’s see, what did I accomplish on this site in the past year?
-Became Premier Outstanding BZP Citizen (thank you Windrider!)
-Wrote a few miscellaneous short stories (and a one-shot comedy)
-Finished Shooting Star Sonia, the biggest story I’ve finished in a while, and more recently started the sequel
-Started Beyond Ruin, which might be helping me inch towards that novel I’ve claimed to be working on for several years now. Maybe.
-Ran Technic Tournaments 2-4, seeing the rise and fall of Pridak (rot in pieces)
-Horribly mismanaged an entry in a G&T contest (I’m sorry to everyone who played The Great Career Fair)
-Ran Slizer Dome, which I’m planning a follow-up to
-Currently stumbling my way through hosting a Mafia game for the first time!

Not too shabby, I think! Let’s see what I can get up to before I hit 13 and have to make a tired Kingdom Hearts joke!


Bleach Finally Ended

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 18 2016 · 311 views

I don’t really have anything in particular to say about it. The best thing was a certain character being promoted to Captain in the second-to-last chapter, that actually made me happy. Everything else is just kinda…meh.

In all fairness it seems like Jump cancelled the series, so…maybe it wouldn’t have been quite as bad otherwise…haha, yeah, it probably would’ve.

Well anyways that’s one chunk of my life over, time to watch better anime.


It's Seasonal

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 15 2016 · 273 views

Unchained gave out straw hats in this week's ranking. Thankfully there was a Raid event so it was easy to earn a bunch of Lux! I've been trying different outfits lately anyway, so I changed things around and this is what I'm looking like at the moment.

Posted Image

I'm totally not going to use this to make a One Piece reference. Nope. Just a...straw hat. No need to mention rubber pirates.

Wow, this is probably the first (or maybe second?) time I've not worn a jetpack since being able to wear a jetpack.


I'm Glad That Video Game Concerts Are a Thing

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 12 2016 · 176 views

The Kingdom Hearts concert just started up in Japan and we got this masterpiece to commemorate it

Posted Image

It makes me feel happy, which is good because very soon now JA KHX is going to get its final story update and that's going to be rough.


Alovely Alola

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 11 2016 · 277 views

There’s been a decent batch of new reveals for Pokemon Sun and Moon over the past few days! Let me see if I can round it all up.

Before we get to that though, we have a window for Volcanion’s US distribution! We’ll be hitting 721 in October, and it’ll be a GameStop event. So I’ll have a complete Dex for about a month! Cool!

Anyway,there have been several new Pokemon revealed:
-A family of two Ghost/Ground Pokemon, one a mound of sand and the evolution being a sand castle, English names not currently available. Seems a little silly…though it does include an image of the sand castle Pokemon freaking devouring a Pikachu, so there’s that.
-Bewear has a pre-evolution, but I don’t really be-care-ing.
-A new fish named Wishiwashi, with an interesting ability. Apparently, when it reaches a certain level, it transforms from one fish into a school of fish shaped like one massive fish, but will revert when enough damage is taken. It sounds sort of like evolution done in a new way, which sounds really interesting!
-There’s also Pewkumuku Pyukumuku, a…thing…that extends its insides out of its mouth…to use as a fist…? And its ability deals damage upon being knocked out. This is weird, right?
-There’s also the Grass/Fairy Pokemon Morelull, but it doesn’t really do anything to stand out. It’s just kinda there.

Plus, a few new Alola Forms!
-Alolan Meowth is Dark type and can have Technician or Pickup, just like regular Meowth. Seeing as it’s basically Team Rocket’s mascot, Dark makes sense, though it does seem just a tad redundant with Purrloin. It’s even purple.
-There had been a hint that Alolan Marowak would be Fire type. It is now revealed to be Fire/Ghost (HAHA). It has darker skin and its body and limbs are a little thinner (the only thing about this design I’m unsure about), and its bone has two green-blue flames on the ends, making it look like a fire dancer. It looks super-rad and I kinda want one.
-And then there’s Alolan Raichu! It’s Electric/Psychic and uses its tail as a surfboard…so I’m not sure why it isn’t part Water, but still pretty cool. It has a new ability called Surge Surfer that doubles its speed when Electric Terrain is active.

Lastly, we’re starting to see the villainous team: Team Skull! They are dark and edgy. There is a scene where the boss talks to Kukui and says something about them failing to become Trial Captains, though, and that sounds like something that could be worth looking forward to. And on a smaller note, it appears that some of them use different types of Poke Balls, meaning there might be some variety in the balls we see NPCs using. If that interests you.

Alolan Marowak is the stand-out for me, though Alolan Raichu is also rad. Can’t wait to see more!



Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 08 2016 · 279 views
game advert


We’re about to play some Mafia.

I’m hosting a Mafia game for the first time! Come play if you want!

The bad news is that this means Slizer Dome US is getting delayed. If I tried running both at the same time, it would probably negatively affect them, so I’m going to do this Mafia game first and then decide when to do Slizer Dome after that. Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait!


Slizer Dome US Incoming!

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 02 2016 · 232 views
game advert
It’s decided: Slizer Dome US will be posted in G&T on Wednesday, August 10th!

Come by next week and you can throw yourself into the Throwbot Slizer world! Choose any of the eight planets to live on, work to enhance your abilities, and battle fierce Elemental Monsters to prove that you are worthy of being named the Champion of the Galaxy! Signups will remain open for only 48 hours after posting, so don’t miss it!



Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Aug 01 2016 · 225 views



The Original One

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Jul 31 2016 · 212 views
Pokemon, distribution, reminder
August isn’t a fun month, is it? Usually means back to school, if you’re in school.

But this August, you can get your very own Arceus just by going to GameStop! That’s right, just stop by your local game store, ask the employee at the counter for a neat little card with a serial number, and you get the Pokémon who created the Pokémon world (or maybe just Sinnoh)!

I won’t lie to you, part of me’s still angry this doesn’t involve the Azure Flute in some way. But you probably guessed that.



A New Chapter, and Maybe Some New Titles

Posted by Ul-Pahrak , Jul 30 2016 · 127 views

First things first, the fifth part of Beyond Ruin is up! Land, Sky, and Knowledge all make appearances, dealing with a new threat that has arisen due to the forces of magic reacting to the beliefs of the people. I mentioned this concept before and wanted to test out how it might apply to folklore.

I’ve been thinking more about it, and I think this sort of mechanic could have a big thematic impact. I feel like I might be getting a better idea of what this novel will be about! (If I ever finish it.) To go with this, I think I might use a different title for the novel. Originally I thought the major question brought up would be “What makes a person strong?”, which is why Divine Strength seemed like a good title. But now, that doesn’t really seem quite as fitting. I’m not 100% sure, but for the time being, the next working title for the novel is Divine Judgment. I’m not going to change the tags on the stories and collection just yet though—it might be confusing and I don’t want to do that until I’m more committed to this title.

On another note, I’ve been thinking more about the Queen of War and…well, I’m wondering if I should call her something else. I guess I’m concerned about what implications people might read into if I have a prominent world leader literally named War, and that might just be me overreacting, but I never am sure about that.

While most of the Queens embody elements, War and Knowledge are more like concepts, but War doesn’t necessarily have to be…well, war. The most basic form of what she represents is “growth through adversity”. You develop, change, and grow stronger by facing and overcoming hardships. War seemed like a natural manifestation of this for a medieval fantasy, and Queen of War just has a nice ring to it, I think, but I want to explore some other options.

Maybe Queen of Adversity? I kind of like that full title, but the shorter version might get weird. (“Adversity drew her sword,” “She turned to Adversity,” “Hey look at what Adversity did can you believe her?”) There was also that short story I did examining her titled Goddess of Evolution, maybe I could use that for her name as well? Queen of Evolution? Hm…Queen of Challenge? Queen of Resilience? I don’t know, I’ll keep thinking about it.

As always suggestions/feedback is appreciated. Hopefully I’ll have another part of Beyond Ruin up for you soon!

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