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Mt. Coronet


Golden Memories

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 24 2017 · 117 views
VC Gold and Silver are out, in case you forgot. I got Gold. I was a little unsure, but in the end, the opportunity presented itself and I just couldn’t resist.

And again, the Pokémon distribution seems odd, though part of it might just be which Pokémon I wanted. Plus there seem to be some limitations on the movesets that I sort of expected coming off of VC Red—it seems like, in later generations, Pokémon get access to (better) STAB moves earlier than they did in the first few generations, because they seem to have a bit of trouble with that here on the Virtual Console.

But…dang. I love it.

The graphics are retro while still showing a massive improvement over the first gen, the music is lovely, so many great system and interface changes are popping up, and while I’m having trouble finding some of them there are a lot of Pokémon here that I really adore. It’s Gold. This was more or less my first real Pokémon game—not one that I shared with my sisters, but one that was really mine—and the nostalgia is wonderful, much more so than was the case with Red.

I started with Cyndaquil, of course, and have named him Blaze V, as in Blaze the Fifth. Blaze was the name of my Cyndaquil in the original Gold, and when I played HeartGold I named my Cyndaquil Blaze Jr in his honor, then when I needed a Cyndaquil and Quilava for my Living Dex we got Blaze III and Blaze IV…I considered going with something else, but again, I just couldn’t resist. The bloodline must continue. Currently a Quilava.

The rest of my team, which I just finished putting together:
-Will the Golbat, because I figured it’s time I use a Crobat. My thought process on the name was “Bat -> Batman -> Lego Batman -> Will Arnett -> Well I don’t have anything better so let’s just do that.”
-Mettaur the Pineco, who took a bit of time to get because Headbutt trees but at least he didn’t use Selfdestruct thank God.
-Lurerre the Chinchou, and now I never want to fish again.
-Tau the Natu, my gosh you know how out of your way you have to go to catch a freaking Natu, when I heard they were at Ruins of Alph I got excited but nope you need SURF to get to the only patch of grass with Natu, and you have to go through Union Cave just to get to it, and some of them know Teleport, GOSH.
-Gori the Mankey, since I liked having one in LeafGreen but never finished LeafGreen so…second chances.

Okay, I’m off to grind. Cianwood is next but it's looking rather far away.


One Last Prelude

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 21 2017 · 93 views
game advert, Olkir
I got an itch to start up a new game, and after discarding a bunch of half-ideas, I realized this could actually be a great chance to get more people interested in Olkir.

Hence, Olkir Tournament! Not a very creative name, I know. You’ll use the mechanics detailed in the topic to create your own weapon and ability, and then I’ll start randomly matching you up with other players to fight. You have to PM me a strategy each round, similar to the old Technic Coliseum, and see if you can outwit your opponent. Whoever accumulates a certain number of wins is named the champion!

Come play if you want! These are the same mechanics I’m planning to use in the eventual epic, subject some minor alterations of course, so this would be a great chance to see what you’ll be in for if you were considering guest starring. Sort of an open beta for guest stars, if you will. I plan to open the actual submissions for the epic around the time this game finishes, so please look forward to that!


To Cap It Off

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 19 2017 · 105 views
Another Pokémon distribution is kicking off, but this one’s a little more complex than usual.

A code just went up on the Pokémon website (PIKACHU20) that will allow you to download a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s cap. This Pikachu also comes with a unique Z Crystal, Pikashunium Z, letting it use its own super-exclusive Z Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!

But! While you can only enter the code once, when you enter it will determine which cap the Pikachu is wearing. Of course, if you have multiple games you can surely enter the code into each during different windows and get a few variants, but unless you’ve got six Gen VII games you’re gonna need to time this carefully.

I won’t copy-paste the entire schedule, but it looks like each timeframe lasts only about a week, so be sure you don’t miss your chance!

Myself, I definitely want the original hat being distributed now, but since I have both Sun and Moon I suppose I should pick up another variant. Hm, none of the others really have that nostalgia kick for me, but I do love the heck out of Sinnoh so I’ll probably be getting that one?

Oh, yeah, there is a seventh variant wearing the hat Ash wears in the new movie, but in order to get that you need to actually go to the theater and see said movie. Check your local theaters if that interests you.


Pokemon Ultra News

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 13 2017 · 176 views
New trailer is out for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! Key points:

-The mascots are, as theorized, Necrozma having absorbed Solgaleo/Lunala. The forms are referred to as Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings, respectively, and enable usage of Solgaleo and Lunala’s signature moves.
-The special Rockruff has the ability Own Tempo, and knows special moves which differ slightly between US and UM. It evolves into Dusk Lycanroc when hitting level 25 between 5 and 6 PM (that’s such a narrow window argh). There’s also an exclusive Z Move for Lycanroc—all forms too, not just Dusk—called Splintered Stormshards, which looks pretty cool. It also cancels Terrain effects!
-Something that’s both unexpected and sort of expected: two brand new Pokémon were shown! Both are Ultra Beasts, currently codenamed Assembly and Burst, but that’s basically all we know about them. Well, that and that they’re exclusive. Burst is in US, Assembly is in UM. Guess I need both version after all! Hahahahaughh…I mean I was probably going to do it anyway, but it’d be nice to not need to.

In related news, it’s been revealed that if you get VC Gold or Silver you’ll get a special 3DS theme and a Celebi for your Gen VII games! Sort of tempted to put that on the team now…well, actually, I guess I need an Ultra Moon team now so I can just add it to that!

Makes me wonder if any other new Pokémon will be added to USUM—especially Mythicals. Gen VII might last longer than I was fearing, so that’s some good news.


Last Trial

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 12 2017 · 86 views
Olkir, writing advert
To further expand upon the world of Olkir, I’ve posted The Twins of Justice in short stories!

It’s about the same length as the last one, and centers around an idea that…might not make an appearance in the final story, but I think it’s a neat concept with potential so I wanted to do at least one small thing with it. It also shows two elemental weapons in action: the Sun Gun I’ve mentioned a few times before, and a Jungle weapon named the Viridian Bow, which is actually something that’s been sitting in the back of my mind for years now. (The one here doesn’t do everything I had planned, though, so expect to see this again.) There’s also brief mention of the special abilities the people of Olkir can develop, but more detailed information on that is going to have to wait.

You know, I think I’m just about ready to ask for guest stars. If you’re interested, keep an eye out!


School of the Blazing Soul

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Sep 07 2017 · 83 views
Olkir, writing advert
I wanted to do at least a few more short things fleshing out certain ideas relevant to the Olkir project, and one of the first things that came to mind was Kardata. Since the martial arts style is basically the Fire Tribe’s sole claim to fame, it’s going to turn up a lot even if it isn’t strictly plot relevant, so I definitely should hammer out basics before I get much deeper. I was originally going to post it here in this blog, but then I thought putting it in short stories and then continuing to advertise here would help give Olkir some more exposure, so…

The Principles of Flame can be read over in short stories! It’s roughly 1000 words long, and shows a Kardata Master explaining some of the basics to a new group of students, plus gives an idea of Kardata uniforms and ranks. (Still figuring out how exactly to word the description of the robe to get the image I have in my head, so the one presented here might seem a bit vague.)

I have another idea in mind too. I’ve got a concept I think you’ll find very interesting, involving masks, some 06 characters, and an excuse to show more elemental weapons in use. Stay tuned!


okay screw Kingdom Hearts

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 24 2017 · 173 views
KHUX updated in Japan with new story, and I’m sorry but I’m gonna take up some space with a rant, please forgive me but MY GOSH



Death to the Coronet

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 21 2017 · 107 views
game advert
Remember when I said For Coronet and Cancellation [Slizer Mafia 3] was going to be the end of the Slizer Mafia series? Yeah...I did mean that, but with it going the way it did it still feels super open-ended, and it's been bugging me.

The way I see it, this story isn't over until the villain it centers around is dead. Call them whatever you want--the Skull Slizer, the Judge Coronet, or just the Coronet Slizer--but it's high time for their demise.

Hence, Slizer Mafia: The Final Refrain.

I've simplified a lot of the continuity and plan to talk about what happened in the first three games as little and as vaguely as possible, so newcomers are more than welcome to join in! Signups will stay open for 48 hours.


Thirteen Years

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 19 2017 · 131 views

As of today, I’ve been on BZPower for 13 years. Being 24 years old, that means I’ve been on this site for over half of my entire life, so I guess that’s kinda cool. Let’s see how productive this past year was for me:

-Wrote An End Escaped, which I rather like
-Hosted Slizer Mafia 2: Okotans’ Revenge, which I think went well
-Hosted Slizer Dome US, which did not go so well
-Finished Shooting Star Sonia 2, ending up with a 100k word story that I wrote in roughly a year while holding myself to a biweekly posting schedule
-Wrote Slizer Mafia 2.8, which honestly I probably didn’t need to do
-Hosted For Coronet and Cancellation [Slizer Mafia 3], which was woefully short
-Wrote Glimpse of Horizons, which I also rather like
-Hosted Mafia XXXIX: Hotel of Okoto, which had one unique mechanic and that mechanic ended up being a flop
-Wrote Second Star for The Legend Continues, which was fun even if it did poorly in the polls
-Wrote Toa of Fire, which is okay
-Wrote She Understood, which…I’m not really sure what to say about
-Just kicking off Wall of History (Signups are closing tonight!)

Well, that’s fairly productive. Rocky, but productive. You can also see how my style of Mafia hosting gradually became “the Mafia steadily wipes out the village while I play unfitting music.” Good times.

It’s obviously tough to say for sure what the coming year might bring, but I already shared several things I’m working on/considering recently. Progress on Shooting Star Sonia 3 is…slower than expected, but it is happening. I was just reminded that this December is Mega Man’s 30th anniversary, so I’m considering waiting and posting the story on that day as a way to celebrate, and probably with the first few chapters close together to hopefully make up for the extra wait. On a different note the world of Olkir is also coming together, so I may just do that casting call before too long. Maybe next month?

Here’s to another year!

(Wow, not a single Kingdom Hearts joke.)


Come Play Wall of History!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Aug 16 2017 · 120 views
game advert
Signups for my new game Wall of History will remain open for 72 hours!

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The inhabitants of Stoeia-Nui are learning this lesson the hard way as they struggle to endure an attack by the legendary demon Makuta, just as their ancestors did ten thousand years ago. There does exist a record of Makuta’s previous attack, but no one can read the language it is written in, leaving any hints that might lie within just beyond their reach. The villages have sent a team of Chroniclers to search out the Spirit of Knowledge and beg her aid, but it won’t be quite that easy.

Each round players will be given a prompt and write a very short story. A winner will be judged and given “the power of Legend” for a brief time, enabling them to translate one portion of the Wall of History and learn helpful clues that will allow them to keep their villages safe. But will the Chroniclers do the right thing and share the knowledge with their fellows, or will they attempt to mislead the others so that their village fares better than the rest?

Only time will tell if Makuta’s shadow of lies can be pulled away.

Recent Works and Writing Collections

Shooting Star Sonia 3: Red Joker: Chapter 12 (4/17)
A Mega Man Star Force fanfic where Sonia takes the lead role.

The Gargoyle Knight (12/26)
Fanfic Exchange gift for Nick Silverpen, focusing on Melding Antroz.

Right of Law: Section III (4/16)
A continuation of Melding Antroz’s story, where she is forced to question the Great Beings and live with the consequences.

Full Library
One big collection of everything.

Unsorted Works
What doesn't fit into the following three collections.

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A few connected G2 stories.

Divine Strength Collection
An original idea I'm trying to build.

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Flash fiction from when we had contests for that.

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