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Steins;Gate 0

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 06 2015 · 119 views

So a Steins;Gate sequel was announced.

I mean there have been novels and spin-offs and drama CDs, all of which I want to read/play/listen to at some point, but this is, like, a full-on sequel.

And not only are they making a new visual novel, they are also going to go right ahead and make a new anime based on it.

So this could be really cool.


There are a lot of questions, I need to try not to get too worked up just yet. :P Regardless, I’m hoping they go a bit more into why Kyouma has Reading Steiner—the exact mechanics of that are something I’ve been theorizing on for a while.

I’m glad this is happening! Especially since they cancelled the novel showing them as adults in the Steins;Gate worldline. This isn’t the same content of course, but it’s still a nice replacement, I guess. Anime subs are easier to find than novel translations!

El Psy Kongroo


It's Easter!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 05 2015 · 108 views

So…Happy Easter!

…I apologize for how short this entry is. D:


AU Thoughts

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 04 2015 · 63 views

For some reason I got hooked on the idea of a Kingdom Hearts AU where everyone is a Gem and like

-Everyone already has a weapon they can summon out of nowhere so that’s done

-Heartless are Gems that have been corrupted, and the Keyblade is the only thing that can restore them to their former self

-Nobodies are the projected bodies of Gems that have been left behind when their gemstone is stolen/corrupted

-Lion as a Dream Eater

-Drive Forms being Gem Fusions

-Xehanort fusing with Terra and taking full control like Malachite

-Xehanort being able to manipulate gemstones without fatally damaging them, enabling him to take fragments of his gemstone and put them into other Gems to take control of them, and split Ventus’s gemstone in two to create Vanitas

-Implications that a shard of Master Eraqus’s gemstone has been absorbed into Terra’s gemstone

-Gummi Ship battle against Master Hand ship

-Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion being a Gem Temple one can reformat with the Master's Defender

-I don’t know it just struck me as a really cool thing


Asterisk Guide: Ninja

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 03 2015 · 60 views

Asterisk Holder: Konoe Kikyo

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: Fast as a Monk and tricky as a Thief, the Ninja class has long been a favorite of many, not just for its aesthetic but also for the powerful abilities they tend to acquire, such as their signature Dual Wield. They also possess abilities that are great for evasion and abilities that increase how many times they attack—the combination of Transience (counter after dodging) and Utsusemi (guaranteed evade) is practically legendary. Ninja may have lost its traditional Throw and Smoke abilities in the transition to Bravely Default, but it’s still a force to be reckoned with!

Personal Thoughts: You know how I said I don’t believe in agility? Ninja is the exception. Transience and Utsusemi make a winning combination, and even using regular attacks, Ninja are perfectly capable of taking down a foe. And, if they have Cleave equipped, they might even make an extra attack after defeating that foe. But of course, the main reason we love Ninja is for Dual Wield! It might not be as broken here as it has been in Final Fantasy, but regardless of how useful you find it, it’s tough to find an ability that looks cooler, right? :P It’s nice to see Ninja make a comeback. Believe it!


"All progression, all advancement, all evolution..."

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 01 2015 · 87 views

Goddess of Evolution is a Queen story set about a year after Divine Clash. The latter story mentions the Queen of Fire paying a visit to the Queen of War, so I decided to expand upon that encounter. The goal was to make War’s motivations clearer, but I think Fire sort of stole the show?

This was going to be my third piece for Fiction Writing but that class wasn’t working out and I’m not going back. I wanted to go ahead and get it posted now. I'm going to try to focus on things like Shooting Star Sonia and Divine Strength in the near future, and hopefully something will come of that.


Asterisk Guide: Monk

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 01 2015 · 35 views

Asterisk Holder: Barras Lehr

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: An agile, armorless physical attacker who specializes in Knuckles. If your Monk stays light on their feet, they can cause some serious damage even with just their standard attacks. They have some useful techniques as well, the most powerful being Phoenix Flight, which takes advantage of their high HP in a high risk high reward assault! If you want raw speed and high HP, Monk is your Job.

Personal Thoughts: Monk is fun. Honestly, though, I’ve always put more stock in defense than agility, so I quickly abandoned Monk until I needed it. (It works great in a final boss strategy.) Their HP boosting ability is very useful, but with an actual Monk, their defenses tend to be so low that all that HP doesn’t always help a whole lot, so it might be better as an ability farm Job. It is one of the first Jobs you get, so maybe that was the intent?


Tsukumogami Hunter

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 01 2015 · 50 views

Click here to read!

This idea has been slowly developing for a while. It started with the idea of a secret group of people with powers who needed to shift to a different plane of existence to fight, but one character can’t fully transition and thus can still be seen by regular people much to their confusion. Then there was a prompt in Fiction Writing this semester which brought to my mind the concept of tsukumogami, basically inanimate objects that come to life, and I thought I could play with that idea a little and combine it with the previous idea.

The short story is a test run—I’d like to do something with it in the future, but it might be quite a while before it gets anywhere. I’m just glad to finally get it out there after it’s been sitting in my head this long!

And no this isn’t an April Fool’s thing, I mean it might have turned out so bad that it is a joke but if so please break it to me gently.


Finally Posting Some Stories

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 31 2015 · 58 views

So I know I said I was going to write a few stories over break, but for some reason I just completely crashed and didn’t accomplish much of anything. I’m sorry about that—I’m starting to get back on track (since my third story for Fiction Writing is due soon), and I’m still going to get all those things up, it just might take a little more time.

First up is Mending. This is a Queen story that began with an idea for a monologue, where the Queen of the Land says she can feel the entire world to make it even more unfortunate that she has been restricted to the queendom of Roche. It’s tied into the problems she and the Queen of Gravity are experiencing with their relationship, so I set it during the novel plot a bit farther ahead of where I currently am. This puts the Queen of Light in Roche and gives Land someone to monologue to (though I tried to make it more of a dialogue), and hopefully it’s vague enough that the plot I’m skipping won’t be missed.

Since this was going to potentially be used for Fiction Writing it makes reference to the second story I submitted for that class, Divine Clash, so it might make more sense if you read that first. Also if you’re interested in the Queens I’m currently trying to make a decision regarding them, and help would be much appreciated!

Next will probably be an original idea meant to be a “pilot” for a story playing with a concept from Japanese mythology. (I was also thinking of using this for Fiction Writing, but thought introducing one weird world per semester was enough. I have a draft, just want to edit at least a bit.) After that, there’s the piece I’m actually going to use for the class (another Queen story, also related to Clash and features the Queens of War and Fire) which is due on Monday and will be posted sometime around then, and the second chapter of Shooting Star Sonia which might have a little difficulty staying afloat in the near future but I will do my best to accomplish nonetheless!

Also I do have a new idea for weekly prompts in mind (I might have mentioned this already?), but between school and other stuff I might not get to this until May. Which is a shame, the reason I keep mentioning it is because I’m really excited about it! I shouldn’t try too much at once, though, it can wait for now…

On a completely unrelated note dreams are weird, in one night I dreamt about making Dragon Ball Z puns to put on cupcakes for Frieza, and Korra and Asami fighting a giant flying robot head with tactical support from Bolin and Varrick. Best dreams I’ve head in a while tbh.


Asterisk Guide: Knight

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 31 2015 · 31 views

Asterisk Holder: Argent Heinkel

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy

Was It In Bravely Default?: Yes

Overview: With armor, swords, and shields, this Job is a pretty solid front-line unit for your starting party. They offer extremely useful abilities like Sword Lore, Shield Lore, and the ever-amazing Two Handed, along with the oddity that is Dual Shields, but hey whatever works. They’re going to be your most solid party member early on, and are capable of protecting allies from damage. A great Job for getting you started on your adventure.

Personal Thoughts: Apparently Knight and a few other Jobs have been confirmed? Meh. Knight is iconic and does provide some great abilities (Two Handed is simply awesome), but I feel like it doesn’t really stand out that well and can easily be replaced with other Jobs. Definitely use it early on and maybe farm some of its abilities later, but pretty much anything a Knight can do can be done better by another Job, so don’t be surprised if it quickly falls out of actual use.


An Important (ish) Decision

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 30 2015 · 84 views

So earlier I was working on stuff for my possible novel-type thing Divine Strength, and, well…

I’m thinking I might cut a few of the Queens?

See, right now I have 12 Queens and 11 queendoms. Through feedback I’ve gotten in the Fiction Writing classes I’ve presented the idea in, some people have said that’s a bit much, and that some of the Queens might not really fit. (They also say they need normal names but I’m holding out on that one.) I was working on some new short pieces today and I thought, maybe I should actually do that?

The Queens on the block are Music, Time, and Gravity. Time I’m thinking could be used in a larger role if I ever make a sequel or something, and Music has no characteristics and is a lesser known element so could easily be pushed back into the hypothetical future. Gravity is something people have called anachronistic, and while I’d like to keep gravity magic, I guess I don’t really need it. Of course, the Queen of Gravity is integral to the story, but I’m thinking I could essentially merge her with the Queen of the Sky, who doesn’t have any traits yet. Basically the character I’m currently calling Gravity would be renamed Sky, her magic would be switched, and gravity magic and the former Sky queendom get scrapped. This then makes the Queen of the Sky and the Queen of the Land married and jointly ruing the queendom of Roche, which feels like a weird pairing of elements at first but might fit thematically with the Queens being a combination of humans (the land) and goddesses (the sky)?

Anyway that would take us to 9 Queens and 8 queendoms, which sounds more manageable and leaves me with fewer Queens who are currently hanging in the background of the plot.

Big decisions like this are tough for me. Does anyone have any food for thought they might want to throw at me?

(Also I am aware I didn’t finish any of those stories I said I would post over break, break got away from me and I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to get them out soon and I swear this is related.)

I Have Approval Now?!

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