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Something Stupid


Asterisk Guide: Bishop

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 14 2015 · 108 views

Asterisk Holder: Unknown

Posted Image

Origin: Final Fantasy Tactics

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: The Holy Magic of a Bishop can heal and revive allies, as well as enhance magic. They can cast Heal, power up a spell by casting it twice, and turn damage taken during Default into HP restoration.

Personal Thoughts: Sounds sort of redundant. With so few spots left though, I’m going to guess this is replacing Spiritmaster. Bishops in the Final Fantasy games seem to be Red Mage knock-offs, but it sounds like this Job is strictly healing and buffing. That’s…really all I can think to say? Nice hat, I guess?


Normally Removing Asterisks Is A Good Thing!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 13 2015 · 142 views

Wait, Bravely Second is going to have 30 Jobs, 28 are now confirmed, but there are still six Jobs from Bravely Default that haven’t been confirmed…

Oh no

I mean I guess we don’t need every Job back, but it’s still kind of sad. It’s entirely possible that one or both of the remaining Job slots could be another new Job (Emperor, maybe?), but here are the Bravely Default Jobs that have yet to be seen and may have been cut:

-Spell Fencer ( D: )
-Salve-Maker (We’re all glad Qada’s dead so this is good. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Patisserie using its Collect ability, so it’s probably gone.)
-Arcanist (It would be kind of tough to retcon the Asterisk Holder’s death, I’m not holding out for this one.)
-Spiritmaster (Honestly it sounds like the new Bishop Job might be replacing this.)
-Vampire (Again, difficult to retcon this death. I’m still thinking that Guardian might be our new Blue Mage equivalent. I guess we don’t really need a Blue Mage, but it’d be neat to get a new one.)
-Conjurer (I feel like this has a pretty good chance of coming back since the Aserisk Holder is the guy who made the Asterisks.)

At this stage, these final two Jobs probably won’t be known until the game is released and people unlock them. (And even I can admit that Spell Fencer’s chances of being a Secret Job don’t look that good. Much despair.) I’m fully expecting Conjurer to be a Secret Job you have to jump through a bunch of hoops for like in the first game, and while I’ll be glad to have the Job back, I am not looking forward to fighting that guy again…


Asterisk Guide: Fencer

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 13 2015 · 70 views

Asterisk Holder: Unknown

Posted Image
Origin: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Was It In Bravely Default?: No

Overview: Fencers are said to be able to increase their defense ("Bison Horn") and speed ("Falcon Claw"). They fight using special sword techniques.

Personal Thoughts: We don’t have much to go on, so I can’t really say a whole lot. I’m not sure what sort of sword techniques are available that won’t overlap with Swordmaster, though. Apparently, in the Final Fantasy games where this is a Job, it inflicts status ailments, and a physical-based debuffer would certainly be interesting to see. No word yet if that’s when Luxendarc Fencers do, though.


Do Flashbacks Work With Reincarnating Characters?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 11 2015 · 168 views
Divine Strength
So I have decided to go ahead and cut three of the Queens in Divine Strength, and I’m beginning to rewrite what I’ve got so far. One thing that’s coming up is that a Queen who was cut was relating a story to two of the Queens. I could just have someone else tell the tale, but the thing is, I covered the event (and a related event a year later) in two of the short stories I wrote for Fiction Writing this semester, and I kind of like how they turned out. So, I’m considering putting those stories in as flashback chapters. Or maybe just the one.

But, there are some problems with this. The Queens reincarnate (sort of), so this event takes place nearly 500 years before the main plot, when they are inhabiting different bodies and are thus slightly different characters…well, in theory. Since I was just writing these short stories as mostly standalone, I recycled my current designs (with one exception) and general character traits for the Queens involved as their five centuries-ago selves. If I use these as flashbacks, I really should differentiate them a bit more so that this mechanic works the way I intend it.

I’m not sure that’s a good idea, though. If people are still getting to know these characters, I’m worried that seeing two different representations of them could be confusing. Then again, I could be worrying too much—it’s not that different from getting introduced to Doctor Who and then going back and watching an episode with a previous Doctor, really. Also there is a static part of each Queen that remains through reincarnation, and these chapters tie into the character arcs I’m trying to establish that last into their current lifetime. It could probably work? Maybe?

I don’t know. Should I just summarize or use these short stories as flashbacks? And if I do use flashbacks, should I maybe just leave the old Queens looking just like their current selves to avoid confusion, or should I try to make some distinctions between 500 Years Ago Queen and Present Queen?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

(And no, Korra using flashbacks to Aang doesn't count as an example. :P They're different enough people, and they're referred to by different names while the Queens use the same name/title in every lifetime.)


About the New DBZ Movie

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 11 2015 · 65 views

There's a fine line between "callback" and "rehash" and it sounds like we might've crossed it

Also Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan is such a mouthful I get what they were going for but Super Saiyan God 2 would've flowed better


I Love Cartoon Network

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 10 2015 · 209 views

The new Regular Show was a half-hour of mecha anime references including but not limited to an opening parodying Cruel Angel's Thesis and combining with the moon via drills

And it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen

I never wanted to like this show but I've also never been able to resist it

I wasn't sure they could top revealing one of the characters to be a Russian spy but they found a way

Congratulations Cartoon Network


Changing Your Final Line

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 08 2015 · 149 views
Kingdom Hearts
When I beat Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix a while ago, I made a big deal about Aqua’s final line: “There is always hope.” Now, one can get nitpicky and say that isn’t really the final line of the game, there’s still that thing with Sora and Riku after the credits and then you could count the Secret Movie and the Secret Episode, but for all intents and purposes let’s just treat “There is always hope” as the final line of Birth by Sleep since it’s not in a secret thing and serves more as closure to that game than revealing a thing that ties into the other games. Also it’s the last line before the credits, so it definitely counts (Marvel fans, back me up!).

Anyway, that line really hit me, but after seeing some things online and looking back, I realized that that line is new. If you go watch the ending of the original Birth by Sleep, Aqua instead says “There is always a way.”

A summary of the release history: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was released on PSP in 2010. The Final Mix version was released about a year later in Japan only, and this version was then included in the second HD collection (II.5) released on PS3 late last year, which did make it to Western shores. I can’t be sure if the change occurred in Final Mix or in II.5, and I guess really I can’t even be sure that this doesn’t only occur in the English script, but either way, at some point someone decided to change that line, and that makes it stick out to me even more.

The final line of anything is a big deal, so deciding to change it, even if it’s a tiny change, can have a huge effect on its impact. Sure, the context remains the same, but even a slight difference in word choice can give a different impression of the character or sound different to the player. “There is always a way” is perfectly fine as a final line. It shows that Aqua has regained her determination and has resolved to fight on no matter how bleak things look (and they look super, super bleak), and we see her as a remarkably strong individual. So why change it?

Naturally this is all my opinion and I could be biased, but I do think the line in II.5 is better. Saying there is “a way” sounds more…not exactly cold, but logic-based, I guess? “Hope” cuts right to the emotion of the situation/decision. I guess it feels like they dropped the pretenses and let it blatantly include the emotional layer that was a little more implicit previously. You could also argue it makes us feel even closer to Aqua, knowing that she feels not only determined, but hopeful as well, which is all the more impressive and does more to assure us she’ll be okay.

At the risk of oversimplifying, “There is always a way” sounds more like a stock shounen protagonist thing; “There is always hope” sounds a little deeper. :P Not that there’s anything wrong with stock shounen protagonists, of course, but…well, you know.

Or, put differently, determination seems easier to me, partly because I’ve seen it so much and partly because it can be derived from many different emotions. Hope seems a lot more difficult, and is a very specific emotion with little to no margin for error. This is almost certainly bias on my part, though—I’m probably just jumping on the keyword. But the added clarity might still be valid for giving us a more targeted look at Aqua’s character? If so, then it really was an excellent decision, given it’s been 4/5 years since our introduction to Aqua and she’s certainly going to return to a prominent role in Kingdom Hearts III. (…Right?)

I always worry about the final line of anything I write, so in that way I can definitely relate to whoever took the opportunity to improve upon Aqua’s final line. And I have to say, they made a fantastic choice, and now I’m looking forward to Aqua’s future story involvement even more.


Steins;Gate 0

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 06 2015 · 187 views

So a Steins;Gate sequel was announced.

I mean there have been novels and spin-offs and drama CDs, all of which I want to read/play/listen to at some point, but this is, like, a full-on sequel.

And not only are they making a new visual novel, they are also going to go right ahead and make a new anime based on it.

So this could be really cool.


There are a lot of questions, I need to try not to get too worked up just yet. :P Regardless, I’m hoping they go a bit more into why Kyouma has Reading Steiner—the exact mechanics of that are something I’ve been theorizing on for a while.

I’m glad this is happening! Especially since they cancelled the novel showing them as adults in the Steins;Gate worldline. This isn’t the same content of course, but it’s still a nice replacement, I guess. Anime subs are easier to find than novel translations!

El Psy Kongroo


It's Easter!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 05 2015 · 159 views

So…Happy Easter!

…I apologize for how short this entry is. D:


AU Thoughts

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 04 2015 · 108 views

For some reason I got hooked on the idea of a Kingdom Hearts AU where everyone is a Gem and like

-Everyone already has a weapon they can summon out of nowhere so that’s done

-Heartless are Gems that have been corrupted, and the Keyblade is the only thing that can restore them to their former self

-Nobodies are the projected bodies of Gems that have been left behind when their gemstone is stolen/corrupted

-Lion as a Dream Eater

-Drive Forms being Gem Fusions

-Xehanort fusing with Terra and taking full control like Malachite

-Xehanort being able to manipulate gemstones without fatally damaging them, enabling him to take fragments of his gemstone and put them into other Gems to take control of them, and split Ventus’s gemstone in two to create Vanitas

-Implications that a shard of Master Eraqus’s gemstone has been absorbed into Terra’s gemstone

-Gummi Ship battle against Master Hand ship

-Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion being a Gem Temple one can reformat with the Master's Defender

-I don’t know it just struck me as a really cool thing

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