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What's Going On?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 30 2015 · 71 views

Posted Image

He tries.

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(Okay yes Kulta would make more sense but I took these before I got Kulta and I am lazy)


The Most Logical Way to Test a Set's Balance

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 28 2015 · 80 views

Posted Image

Hello my baby

Posted Image

Hello my honey

Posted Image

Hello my ragtime gaaaal

Though marketed as logical, in hindsight I realize that this post is rather...

Posted Image



I Think This Counts As a Call Back

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 27 2015 · 77 views

I love Ekimu's Power Hammer but the pose for firing the bullets looks kinda weird, almost like he's holding up a stop sign or something

...Wait a minute...

Posted Image


Posted Image



You Know...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 22 2015 · 91 views

Master Lewa is actually much thinner in person

Posted Image

(Thank you God and Ohio Target)


More Random Writing

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 19 2015 · 42 views

Decided to do another Reference Roulette. I ended up with Mata Nui's sword, which was...weird, at first, but I thought of something. So, we get Towards No End.

Fair warning: it's a bit of a downer. A real, real downer. Also a lot of the backstory/context is more implied, so that's me trying something slightly new I guess?


Reminder to Join Technic Tournament, Before it's Too Late!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 17 2015 · 71 views

Round 1 ends today at 9:30 PM Eastern Time, which is 11 hours from this blog post!

Again, you can join in later rounds if you want, but with each passing round you’re losing chances to gain Widgets. If you want to have the best chance to win, you better act fast!


More Randomized Pokemon

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 16 2015 · 58 views

My journey through Randomized Kanto has continued. Cerulean Gym remained a Water Gym, oddly enough, while Vermilion became Ice and Celadon became Dragon. It turns out all the Gym Leaders are Cops. That will be...interesting when we the Viridian Gym becomes available. (In the Rocket Hideout, Giovanni (still Boss Giovanni) had a Rock team, so I'm wondering if that'll be the case in the Gym too?) Anyway, I made it to Fuschia. Team update:

-Unfortunately, when Bellsprout evolved she lost Speed Boost and gained Static. I decided to put her in the box. Evolving into Victreebel didn't give her a better ability, so she's still out.
-Nido Ran Gogh has evolved into a Nidoking with Volt Absorb. Not quite as useful for a Ground type, but it's seen some use, and it's better than Oblivious. He used Sketch to acquire Earthquake, since I wasn't sure he would learn it otherwise and that's a move a Nidoking really needs.
-Celebi is still on the team, nothing new to report really.
-Quilavatar remains on the team as well. Her moveset hasn't changed. I found a wild Typhlosion so now I know her ability will be Illuminate when she evolves, which is a little upsetting, but eh, we'll see.
-Early on I caught a Ninjask with Flame Body, and now she's joined the main team. I call her Fire Fly. She knows Flash (for the time being) and tried to learn Tail Glow, so that makes it better. She's also my Cut Pokemon, but her main moves are Drill Peck and Signal Beam, which have proven more than enough.
-I've encountered several other Pokemon now with Wonder Guard, including a Deoxys. Leaf Green makes it Defense Forme, which is fine by me: it's fitting with the ability, and I find Defense Forme the most visually appealing anyway. They know Extrasensory and Razor Leaf. As for alias, I knew it had to be Steven Universe related (Deoxys is a Gem), and after some thinking I decided to go with Opal. (Four arms, gem on chest, Razor Leaf could maybe look like an arrow flurry...)
-The last slot is still up in the air. I just caught a Registeel with Hustle, and while my first reaction was "No", it has Steel Wing and Blaze Kick, and that combination makes me think of a Super Robot so I have to at least try it. Since they are a Super Robot, I decided they need an over the top name, such as...Eternal Scorching Skyblade! ...So, we'll see if they work out.


Randomized Pokemon

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 15 2015 · 91 views

I tried a randomized Diamond but it didn't go so well: my computer doesn't run the DS emulator so well, and the first Gym was a Dragon Gym with legendaries.

So now I'm doing a randomized Leaf Green. I wasn't sure what to expect when the starters were Squirtle, Torchic, and Nidoran (male), or when Nidoran's ability turned out to be Oblivious. (He does have Sketch, though!) When I went onto Route 1 and caught a Celebi with Wonder Guard, though, I knew this was gonna be great. (Granted Celebi has a ton of weaknesses but STILL.)

I added a cheat for 100% catch to make sure I can get all these weird mons, and I've encountered some interesting ones. Totodiles with Cute Charm and Hydro Cannon, Armaldos who loaf around, Lunatones with a terrifyingly morbid moveset. On the trainer side of things, my rival is Designer Green (my gosh he's so pretentious, it's flipping green), the Bug Catchers are all Swimmers yet seem to prefer Houndour, and Pewter City Gym is a Dark Gym (!!!) housing Champion Liam and Cop Brock. I cannot wait to see what else lies ahead.

Anyway, here are the Pokemon I'm actively training right now:

-Nidoran, Lv 9: Alias "Nido Ran Gogh". Since he has Sketch I figured a pun on the name of a famous artist was in order. Haven't used Sketch yet, though, not sure what I should be looking for. Other moves are Screech, Sludge Bomb, and Poison Fang. My starter.
-Celebi, Lv 13. Alias to be determined. They are a mythical Pokemon. They have Wonder Guard. I caught one at Level 3 about 20 feet from my house. Moves are Confusion, Psychic, Solarbeam, and Petal Dance.
-Quilava, Lv 11: Alias "The Quilavatar". All her moves are of different types (Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Twister, Arm Thrust). Ability is Pickup, found on Route 2.
-Bellsprout, Lv 8: Alias to be determined. Found in Viridian Forest, has Speed Boost ability, attacks are Poison Sting, some other Poison move I don't remember right now, Flame Wheel, and Leaf Blade (her main move right now).

Name suggestions for Celebi and Bellsprout are being accepted.


It Was In My Other Coat

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 13 2015 · 83 views

So, I mentioned a long while back that a virus attacked my computer and erased all my documents. In the process I lost the first two Books of that Bioni-Lords series I brought up not too long ago, which was sort of disheartening since they had been published before the Forums crashed and thus I couldn’t access the topics. I mean, back then I was still writing the stories in notebooks and then typing them later, so I still have the notebooks, but any typed version of the story was gone.

Well, I booted up an old computer the other day. I found the complete documents for both Books.

My gosh, they are awful.

I’m so happy about this, thank you God for letting me keep this nostalgic mess.


Join Technic Tournament!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 10 2015 · 94 views

Yeah, I went ahead and did it.

Technic Tournament is sort of a reboot of Technic Warzone, which itself was sort of a reboot of Technic Coliseum, which itself was sort of a reboot of the Technic Coliseum that was running before the forums crashed. (Dang, I guess I have been doing this for a while…shoot is this actually the five years mark?!)

Basically: you join, you spend money to promote the matches, if the character you promoted wins then you get money back. Whoever has the most money at the end of the tournament wins the game!

The characters are taken from Bionicle, Hero Factory, RoboRiders, and Slizers/Throwbots. To keep things small and easy to manage, I went with four from each line (in Bionicle’s case, 2 from G1 and 2 from G2). They were randomized into their current match-ups, and then, you know…things just go from there, like any tournament.

I’m going to let players join whenever they want, but it’ll only get harder to catch up with each round that passes, so your best chance to win is to join before the end of round 1 (Friday, July 17th at 9:30 PM Eastern Time)! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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