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So Dragon Ball is Back

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 05 2015 · 48 views

Dragon Ball Super started. Honestly, not a lot happened in the first episode, and it looks like the next episode will be about the same, but! I’ve discovered that we have finally been given some official word on the near-future plot! It appears that Super is first going to do an arc retelling Battle of Gods, then follow with an arc retelling Revival of F, and this news is…well, I’m wondering if they’re going to change events (and if so, how), but it kind of means that we’ll need to wait through two whole arcs that could take who knows how long before getting to the completely new stuff. So, I’m unsure about that.

(If nothing else, it currently looks like Beerus is up and at 'em rather than sleeping for decades at a time, so that gives him more plot flexibility and I do think that's a good change.)

After that, though, it’s been confirmed that the third arc will have the main characters going to an alternate universe! This, I’m psyched for. When Beerus mentioned the alternate universes at the end of Battle of Gods, I was sure it was set-up for something, and I’m so excited to see what comes of it. Apparently they’ll be hunting “giant Super Dragon Balls” in this new universe, which I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised to hear. If they’re calling them “giant,” though, then that probably means they’re even bigger than the Namek Dragon Balls, so…like, Dragon Balls the size of people maybe? Also a new dragon! It’ll be interesting to see what the dragon’s design ends up being.

In short I’m a little put off by these first two arcs, but I’m really looking forward to what happens after that and maybe even being proved wrong before then. All I need now is some kind of comeback for Cell and I will have all the things I wanted most from Super.

(I mean come on, Buu sticks around and gets reincarnated, Frieza gets to come back and go Super Saiyan, Cell’s the last of the major saga villains and he’s the best he deserves to be involved in Super too.)

(Alright I guess I’d also really like an arc that takes the concept of the Shadow Dragons and gives it a better execution, I just really, really like the concept of the Shadow Dragons.)


"This is the Will you sought to defy."

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jul 01 2015 · 75 views

In Our Bones, The Final Break, is live!

(And it is now more apparent than ever how far off from canon this story is.)

Every Skull Villain is here for at least a little while, though the two “timeless spirits” are more like cameos; it shows a culmination of the Skull Grinder’s efforts to achieve immortality, as well as a clash of the differing opinions that have been brewing amongst the Generals. Because this is a prequel, and also because of the name I chose for Skull Grinder, you can probably guess how this ends up. But, speaking of the ending, it brings in something that may seem a little strange right now, but I will explain more in future Okoto 579 stories; I hope the mystery intrigues you! After that we jump to the present, and I admit that section might seem a little choppy if you didn’t read the final scene of Mask Makers, so I apologize in advance.

With Bones complete, there’s still one more story I want to write for my adaptation of 2015. With this next story I hope to briefly summarize the Masters’ journey, and then tie Mask Makers and Bones together with a battle inspired by a certain summer set. I don’t know what 2016 will give me to adapt (I am brainstorming off those probably false rumors though), but I have a good, open place to lead this next story, and some ideas for an overall myth arc that can be adjusted as needed.

Please look forward to The Failure’s Claim, coming to BZPower in late 2015!


A Game Idea

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 24 2015 · 16 views

So, I still have a desire to do a new Technic Coliseum. However, I don’t really have the time or energy to do a full, long-lasting game, so I started thinking of simpler and shorter ways to run the game. The result is Technic Tournament!

Sixteen characters, four from each of the four relevant lines, have been selected. They will be randomly paired up, and round 1 will begin. (Each round will probably last about a week, I think.) The players each are given 20,000 Widgets (subject to change) when they sign up, and they will use that money to finance promotion for as many or as few fighters in that round as they want. (You can only promote one fighter per match, though; if Tahu and Stormer are fighting and you promote Tahu, you cannot promote Stormer that round.) Whoever receives the most money from promotion will win and move on to the next round, and the total money spent to promote both fighters will be divided equally amongst players who promoted the winning fighter. The one who wins the game is the one who has the most money at the end of the tournament!

The exact details of promotion are still being fine-tuned. What I’m thinking now is that there will be four types: TV Commercial, Radio Ad, Internet Campaign, and Magazine Ad. Each player will make a profile and rate how good they are with each type of promotion on a scale of 1-5, with their total “specialty points” adding up to 15. I’ll roll a die, and if it lands on a number equal to or less than your specialty in that area, the promotion is a success, and you add Widgets to the overall pot for that fighter. (I’m thinking Widgets added will be higher if you have a lower specialty, as a high risk high reward sort of thing.) There will also be a bonus if you use a certain type of promotion for a fighter from a certain line. (TV Commercial for Bionicle, Radio Ad for Hero Factory, Internet Campaign for RoboRiders, and Magazine Ad for Slizers) If you get the bonus, I’ll add 1 to your specialty for that roll, and you’ll get more money if successful (right now I’m thinking an extra 100x result). So, if you have a specialty of 5 in TV and decide to do a TV Commercial for a Bionicle fighter, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

Again, I’m still working on it, but I think this is going to be the basis going forward so I wanted to see if I could get any feedback. What do you all think of this? Would you be interested in playing? What would you recommend changing, and how would you change it?

(Also the character list is already decided on, so no suggestions on that front please!)


An Unlikely Connection

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 24 2015 · 6 views

In Our Bones, The Fourth Break, is live!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make this story four or five parts, but the ending scenario ended up being so long that I decided to split it. As a result, this chapter is a little on the shorter side, so sorry about that. The main focus here is on the Skull Slicer, shedding a little light on what he’s been up to in the background of this story and setting up for the conflict that’s going to arise in The Final Break. It also serves to explain a connection to The Time of the Mask Makers, though it’s not made especially obvious here and I’ll probably clarify in a later story just to be safe.

Next week is the finale!


Another Really Short Story

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 22 2015 · 11 views

I did another Reference Roulette an ended up with the Rahkshi page. I knew I wanted to do something with Melding Rahkshi, but I wasn't sure what, then I reminded myself the point isn't to write something good so I just wrote up what came to mind tried a few more times and came up with The Principle of the Thing. I'm in the habit of making blog posts whenever I do a new story, though.


This Still Bothers Me

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 20 2015 · 12 views
Kingdom Hearts
Square Enix: (2006-2013) We are working hard on several new Kingdom Hearts titles, two will have major plot developments and one will retcon the story to show things involving fan-favorite characters, everyone’s putting in a lot of effort.
Fandom: But none of them are called Kingdom Hearts III! Why do you hate us you should have called the fourth game in the series Kingdom Hearts III since you called the third one Kingdom Hearts II I’m going to completely ignore everything you’re doing because you didn’t.

Square Enix: (2013) We only just started development on Kingdom Hearts III, but we were able to just barely pull together an announcement trailer to give you an idea of what you can look forward to!
Fandom: UGH FINALLY! *five seconds pass* JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY I mean how long can it take to create a game??????

Sqaure Enix: (2015) Yeah, there’ll be some KHIII news at the D23 Expo later this year…haha actually we already have this cool trailer to show you at E3! Sorry it’s not longer, there’s a bunch more we wanted to show but couldn’t due to time constraints.
Fandom: OMG wow that’s so cool but hey wait no release date?! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US?! UGH YOU ALWAYS DO THIS IT’S LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT US SQUARE!!

Nomura: (in an interview a few days ago) I didn’t originally intend for there to be such a wait between KHII and KHIII, I was working on other Kingdom Hearts titles that whole time, but fans just kept asking “where’s KHIII?”
Interviewer: (which you’d think would imply a degree of professionalism) Yeah it’s so great that now there’s a “legitimate sequel”

Wouldn’t it be great if we actually appreciated what creators did for us instead of complaining and getting angry at them for not totally conforming to our narrow demands in an abbreviated timeframe?

It probably would.


Why Have One World When You Can Have All of Them

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 18 2015 · 8 views

I rambled a while back about another dumb idea I had. It got worse.

Right now the working title is Amalgam Atlas. This story takes place in a dimension that constantly expands by taking in pieces of other universes, and an organization known as the Pioneers exists to chart these places as they appear, as well as set up a network of warp stations so that this massive world can be traversed far more easily. In addition to taking in pieces of these worlds, powers and weapons from them also materialize, and people have learned to tap into these “Sources” and use them to transform and battle.

The main characters will be a sibling duo working for the Pioneers. Diane is an experienced explorer who uses crystal and gemstone-based Sources she has collected during her travels, and now that her younger brother Rick is old enough for duty, he has joined her on her latest expedition. The only Source that Rick currently possesses is the Mega Spirit, given to all beginning Pioneers as its abilities make acquiring Sources much easier.

The plot will be structured in arcs, so I’m thinking I may just post each arc as a separate story. My original idea was that I would just post (likely short) chapters every week, but if each arc is posted separately I might reconsider. For the first arc, I was thinking the most logical choice would be a journey into the Bionicle world to acquire some of its Sources—probably not a lot, but there’s nothing stopping us from coming back or maybe just bringing in other Sources from here later on. The current plan is to adapt the basic “Find the Masks” plot of 01 and 15 and probably have an antagonist using a Source that gives them (some of) Makuta’s power, but I feel like that’ll only last a chapter or two unless I expand it a bit.

The main point here is really just so I have another story where I can toss together as many series as I want and see what happens. I’m pretty set on the Bionicle world arc, the Mega Spirit is obviously the power of Classic Mega Man, and Diane’s powers as a whole are a reference to Steven Universe though the individual abilities may pull from various things (I’m sure Pokémon is going to get referenced by at least one of these gem abilities, and I know Final Fantasy is going to get involved too). Since it’s me, I’m positive Kingdom Hearts is going to show up soon, but since the main character of this idea’s predecessor used Keyblades all the time I’m going to try to hold back just a little for now. And, since Steins;Gate is still my favorite anime, I’m already working on a way to incorporate that.

I think it’ll be fun.


A Fight to the Death

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 18 2015 · 5 views

In Our Bones, The Third Break, is live!

So, this is the midpoint. Our main focus here is on the battle between the Skull Basher and a certain Protector. I tried to have Basher show some other ways the mystic art might be used, since that’s something I can expand on in the future. The consequences of this fight will lead directly into the climax, and there’s also a little hinting towards what will be delved into a bit more next week.


Well I Did Not See That One Coming

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 16 2015 · 13 views

I was expecting Square to do something involving Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, which they sort of did, making a more formal announcement of it to the Western audience, that was cool.

Then they did this.

So, um, okay.

That's definitely a new outfit. And what looks like the Star Seeker, possibly upgraded. And Flowmotion. And more dual gun Keyblade usage. And a pegasus-drawn chariot made from a Keyblade.

Also apparently that's a Tangled world they're showing, never seen Tangled but I have absolutely zero complaints.

I actually did pretty well on my joking wishes for E3.


Jack-In, Megaman!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 14 2015 · 3 views

Posted Image


So I can now play as my first Mega Man in Smash. The only way this gets better is if they eventually add my favorite Mega Man too. As soon as the servers get a break I am downloading this at once.

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