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Vista Point



Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Mar 13 2014 · 111 views

Posted Image
I bought the thing


Another Technic Proposition

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Mar 08 2014 · 198 views

I was thinking about making some of the more powerful items harder to get.  Rather than just selling them at the shop, I could present them in an auction mode.  Every so often, a new auction would be announced, and a rare/powerful item would be offered at a starting price with players able to place bids to decide who wins it.  Still just a very rough idea--I'm not sure how often these auctions would take place, if they would have time limits, or even what specific items would be restricted to auctions (maybe items currently priced 15,000 or more?).
Any thoughts/suggestions?


I Need To Pay More Attention

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Mar 07 2014 · 115 views

I only just found out that Bravely Default and Steins;Gate share a writer.
Also I somehow missed just how Final Fantasy the game is.
So yeah, I'm playing the Bravely Default demo.  A little late to the party, haven't been able to play it too much yet, but I think it will do nicely.  I'm recognizing a lot of elements from my favorite Final Fantasy games in the battle system even just from this point.  And if it's a Final Fantasy plot spun like Steins;Gate, well...I can't not see that.
On a related note, Square-Enix is conducting a Kingdom Hearts survey--not for the faint of heart (pun!), as it includes such impossible questions as "What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts game?"  I don't know how I made it through.  I can at least say I tried to take it seriously, unlike everyone in the Kingdom Hearts tag on Tumblr.  Good gosh I hate this fandom.
But the survey did propose some possible items they might include in a collector's edition of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX.  Hopefully they'll actually do that, since I really want a wayfinder now that I know I can get one...


They Told Me I Could Build a Pong MoC

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Mar 06 2014 · 223 views

Posted Image
Look at this masterpiece.  I won't be entering it in the contest, though--it wouldn't be fair to the rest of you.



Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 19 2014 · 128 views

So, my computer got infected.  I believe I've taken care of it, but in the process I lost every single document I had ever made.
So I'm going to have to re-type those Bioni-Lords posts.
And anything I had for Technic Coliseum/Warzone.
And the fanfiction I was working on.
So this may delay some things.


Coliseum Reboot Draft

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 18 2014 · 240 views

I'm starting to get an idea together, but I want to run it by you guys first.  Take a look:
-Titled "Technic Warzone"
-Fighters have a stat total of 12 by default.  The sponsor can allocate another 8 when they start sponsoring. (Thank you, Pulsating Explosive!)
-Trainers will be removed altogether.
-Stat boost items will have explicit fixed values. (1 for most, 3 for “large boost”) The Golden Kanohi and Staff of Mind Reading will be removed.
-Champions still get a free item.  The reigning Champion for each season will be given an extra stat point that the sponsor can give to whichever stat they choose, but this stat point will go away when the next tournament comes around.
-Upgrades provide abilities, but no stat boost.  They will also be reduced in price to 20,000 W.
-Players now begin with 25,000 W.  I am also introducing a Widget limit of 75,000 W.
-Player list will be put in a blog post with Widget counts, items, and the fighters they sponsor
-A new item or upgrade will be introduced that will allow the sponsor to redistribute the 8 bonus stat points.
-Play will be divided into three types: regular Coliseum play, which will be mostly the same; Tournament play, which will be pretty similar to how it is now (no stat redistribution, since we have the new stat system should fix that, but we will have an item limit); and a new type...
-Warzone: A brutal game of chance that resets every Friday.  Players will state that they wish for their fighter to attack another fighter (be specific), and I’ll roll a die.  If you get a 1, your target dies and is eliminated from this week’s Warzone; anything else, they live.  When your fighter dies (or when the Warzone is reset at the end of the week), you receive 5,000 W for every fighter you successfully eliminated.  Even if you’re inactive, your fighter will still be an eligible target! (If you know ahead of time that you will be inactive for an extended period of time, please inform me and I will grant your fighter Warzone immunity for the requested amount of time.)
-There may be some items to affect Warzone play, still working on it.  Also, if you sponsor multiple fighters, you will only be able to target one fighter at a time, and you will receive fewer Widgets per kill (since you are essentially surviving multiple hits).
Any thoughts?


Bioni-Lords Clearance: Book 3 Part 2

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 18 2014 · 71 views
BL Clearance
Volt-Isle and Fe-Isle could be presented in either order.  While it does make sense that the gang would go to Fe-Isle first, given Genakex is a Steel specialist, I was thinking of visiting Volt-Isle first, since we used Fe-Isle first in Sekai and I wanted to begin showing Zempyst and Aile sooner.  As I’ve shown in previews, these two are in a relationship, with Aile being hyperactive and clingy and Zempyst being a total tsundere.  I was planning to involve the Assassination Division: while Aile was distracted, either by an assassin or Cell or Buu, Zempyst would be targeted by Exo-Chandelure, who fights by trapping opponents in a field of darkness and slowly wearing them down.  Zempyst would be in serious danger here, and when Aile realized that, she would utterly destroy whoever she was fighting, fly to Zempyst’s location, and take Exo-Chandelure out with a single, flawless hit.  This was intended to give us a look at Aile’s full power, what it takes for her to reveal it, and how much Zempyst means to her.
When we did get to Fe-Isle, Genakex would ask Artakhall some questions about Gurren Lagann.  Something mentioned earlier is the fact that Genakex has been using the effects of Spirits he has Combined with, and has been working on the assumption that it’s an innate feature of Combine.  However, Artakhall tells him that is not the case: Combined Spirits should not have their effects in place unless the user has the corresponding Ultima-Orbs to activate the effect.  Genakex’s use of these effects is curious, and upon learning this, he actually loses the ability to use them during his battle with Artakhall.  The Steel-Lord says that Gurren Lagann has two major abilities, each stemming from one of its Elements.  Its Combine ability is Steel Elemental, so Artakhall understands it; but the other ability (which may explain this mystery) is Dragon-related, so Artakhall cannot offer any assistance and recommends they ask Aile when they next see her.  (Truth be told…originally, I had just forgotten that I had made this decision and didn’t remember until after Genakex had used Grimlock’s effect in his battle with Stratoro.  This was my attempt to turn the mistake into something cool!) Artakhall would be using several newer Spirits different from the ones he used in Sekai, and once I began trying to put more diversity in the cast, I began considering making him a trans individual.  Overall, though, his behavior would be similar to how he acted in Sekai: rather distant, but kind at heart.  The Consortium would send the new Exo-Vahki to siege the Fe-Isle mines, and, since I really wanted to show off the Exo-Vahki, there would be several encounters with them.  I think the first encounter would have each Exo-Vahki fighting individually, a fight where the heroes would lose, and the second would be a similar encounter but with the Vahki being on the losing end.  Contrivance was then going to give them a rare second chance, letting them fight again with one of them (possibly Rorzakh?) using the Exo-Link to its fullest, becoming a Vahki Nui.  The Spirits have been modified to bypass some restrictions on Link Skills, making Rorzakh Nui very dangerous and giving him a win.  The fourth encounter, then, is when Rorzakh Nui would have been defeated and the Exo-Vahki reduced to experiments.  As everyone is about to leave Fe-Isle, Hutanik shows up yet again, this time making the shocking revelation that he is a Va Champion.  Exo-Tahnok Kal Tyrant has been keeping an eye on Titan all along, staying hidden using a technique that allows him to divert his tracking signal if another King Bohrok is in the area, even if they are hiding their own signal through another method. (So basically, Titan’s ability to track other Kings only ever worked 1/5 times.  Guess how happy he’d be about that.) Tyrant is, in Titan’s eyes, even worse than Abomination: Tyrant also successfully freed the Bahrag, and even helped them clean Mata Nui, but once that was complete he grew restless and decided to kill the Bahrag so that he could gain their power.  Since he had time to master his energies and had more control when absorbing those of the Bahrag, Tyrant is exceptionally powerful, and he views the other Kings as pitiful imitations.  Still, he has not been able to win the war, so he proposes that all the King Bohrok gather on Draco-Isle for one final battle.  Titan agrees, letting Tyrant go to gather the other Kings while Genakex and the group advances to the last island.
This might start getting a little more disorganized here, sorry.  Zempyst would be on Draco-Isle to spend more time with Aile, and Norscu, Vitirus, and Avanda might have appeared as well.  All the King Bohrok would show up one at a time, holding a very uneasy truce until the time for their massive battle.  Voyager, Prism, and even Titan agree to maintain their alliance in the battle; Assassin is invited to join them, but he refuses.  Genakex immediately asks Aile about Gurren Lagann’s Dragon Elemental ability, which she explains (perhaps a bit cryptically) as the ability to bypass rules simply by believing.  Genakex had been tapping into this ability to use the effects of Spirits he had Combined with, but when he stopped believing that he could, the ability vanished.  He is able to reactivate this ability when the Orb Battles begin (in similar fashion to the Terminal Trials of Sekai): when Genakex fights, he Combines with every Steel Spirit he owns (except for Titan, maybe) to become Ikhav Gurren Lagann, which is visually identical to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for those of you familiar with Gurren Lagann’s source.  The Orb Battles are spaced out, some being done early, some being saved until after the following mini-arcs.  Valxan, while waiting for the King Bohrok battle, goes to investigate the Draco-Isle Lucky Ghekula, encountering Heart Breaker (position in the casino not determined) and any Suite Bosses who had survived their previous failures. (Hopefully at least one would survive so that they could use their Shuffle attack, which would allow them all to team up in one move for large damage.) Obviously, Valxan would win no matter how many opponents he ended up with.  This would also be when everyone decides to take down the Shadow Consortium.
Now, prior to this, I wanted to give all the Division Heads and members of equivalent rank a chance to show off.  Meutrière assassinated the Mainland President; Contrivance would probably battle one of his experiments that broke loose; Exdeath, in his journeys on the Lost Continent, was going to have a battle with Tahace; and other random battles.  All the kids and Valxan would participate, each taking a different opponent, tentatively: Kytan vs Garland (has collected artifacts containing powers of the Hapori, achieves a Super Spirit based on Chaos from Final Fantasy), Cyren vs Millennium Earl, Genakex vs Contrivance (Contrivance has converted his failed operatives into weapons he can combine with, and uses his Mask of Fusion to break down Genakex’s Combinations), Xyla vs Meutrière, Zane vs Virulence, Valxan vs Gambler, Phaenyx vs Kain, and Ren vs Exdeath. (I hadn’t decided who Tahra would be fighting.)  When all was done, they would leave the Consortium island behind and head back to Draco-Isle.
That leads us to the final King Bohrok battle.  With Titan, Voyager, and Prism working together, they are able to take down Abomination and Assassin, but eventually it ends up being a one on one duel between Tyrant and Titan to determine the winner.  Tyrant clearly has the upper hand, prompting Titan to say farewell to Genakex (telling him that he was an excellent Titan Va and such), but before Tyrant lands the final blow, the cycle ends and all King Bohrok are forced back into slumber.  This sets up for all the Kings to return in Book 4.  At some point, it is also revealed that Tyrant was responsible for One-Winged Angel attacking on Flora-Isle: he had negotiated with the Legendary Spirits serving Gahu-Shadow and said that if they helped him win the war, then Gahu-Shadow would be allowed to rule the Bioni-Lords Universe once Tyrant left it to conquer others.
After that, all that would be left would be the remaining Orb Battles.  Kytan would be last, probably, since I was thinking he would not be given his Dragon Ultima-Orb as a replacement for the aforementioned Rahaga Ultima-Orb deal.  Then again, with things being modified, maybe this wouldn’t fit anymore.  Either way, things eventually progress to Kytan (along with Tahra and perhaps some others) fighting One-Winged Angel and Tabuu.  The Frères and their allies are elsewhere, however; it turns out that Cyren is actually Konpaku in disguise.  He attacks and kills Zane, absorbing his power and combining Obscura and Language Supreme to create Mairi, an ancient Super Spirit that at one point split into two groups who later devolved into Obscura and Language.  Ren and Phaenyx do their best to fight Mairi, but they are unsuccessful.  It occurs to them that, since Zodiakai and BionicleKeyblade are Toa, perhaps they can combine into a Kaita, but Konpaku tells them it will not work because their Spirits are artificially created Toa, called so because those unaware of their origins did not know any better.  Ren makes another proposal: Phaenyx uses his Keyblade to unlock and absorb the Zodiac energies within Zodiakai, creating a pseudo-Kaita that might stand a better chance.  Phaenyx refuses, since the process would release Ren’s heart as well, killing him.  However, since they are about to die anyway, Ren intercepts Phaenyx’s Keyblade and initiates the process, allowing Phaenyx to fight on more equal ground with Konpaku.  Sadly, Konpaku is still victorious.  Kytan and the others are able to seal One-Winged Angel in a manner similar to how Stained Glass was defeated, and Tabuu is attacked in such a way that his mind shatters, leaving him the way we see him in Sekai.  Kytan then proceeds to fight Konpaku, sealing his body inside a book in an effort to defeat him.  Konpaku’s strange nature allows his soul to escape, but his body (and Mairi) remains trapped in the book, and he vows to retrieve them someday.
The ending has gotten really messy.  The original plan: Kytan goes super nuts, creates The Diseased Ones and kills Revictor as a way of taking revenge on Lassus, kills Vitirus and makes Mutant-Isle free-floating as a way of taking revenge on Norscu, contacts the Shadow-Lord to begin forming the Shade-Gang from the remnants of the Shadow Consortium, and converts the Consortium’s island into the Mountain of Death.  This then leads to Genakex and Xyla storming the mountain.  At first I thought they would fight two on one, but then I thought Kytan would cast the Doppelganger Spell on Xyla.  Xyla’s doppelganger would use a Stone Spirit (not sure which one, might have made a new one) and be either incredibly arrogant or personify self-loathing, depending on how Xyla continued to develop.  Xyla would win, and then be sure to keep her doppelganger too weak to re-separate going forward. (This is also meant to explain why the Darkhadaz persona existed before the doppelganger spell was cast on Khadaz: since Xyla’s doppelganger was still inside her soul when Khadaz was conceived, the conflict was sort of passed on, creating Darkhadaz.  Since Darkhadaz was separate when Kharuun was conceived, Kharuun does not have the same problem.) Genakex, using Ikhav Gurren Lagann, was going to fight Kytan, using Krahka.  They would argue a bit first, but when Genakex realized Kytan was too far gone, he would resolve to fight to bring him out of it, calling him by name instead of “niisan” to show that has accepted that Kytan is now the 10th rather than his brother.  I also wanted to include something along the lines of “I’ve always wanted to be you, so I know who you really are”, and “when you wake up from this, it’ll be because for the first time, you want to be a little more like me”, though I guess that’s pretty cheesy.  Anywho, Genakex loses, but Kytan allows him and Xyla to escape and casts The Retcon.  The memories of those with great power, however, are unaffected—the Element-Lords, Genakex, and Xyla all remember everything.  Zempyst goes to fight Kytan and gets killed, as had been previously stated.
Now, once Plans 2 and 3 came into play, I thought maybe Konpaku had something to do with The Retcon, and/or he did something that caused Tahra, Vitirus, and Zempyst to disappear from this world rather than being killed. (They’d all come back in Book 4.) Konpaku would also be filling Kytan with madness as time went on, making him the cause of Kytan turning into the 10th.  Also, Konpaku would at some point obtain blood from either Kytan or Genakex, as he promised “the puppetmaster” in Chapter 1; the puppetmaster then used the Ikhav blood to increase the strength of his latest creation, none other than Dark Knight Destroyer, explaining why Destroyer behaved like an Ikhav.
Anyway, it all sort of ends up at the same place.  The story is complete, so we return to the present, where Khadaz and Norscu take Kytan to see Genakex and Xyla again.  Genakex punches Kytan and says he had a lot of time to think, and he only has one thing to say.  Kytan expects Genakex to tell him off, but instead, his brother smiles and says “Welcome home, niisan.”  So essentially, all is forgiven, and Kytan begins to work with the Element-Lords as one of their agents to make up for what he’s done.  Or something like that.  I was thinking of including some parts of Sekai’s Epilogue as well—namely Konpaku unsealing Mairi and the sentient Shadow Apprentice absorbing Shadow Knight’s soul, to remind readers of what’s in store for Book 4.
So, that’s Kako.  It was either going to be terribly offensive or end up a complete and total mess.  I have concerns about my plans for Books 4 and 5, which I will post soon, but Kako’s immediate and massive concerns are especially discouraging.  I still care about Bioni-Lords and I still think there’s a chance it could work, but it’ll need some serious reformulating if that is to happen.  As such, it’s time for me to let go of its current iteration.
So I guess, in order to let go of the past, I need to start by letting go of Kako. *drums*
…Get it because “kako” means “past” I’m sorry I just really like puns


Bioni-Lords Clearance: Book 3 Part 1

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 17 2014 · 78 views
BL Clearance
So, Book 3.  Gonna take a while to get all this out.
Le-Isle was pretty much done by Chapter 49.  I was planning for Nidovikk to leave for Ta-Isle to pay an extended visit to Takama.  I also considered saying he would stop to see his children along the way, since earlier I had mentioned that he was a father and I wanted to make at least a small callback.  I don’t think it was ever 100% decided exactly what Riken is…I’m also not sure if we were going to decide.  He could very easily be left a mystery, I think.  I would also hope to bring him back later in the Book, even briefly.  Leanga would resume his Air-Lord duties, fighting Orb Battles against Ren (Trynahk) and Genakex (Gurren Lagann + Sky Wolf, “Chimera Gurren Lagann”).  After that, we would move on to Ga-Isle.
I wanted to start with a scene with Tahace on the Lost Continent, probably running into the Original Air-Lord (Atmovia) and Water-Lord (Meradma), who may or may not be in a relationship.  I was pretty intent on continuing these Original Element-Lord cameos.  Ga-Isle was set to introduce Kain and the Shock Trooper Division, along with Kain’s method of punishment: keeping failed operatives locked in a dungeon until enough were there for a gladiatorial battle to the death, with the sole survivor being allowed to return to active duty.  I also wanted to establish that the underwater fortress from the first two Books was originally built by the Shadow Consortium, perhaps as a training facility of some sorts.  We were also set to introduce Cyren, a strange boy in possession of Language Supreme.  Obviously, he would join the group.  Kain wanted an operative to flat-out destroy Ga-Isle—tentatively I was thinking either Omega Shenron or CFW Judge—and, of course, Cell, Buu, and Frieza would be involved.  However, Tahra would not be present for this scenario.  It will be revealed that Takama has fallen ill again, so Water-Lord Cindy gives Tahra an Olmak Pearl so that she can warp back to Ta-Isle and see her father.  Ga-Isle was also going to host the next part of the 4-Part Suite plotline, with Valxan fighting Club Strong (who had been disguised as head of the Ga-Isle Ghekula’s security).  This seems like a good point to address this: when a Suite Boss fails and Gambler hands them the gun, I never have a plan for who lives or dies.  I roll a die; if it lands on a 1, they die.  Anything else, they live.  For the record, Spade was killed, and anyone who would’ve survived would have made a comeback in the fourth battle at the Draco-Isle Ghekula.  More on that later.
Flora-Isle was next, and it was originally planned to be a turning point.  The mysterious Hutanik was going to make another small appearance, as he always does on islands where a new King Bohrok is introduced.  I had an idea that Flora-Isle would be segregated between a capital city filled with “modern” Bioni-Lords, and several villages of an ancient tribe of native people who rejected the idea of moving forward.  Jungle-Lord Vastazon was going to be descended from both of these peoples, and he was given this position so that he could be a diplomat between them.  He is aware of this.  And he hates it.  As Tahra was supposed to prompt me to address sexism in the Bioni-Lords world, Vastazon was my attempt to think about racism/tokenism in the Bioni-Lords world and how he might deal with that.  The ancient tribe, the Florin, would hold some sort of secret (not sure what), but when Vastazon tries to ask them about it they say that they are forbidden to speak by what they call “the Kabuzeshar”.  As Vastazon puts it, a “zeshar” is a very specific type of leader generally used by the Florin during times of war.  A zeshar is typically violent, ambitious, and not entirely trustworthy, but if the Florin think that is who they need, they will accept the consequences and name a zeshar.  The relationship is not entirely without trust—the Florin will be entirely loyal to the zeshar, and all but the most wicked of zeshar will show the same fierce loyalty to the Florin.  It’s not an entirely pleasant relationship, but it is extremely stable.  It turns out that “Kabuzeshar” is the Florin name for Exo-Lehvak Kal Assassin, who draws his Assassin Va from the finest warriors of the Florin tribe.  Assassin will usually stay put during the war, since his devotion to the title of Kabuzeshar compels him to protect the Florin above all else.  I wanted to make Assassin seem redeemable—maybe not friendly, but good enough that he could believably join the “good guys” at some point in the future.  I don’t think I’d properly worked out what the Consortium was going to be up to on this island.  Once they were dealt with and all the Ultima-Orbs were won, however, the climax of the arc would involve Genakex fighting Assassin and the Legendary Spirit One-Winged Angel showing up and attacking Tahra and Zane.  They’d be able to repel him (probably in an awesome way), but terribly injured, prompting our trip to Healer-Isle.
So, Healer-Isle…let’s try to start with some good things.  I did plan on addressing the matter of The Diseased Ones and their origin, though I wasn’t sure if Kytan was going to create them during this visit or later in the book.  The leader of The Diseased Ones we saw in Book 2, Revictor, was going to be involved in this arc, along with his friend Lassus Eigi, a doctor related to Keizah who can use a Blade of Souls made from several members of the Eigi family to amplify Healing Palms into a technique called “Soul Stitching.”  Lassus would be the one treating Zane and Tahra’s wounds.  And, now…here’s where it gets stupid.  The original plan that I outlined when I was 12 was that Tahra was going to die during surgery.  I have since realized that killing off one of my best female characters in order to push Kytan into madness is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing to do, and I will be ashamed of the sheer ignorance of this decision until the day I die.  So anyway, that would have made Kytan start to lose it, motivated him to hate Lassus which would eventually lead to him creating The Diseased Ones and killing Revictor, Tahra would become the Blade of Souls he uses in Book 1, Zane was going to be suspected of attacking Tahra since there were no witnesses, all that stuff.  But that’s stupid.  Plan 2 was for Yume to step in and pull Tahra out of the main universe  right before she died, causing everyone to believe she was dead while she actually did some work for Yume’s master in several alternate universes.  A duplicate of her would be created in the World of the Dead to serve as Kytan’s Blade of Souls, and she would eventually return in Book 4 with a new ability that lets her “incinerate reality” to accomplish impossible feats (tentative name “Dimension Heat”).  Then I realized that wasn’t much better.  Or, really…any better.  Plan 3 was that Tahra would develop her Dimension Heat ability to survive Healer-Isle and stay around for the rest of the book, then get caught in some dimensional weirdness (or The Retcon) at the end which would lead to her working in alternate dimensions, and blame Kytan’s madness on something else (or The Retcon).  Sadly, this is the best idea I managed to come up with.  It’s pretty bad, and I don’t think it removes enough of the root problem for me to say it’s truly a solution.  Really, I can’t think of any great way to fix this short of re-writing the entire saga…should probably move on, though.  But I don’t think the saga can be saved in its current form, and this problem right here is one massive reason why.  Okay, onwards.
Av-Isle was going to get an arc this time.  The Consortium wasn’t going to be involved, obviously, but we would get to see a new King Bohrok: Exo-Nuhvok Kal Prism.  Originally, the Prism Va was going to be a psychologist the kids visited to cope with Tahra’s death, but by Plan 3 that was out the window and would need to be edited a bit.  Prism was also going to have a way to avoid being tracked (prompting Genakex to ask Titan if his King tracking ability is any good after being duped three times already), probably through splitting the signal in a way similar to splitting light.  He was also going to have a philosophical view based on things being split into smaller parts and/or small parts being brought together, continuing off his prism theme; this was sort of alluded to earlier, when it was revealed that Voyager and Prism have worked together in the past.  Titan was going to fight Prism, but there wouldn’t be a winner.  Hadn’t quite worked out what was going to happen, though…anyway, we’d also have everyone fighting Takon for Light Ultima-Orbs—Phaenyx was going to have some difficulty, leading to his Dakrevusko upgrading into Delryevik.  I was also thinking of having Zodiakai show up, choosing Ren as his partner.  Maybe that’s what could’ve convinced Prism to back off?  Oh, and Hutanik made a small appearance.  Again.
After that was Shade-Isle, which I didn’t really have much for.  I was thinking this would be where Kytan obtained his Krahka, and that the Shock Trooper Division would send in the Seven Deadly Rahkshi to try to level the surface of the island, but…I don’t know.  I might also have had Kytan bond with the Shadow-Lord to set up why the Shadow-Lord decides to work for Kytan as head of the Shade-Gang later.  I also wanted to have Abomination find his way to Flora-Isle to fight Assassin at some point, maybe during the Shade-Isle arc, maybe not.  That’s pretty much it.
I was thinking we would visit Ce-Isle next.  BionicleKeyblade would show up to partner with Phaenyx, and Valxan would be here to reclaim one of his casinos.  Before he made it there, however, he runs into Titan and Prism (who had followed Titan here to claim revenge or…something).  In order to prevent a massive battle from breaking out, the three of them decide to call a temporary truce and begin to negotiate.  A technique I thought of was the “Silver Hive”: when multiple King Bohrok are in the same area, they can generate a silver energy dome.  Only the Va Champions are allowed inside the dome, and they cannot leave until they all agree that negotiations are over.  Violence is prohibited within the dome, and any attempt to fuse or attack will result in the individual being paralyzed.  Once things were worked out and Titan agreed to extend the truce, the Hive would be cancelled, Prism would leave, and Valxan would head to the Ce-Isle Lucky Ghekula.  The boss of that Ghekula would turn out to be Dia Iceburn, a reluctant member of the Consortium who does not wish to fight Valxan.  Needless to say, they end up fighting anyway, and she ends up facing Gambler’s game.  The Psionics-Lord, Cerveau, is an incredibly smart psychologist/sociologist who will regularly use her psychic powers to create a standing illusion that modifies her appearance—it allows her to observe how people treat her differently when using a different combination of physical traits.  She was going to have a massive collection of Psionic Spirits, frequently changing up her battle strategy.  Included would be Shiki, using her Groove Pawn technique to show off a lot of Spirits quickly; Dream Eater Spirits, which could be used through Groove Pawn or use their Malice Link techniques to power up other Spirits; and Gestalt Warrior, a new Spirit that’s basically Gurren Lagann for Psionic Spirits (it’s on the Index if you want to see it).  I also wanted to finally address how Ultima-Orbs were created…hadn’t worked out the details yet, but…I was going to!  I also figured I’d have the Consortium making counterfeit Ultima-Orbs, since that would give me an excuse to work out the process.
Mutant-Isle, then.  It would still have a fixed location at this point—at the end of the book I planned to have Kytan destroy its base and make it free-floating, with Norscu using Fullmetal’s alchemy to create the ocean current that would carry it going forward.  Way back in the day, I had said that Norscu didn’t give Kytan his Rahaga Ultima-Orb because he felt the boy didn’t deserve it, which was the final straw in turning him into the 10th, but with the introduction of new Elements and islands I’m not sure that would’ve worked out.  So yes, Norscu was here, along with Avanda (not sure if they were married at this point) and Vitirus, the Original Stone-Lord.  I was seriously considering presenting a romantic relationship between Norscu and Vitirus—the details of this in relation to Norscu’s marriage to Avanda were still being worked out (Norscu may have been bisexual, or married Avanda rather than Vitirus to avoid prejudice, etc).  Vitirus may have also had a different skin color, and in battle he was going to use Exo-Gigalith.  The Consortium was going to pull a big offensive, as villains always do on Mutant-Isle: it was meant to involve every Division in some way to either conquer or destroy the island.  It was primarily a Shock Trooper operation, but they were utilizing the Striking Venom Spirit Carrier designed by the Science Division, the Military Division would be offering support, the Assassination Division would be targeting Norscu (or perhaps Avanda or Vitirus), and the Gambling Division would have infiltrated the island to discover its weak points (I was thinking of using Acid Ace as the Gambling operative, and bringing in Valxan to fight him as an addition to the 4-Part Suite plotline).
Man, this is long.  I think I’m going to split it in two—expect the remainder of the Book 3 summary tomorrow or so.


Coliseum Concerns

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 16 2014 · 118 views

So...Technic Coliseum.
Obviously, with fighters who have single stats greater than the whole stat total of beginning fighters, the game is very intimidating to newcomers.  It has also gotten stale for old players, judging by the nearly nonexistent activity of the topic.  I've been tweaking it little bits at a time, mainly the tournament play, but I'm beginning to think that it might be better to just do a complete reboot.
I've only just started brainstorming, and I'm certainly not going to have the topic closed before I get something figured out.  Current players need not worry: if we do reboot, you'll have a decent timeframe to reclaim your current fighters before they're put up for grabs.  If anyone has any ideas, please share them!  Third time's the charm!


I Was Thinking About Rahkshi

Posted by Mahou Shoujo Mega Man , Feb 15 2014 · 153 views

So Rahkshi are super destructive and feral and everything, which makes sense with the Makuta being beings of shadow and all.  But in the Melding Universe, the Makuta are beings of light, but still have kraata powers (different ones, but still).  It wouldn’t make sense if Melding Rahkshi were still like that, so…
Maybe Melding Rahkshi are, like…super polite?
They rescue Mahi from quicksand
They help little old Matoran cross the street
They stop along the street to help Matoran building things and then purchase their merchandise to stimulate the economy
...I like Super Polite Melding Rahkshi

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