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Vista Point


I'm Confused

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 15 2014 · 223 views

Wait...are people upset that there are going to be more female characters in the next Lego Movie?
I read the talkback and I can't really make much sense of it.  I think they're saying they're worried that this means the director's just going to toss in some half-sincere female characters for the heck of it?
Even though actually clicking the link in the BZP article leads to an article with the headline "'The Lego Movie 2' Director Wants More Strong Women In Sequel"?
Which is basically just saying that there are going to be new awesome characters in the next movie?
Some of whom will also happen to be female?
Did I use whom correctly I never quite got the hang of that grammar thing?
I don't see how having awesome characters is a bad thing, so I must be waaaaay off.


Bioni-Lords Clearance: Books 4 and 5

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 15 2014 · 59 views
BL Clearance
Sorry for the huge delay, but it took a while to get all this typed back up.  Let’s see…Bioni-Lords Book 4: Sensou (“War”).  About 12 years after the defeat of the Dark Knights, Kraahkan-Nui is pulled from his and Avohkii-Nui’s pocket dimension out into the main dimension, prompting a massive war between the forces of good and evil.  Konpaku and Les Douze Ombres were working for Kraahkan-Nui, trying to find a way to help him switch worlds (couldn’t do it on his own because it would give Avohkii-Nui an opening in their eternal battle); hadn’t decided on how exactly he was going to make the trip in Sensou, but…anyway.  This war is also what Aile’s original vision pointed towards.  Everything she’s done since then, she’s done to increase the chances of the good guys winning this war.  Now, let me get together a list of everyone involved…
--Good Guys: Khadaz (possibly using a new Super Spirit through gaining control over Darkhadaz), Amy, Rahksean, Lexero, Twani, Midori, Nuvakuta, Zagrin, Kazumi, Rikka, Dranes, Zak, Azara and the other Devil Orb users (they would get reduced to Cores again so Azara could use Redeemed Demon, but I also thought that Azara would be reduced to a Core and the Paladins would undergo the same fate, with Pyrami ultimately using all of their Cores to craft an even more powerful Super Spirit tentatively named “Palademon”), Light Force Paladins, Barometz, Reikaz, Corinwood, Kohena, Toatoa, Zenrei, Kharzani, Kharuun, Hyohana, Neb-X, Neya, Catalina, Keelie, Keizah, Selina, Wraith (relative of Phaenyx, was only shown briefly), any surviving Element-Lords, Marigold, Genakex (would be using Ikhav Gurren Lagann (possibly with Titan) and at some point Combine with Kharuun to form Saigo Ikhav Gurren Lagann, with Kharuun appearing as the ghostly double Phantom Ikhav Gurren Lagann; he would probably also Combine with the Enterprise at some point), Xyla, Kytan, Tahra (going with the plan that had her outside of the main dimension since Book 3, she would be back now and possess the Dimension Heat ability to “incinerate reality”), Titan, Voyager, Prism, Assassin, Legolord (a new Vassal Legendary composed of many Lego bricks), the Gahu (minus Gahu-Shadow), the Elemental Knights (minus Shadow Knight), the Hapori (minus Dume), Avohkii-Nui (maybe, he might just take a back seat)
--Bad Guys: Kraahkan-Nui, Hapori Dume, Tabuu (possibly with his mind restored), One-Winged Angel (freed from his seal), Stained Glass Inmacula (also freed), Konpaku (using Mairi again, possibly has absorbed the other “variants” of Language and Obscure to create a “super Mairi”, would need to absorb Nikari’s Blade of Souls (with the power of Obscural) to perfect it), Absent Sentiment (the sentient Shadow Apprentice who absorbed Shadow Knight’s soul, much more powerful now, probably wielding the Twayblade infused with Gahu-Shadow’s remains), Atomicus (a new Vassal Legendary personifying the force of destruction), Tyrant, Abomination, Union and probably some other Shade-Gang forces, Darkaea (probably; his servants would probably also be released from Subspace)
…Whew.  I think that’s everyone.  Anyway, in the end, Khadaz would use a suicide attack to weaken Kraahkan-Nui to the point where Avohkii-Nui could drag him back into the pocket dimension, which is considered a victory for the good guys.  Don’t know how many others would have died in the process, but there probably would have been some deaths for characters who otherwise are generally protected for plot purposes.  You know, for added drama and such.  The final scene would be around a year after the end of the war, with Hyohana giving birth to a son who they then name Khadaz, in order to keep his memory alive or something like that.
My plans for Sensou were looking messier and messier as time went on.  I wasn’t entirely sure how to structure it, or how to make a story with that many characters work…probably wouldn’t have looked too good no matter what I did!  It always seemed like a good place to introduce a lot of cool stuff, though…
Lastly, there’s Bioni-Lords Book 5: Furoku (“Supplement”).  This wasn’t so much going to be a Book as a collection of short stories, filling in blanks in the timeline, showing alternate timelines, and, amidst all that, continuing events past the end of Book 4.  I wanted Nk and Zagrin to have one final fight (as promised way back in Book 1), and I also wanted to do something with Khadaz Ikhav the Second—possibly something involving a Bioni-Lords civil war, but I hadn’t really worked anything out.  The main post-Sensou plot, though, wouldn’t take place in the main universe.
Khadaz did not actually die in his final attack.  Instead, he was transported to Twilight Space, where he meets up with Yume and King Syrag (who did the same thing as Khadaz and has been there ever since), and is finally introduced to their master: the Twilight Monarch.  The Monarch is from a race of beings known as “Transdimensionals”, who possess immense power and move through worlds as they see fit.  The Twilight Monarch governs Twilight Space, as it is the gateway  between the Bioni-Lords Universe and every other universe out there.  He does his best to keep the universe safe from threats both inside and out, primarily through servants since he is not allowed to interfere directly.  Syrag has been fighting off individuals who would want to invade the Bioni-Lords Universe, and has not aged a day since individuals only experience the flow of time when within their home universe.  Yume more usually delivers messages to important individuals in the universe, also does not age, and…well, her backstory is a little embarrassing.  She is actually the character Hanajima from the manga/anime Fruits Basket; her world (likely one in parallel to the world actually presented in the series) was destroyed, but she was able to survive due to her abilities.  The Twilight Monarch rescued her and she has been working for him ever since.  While Tahra, Vitirus, and Zempyst were here, they assisted Syrag in defending Twilight Space and also went out into the multiverse to hunt down some other threats.
Khadaz is given the opportunity to work for the Twilight Monarch, but he would rather go back home.  He is told he may only do so if he is able to defeat the Twilight Monarch in battle.  Naturally, he accepts.  It doesn’t go well.  During the fight, however, Khadaz unlocks a new ability: a transformation known as “Unlimited Ikhav,” which is an evolution of the Ikhav ability to defy fate.  Unlimited Khadaz wears a black jumpsuit with dark green armor on his shoulders, torso, feet, and limbs, and a green Kanohi Hau; he is able to use the abilities of any Spirit or Super Spirit Khadaz has ever fused with (including Gahu Darkhadaz by loophole).  It’s not a Spirit, but he is still able to boost his power through Chikara Compression, so all these things combined makes him really, really strong.  But he still loses.  Without any choice, Khadaz starts working for the Twilight Monarch, going out to visit other universes and fighting off anything that might want to find its way into his world.
(I had originally planned to use Unlimited Ikhav in a short series for the story’s 10th anniversary, where Khadaz, Genakex, and Kharuun would fight favorite villains from the Ikhav Trilogy and ultimately battle an upgraded Stained Glass (Stained Glass Monoschroma) that could absorb individuals by turning them into small stained glass windows.  Khadaz would use the Unlimited form to beat Monoschroma, then give up the power to return to his world, which had a failsafe or something built in to prevent him from using it while there.  You know, something weird like that to prevent him from using it in Sensou, which would canonically take place a few years after this whole thing.)
I hadn’t quite pinned down what sort of threats Khadaz would be fighting, but I thought it would be cool to have something (or multiple things) so awful that he had to gather a team of Unlimited Ikhav.  Only one Ikhav is born with the ability to achieve the Unlimited form, but this ability is given to a different Ikhav in different timelines.  So, the Twilight Monarch would send Khadaz into alternate timelines to recruit the Unlimited Ikhav of each.  The basic abilities and form of the transformation are the same for all Unlimited Ikhav, but each has a different armor color and Kanohi.  Possible teammates would’ve been:
-Kharuun: Brown armor, Great Kakama
-Genakex: Red armor, Great Pakari
-Norscu: Purple armor, Noble Matatu
-Rien: Black armor, Great Miru
-Kytan: White armor, Great Akaku (Armor color and Kanohi were still tentative.  Also, Unlimited Kytan would be able to bypass the restrictions on Krahka’s abilities, enabling him to use the powers of any Spirit (barring the Nui) as well as any Super Spirit.)
-Reikaz: Orange armor, Noble Mahiki
-Azara: Pale green armor, Great Kaukau
Eventually, all threats would be dealt with, and Khadaz would approach the Twilight Monarch for another chance to win passage home—his last chance.  The Monarch would change things up by forming three portals: one leading to Khadaz’s world, one leading to another part of Twilight Space, and one leading to some random other world.  If Khadaz could make it to one of those, the battle would end.  Khadaz would pull out all the stops: Unlimited Ikhav, Spirit Weapons, Blades of Souls, Chikara Compression (which he would have refined enough that he can use Burst up to five times at once, simply referred to as “Chikara Compression Burst 5”), the works.  He’s able to incapacitate the Monarch long enough to reach a portal…but I wasn’t going to tell you which one.  How cruel of me!  Leaving you to forever wonder if Khadaz made it home, if he continued serving the Monarch for eternity, or if he ended up lost amidst the multiverse!
…But since we’re doing things this way, there’s no point in keeping it a secret.  My plan was for Khadaz to take the portal leading to a random world, so that in other stories, I could give him cameos and show him gradually working his way from world to world trying to find his way home.  Hadn’t decided if he was ever going to make it.
So, there’s the outline for the rest of the saga I had planned.  I suppose there are some other bits of info I didn’t include in these posts, but eh, don’t know that I’ll be typing those up any time soon.  If you guys have any questions, do feel free to ask, and I won’t keep any secrets.  Again, thank you all for the support you’ve offered over the years.  It was loads of fun while it lasted!


The Update You Weren't Waiting For

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 12 2014 · 91 views

Hey, remember that one comedy I started but then never got around to finishing?
...Well...one of the comedies I started but never got around to finishing?  The most recent one?
I finally wrote Chapter 8 of The Bionicle RPG You Never Wanted.  Sorry it took so long. :P At least I was able to spin it into a joke!  Anywho, this chapter takes the party through the last Citadel, so next chapter will start the final dungeon.  I'm thinking the ending will run into chapter 10, and then I was considering doing an eleventh chapter with a bonus dungeon, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'll try not to take so long for chapter 9!



Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 10 2014 · 76 views

Tumblr told me that grinding in Florem Gardens was a good idea.  In about an hour I got my team the rest of the way to Lv 99 and mastered a ton of Jobs.  I also consulted TVTropes for gamebreaking strategies, then went to tackle the True End.
I won.
I won't go into detail since I don't want to spoil anything, but I will say that I have mixed feelings.  Unless I missed it, there are a lot of things they were pretty unclear about, so I was sort of disappointed by that.  I'm also not sure there was a real end to anyone's character development, but to be honest I've never been the best at reading those things and I've been a little out of it today. :P There's also the case of "final boss ex machina", but I suppose that's to be expected with a classic JRPG, so I'm over it.
There were definitely bits that I liked, though!  Again, spoilers, so no details, but the accomplishment did bring about some satisfaction.  I suppose now I should aim to finish up those Chapter 8 sub-quests and slay some Nemeses...
Overall, I like Bravely Default.  I'd give it, maybe...8 out of 10?  A high 8.  Though I am clearly biased.
Just for the heck of it, here are all the Jobs everyone's mastered:
-Tiz: Time Mage, Ranger, Summoner, Valkyrie, Red Mage, Salve-Maker, Performer, Ninja, Dark Knight, Conjurer
-Agnes: White Mage, Time Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, Salve-Maker, Performer, Swordmaster, Spiritmaster, Templar, Dark Knight, Conjurer
-Ringabel: Monk, Black Mage, Thief, Merchant, Spell Fencer, Performer, Ninja, Arcanist, Vampire, Conjurer
-Edea: White Mage, Knight, Spell Fencer, Time Mage, Valkyrie, Red Mage, Pirate, Swordmaster, Templar, Dark Knight, Conjurer


Japanese. The Final Frontier.

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 09 2014 · 78 views

So now my Japanese workbook has referenced Star Trek for no apparent reason.


Obligatory Smash Bros Post

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 08 2014 · 99 views

Greninja is playable.
Mega Lucario.
Mega Charizard X.
Mega Man's Final Smash includes Megaman.EXE and Geo Stelar.
Is that my wallet crying or is that just me?


Warzone Draft

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 06 2014 · 136 views

(Here's a rough draft of the first post of Technic Warzone.  In several places it will mention links, but I'm not putting any links in just yet, so don't mind those.  You might just be surprised by what you'll find in here...)

Technic Warzone


We all have our favorite characters from Bionicle, Slizers, RoboRiders, and Hero Factory.  We also might enjoy sponsoring them in a fighting league where they get to beat the snot out of other characters.  Or we might enjoy sending them off into a hazy battle where they shoot death rays around blindly.  If any of this appeals to you, then hey, welcome to the Warzone!
Basics: In this game you will choose from a list of Bionicle, Slizer, RoboRider, and Hero Factory characters and sponsor them in a fighting league known as Technic Coliseum (usually referred to just as “the Coliseum”).  You’ll purchase equipment for them, arrange matches with other fighters for them, and enter them into tournaments.  There’s also the matter of providing them some direction in week-long games of laser tag war in the hopes of getting some extra cash.
A note about stats: Strength affects the fighter’s physical attacks, Agility affects the fighter’s evasion and accuracy, Toughness affects a fighter’s resistance to damage, and Mind affects the strength of a fighter’s non-physical attacks.
To join, simply pick an available character from the lists below and post your desire to sponsor them, and then post a modified stat profile for them. (Starting with the profile listed for the fighter, you may add 8 additional points to any stats in any way you wish.) You’re in!  Each fighter has Elemental Powers, most of which are fixed, but some fighters have an unclear affinity; in these cases, you will be allowed to select any Element you wish for your fighter to use.  If the fighter’s profile does not list a basic weapon in their Powers and Items section, you may pick a basic weapon for them to use.
As an added bonus for those of you who played Technic Coliseum last year, you may add 1 additional stat point to your fighter’s stats.  You only have until the end of the week to reclaim your old fighter(s) before they go up for grabs, though!
You’ll have 20,000 Widgets to start out with.  Your Widget count cannot exceed 75,000 W—if you receive enough Widgets to go over this amount, the extra Widgets will simply be lost.  If you’d like, you can sponsor two or even three fighters (you will be given an additional 10,000 W for each), but be warned: having more fighters can make managing your resources more difficult.  At any time, you may drop a fighter you are sponsoring, and you also have the option of PMing another player and attempting to negotiate a trade of fighters. (Extra items can be offered in addition to the exchange.  If the player asks for cash, you may use it, but the Coliseum frowns upon this and will bar you both from matches for a short time.)
Coliseum: The primary method of gameplay is arranging matches with other players.  Just PM a member to ask for a fight, negotiate how many Widgets you will each pay to promote the match, which arena you’ll be using, and any other terms.  Post here informing me of these terms, along with the strategy your fighter will use in the match.  For fairness, post your strategy in spoiler tags, and DO NOT read your opponent’s strategy. (Spoiler tag help.)
I will then review both strategies and determine a winner.  The winner will receive Widgets using this formula: [(Total Amount of Widgets Contributed by Both Players)/2] x 5
So, if Player 1 submits 100 W and Player 2 submits 300, the winner will receive 1,000 W.  This includes the Widgets you spent on the match—so Player 1 in this scenario would have a net profit of 900 W, while a victory for Player 2 would bring them a net profit of 700 W.
You can also arrange 2-on-2 matches, either with two of your fighters against another player’s two fighters, or one of your fighters teamed with the fighter of another player against another two player team.  In the latter case, I highly recommend that you and your partner coordinate your strategy over PM before one of you posts it.  Since these matches take more time to analyze, there will likely be a significant delay between when the strategies are posted and when the winners are announced.  Both players on a winning team will receive the same amount of Widgets, determined by the formula above.
Tournaments: The first Monday of every month begins a new Tournament.  One week prior to that, I will open registration—players must post stating that they wish to enter their fighter (if sponsoring multiple fighters, they must pick ONE to enter) and then provide a list of the items the fighter will have access to during the Tournament.  Each fighter can only have up to 5 items listed; the strategies you use during the Tournament may ONLY use the items from this list.
When Monday rolls around, I’ll randomize the list of entrants and match them all up.  I will also randomly determine an arena for the fight, which will be posted in parentheses next to the match-up.  You will have 24 hours to post your strategy for the match.  If you do not post a strategy by the time the round ends, you will be removed from the Tournament.
When a fighter loses in a Tournament, they will gain Widgets based on how many rounds they participated in (10,000 per round).  The Champion will receive an additional 5,000 W and be able to select any of the regularly available items for free OR obtain one Rare Item. (See below for items) The Champion’s profile will be updated to show their status, their name will be added to the Hall of Fame blog post, and they will be given an additional stat point that you may allocate to any one stat.  This extra stat point will be lost when the next Tournament comes around, so as not to give them an advantage in that Tournament.
Warzone: The Technic Warzone is a deadly game of chance that resets every Friday.  Your fighters are armed with death rays and have very low visibility, but they can take rough aim when they attempt to fire.  When making a post about the Warzone, state which fighter you want your fighter to target, and I will roll a die—if the die lands on 1, the target will be killed.  Anything else, and your fighter misses.  When your fighter is finally killed, or at the end of the week when the Warzone is reset, you will receive 5,000 W for every fighter you successfully eliminated.
If you are sponsoring multiple fighters, only one can be active in the Warzone at a time—you may specify which if you choose, but if you do not specify before someone targets one of your fighters, the fighter targeted will be the one you use. (It doesn’t really make a difference which fighter is in anyway, though.) When that fighter is killed, you will then switch to your other fighter; when that one is killed, if you have a third, you will switch to that; and if they all three get killed, well…that’s it til Friday.  But since that’s essentially surviving multiple hits, you get fewer rewards to keep things fair.  If you have 2 fighters, you will receive 2,500 W per kill; if you have 3 fighters, you will receive 1,500 W per kill.
Arenas: Listed in this blog post.  To liven up your match, pick an arena to fight in!  Each has its own unique features, some of which are hazardous, so be sure to incorporate these elements into your strategy.  If no arena is stated, the match will take place in the default Coliseum Arena.  Arenas are selected at random in Tournaments, so you may wish to prepare yourself for any arena you might end up in.
Rules for Specific Elements: Some Elements have the potential to be overpowered, so fighters wielding those Elements will need to stick to the following rules.  For everyone: Nova Blasts are forbidden.
Light-Users: Light can be used to increase your fighter's speed, but not all the way up to light speed. Your fighter may only blind the opponent once per battle. Your fighter may only use one solid light hologram per battle.
Gravity-Users: No attack can be instant-win (such as erasing gravity and flinging target into space, or increasing gravity so much that they are crushed to death).  Each attack can only be used for a few seconds at a time, and the fighter must leave time between each gravity attack (the longer you manipulate gravity, the longer you have to wait before you can manipulate it again).
Psionics-Users: Only basic illusions can be used, and you may only use one per battle.  You can confuse the opponent once per battle and are forbidden from using mind control.  Telepathy can be used to sense a hidden opponent’s location but will leave you vulnerable, and masking your presence will only have limited success.  Telekinesis may only be used for simple attacks like throwing the target or other objects, and may not disarm the opponent unless you throw another object and knock their weapon from their hands.  You may only hold the opponent in a telekinetic grip for a few seconds. 
Magnetism-Users: No attacks can be instant-win (such as willing an opponent’s armor to crush them to death).  Each attack can only last for a few seconds (you cannot hold an opponent in place indefinitely), and you must leave time between each magnetism attack (the longer you use magnetism, the longer you have to wait before you can use it again).  Magnetism can be used to achieve flight, but this method of flight is very difficult to control.
Iron-Users: No attacks can be instant-win (such as willing an opponent’s armor to crush them to death).  Each attack targeting the opponent or their items/armor can only last for a few seconds (you cannot hold an opponent in place indefinitely), and you must leave time between each non-projectile Iron attack (the longer you use Iron manipulation, the longer you have to wait before you can use it again).  You may not destroy any of the opponent’s items or pull their items out of their hands.  You may create armor, walls, weapons, etc out of Iron, but you will be more vulnerable while creating them, they cannot be made of Protosteel, and they will only be temporary.
Upgrades: Some fighters can be upgraded, granting them a new ability that you may utilize in matches.  When a fighter is upgraded, you may choose a new title/name for them, along with a new appearance and changes to their weapons.
Energized Protodermis: Transforms a Toa into a Toa Nuva.  Able to use timed elemental attacks; 20,000 W
Core Transfer: Upgrades Hero Factory heroes from 1.0 to 2.0.  If you bring only one item into battle, then your opponent will also only be able to use one item; 20,000 W
OS  Update: Upgrades RoboRiders to a RoboRider OS (Optimal Setting).  Wheel damage will be calculated using highest stat; for RoboRiders; 20,000 W
Meteor Armor: Upgrades a Slizer to a Cosmic Slizer.  Can boost any one stat by one point in battle so long as they don't bring any stat-boosting items into battle; for Slizers; 20,000 W
Legacy Gateway: Sends a Glatorian through time to train under Champions and become a Master Glatorian.  Allows the Glatorian to take a Thornax Launcher into battle without it counting against the item limit; for Glatorian; 20,000 W
Illegal Refit: Puts a Hero Factory villain in contact with some underworld mechanics who will outfit them with dangerous technology.  Allows the villain to nullify the opponent's Upgrade abilities (excluding MoC Mocha and Shadow Leech); for HF villains; 20,000 W
Antidermis Infusion: Imbues a fighter with the essence of a Makuta.  Allows the fighter to use the power of a Rahkshi Staff they own in battle without using up an item slot (the Staff itself will not be included) (you must pay 3,000 W to make a Rahkshi Staff compatible with this ability); for Skakdi and Barraki; 20,000 W.
Shadow Leech: Full Drain-change a fighter's Element to Shadow, 10,000 W; Partial Drain-gain Shadow powers in addition to current Element, both Elements will be reduced in power, you may not use Elemental Rahkshi Staffs while this upgrade is in effect, 30,000 W
Klakk's Scream: Undoes a Shadow Leech; 5,000 W
MoC Mocha: A Pahrak Family signature blend, infused with diluted mutagens that will allow your fighter to slightly alter their form and relocate the 8 stat points you arranged when you first sponsored your fighter (accompanying waiver must be signed before you will be served); 15,000 W
Equipment: To save space, the items available for purchase are listed in this blog post.  When you want to buy something, post your intent here in the topic, and I will add the item to your fighter(s) inventory and adjust your Widget balance accordingly.
Fighters may only take 2 pieces of equipment into battle with them.  Their basic weaponry does not count towards this limit.  Slizers can bring in a Disk without it counting towards this limit, RoboRiders can do the same with Wheel Talismans, and Master Glatorian have the same option with Thornax Launchers.  For items that require additional items as ammunition: the “launcher” item takes up a slot, but the ammunition does not. (In the case of the Rhotuka Launcher, you may only bring two types of Rhotuka into battle.)
You may return items to the shop to receive half the price you paid for them.  Multi-use items with less than their maximum number of uses may not be returned.
Trainers: These friendly faces will spend some time with your fighter to increase one of their stats by one point…for the right price.  There is a different Trainer for each stat.  The first time you hire that specific Trainer, it only costs 3,000 W.  The second session with them costs 6,000, the third costs 12,000, the fourth costs 24,000, and the fifth costs 48,000.  After that, your fighter has hit their limit in that stat.
-Ninja: Training with Ninja will raise your fighter’s Strength by 1.  Those Wheel Talisman types are actually the RoboRider villagers, remember?
-Kapura: Training with Kapura will raise your fighter’s Agility by 1.  Sadly, five sessions will not be enough to master how to cross long distances quickly by moving very slowly.
-Hiker Mike: Training with Hiker Mike will raise your fighter’s Toughness by 1.  What?  You don’t remember the original Fan-Created Content?  Check Brickipedia.
-Mr. Makuro: Training with Mr. Makuro will raise your fighter’s Mind by 1.  Hope you like puzzles.
List of Bionicle fighters can be found here.
List of Slizer, RoboRider, and Hero Factory fighters can be found here.
For quick reference, here are the fighters currently in need of sponsors:
Player List: Over here you’ll find your name, which fighters you sponsor (and the collective inventory of items you have bought for all of them), and your Widget count.


Brave, Brave, BRAVE!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 05 2014 · 82 views

Well, after getting the short ending and setting the game aside for a few days, I picked Bravely Default back up again and trudged my way through Chapter 6’s sub-quests and everything in Chapter 7.  When I got to Chapter 8 I cleared one of the sub-quests, but…good gosh, that was difficult, there were going to be so many more, and I’ve been told that after clearing the True End I’ll be sent back to Chapter 8, so I’ll just do that later.
So, I made it to The End!  The Chapter entitled The End, that is.  Progress has been…well, it’s had its ups and downs.  As soon as you arrive in this chapter, you have to fight the two-stage final boss of the short end, which wasn’t too tough (seemed tougher than it did in Finale…might’ve been my Job setup), then unlocked Dimension’s Hasp and ventured in to fight powerful foes and gain powerful weapons.  That all went pretty well, barring those darn Guzzlers that I have yet to successfully defeat.  After that I headed back to the Dark Aurora and fought that one character’s final form…and lost miserably.  Rearranged my Jobs and fought a few more battles before trying again, used Bravely Second to help out and I was able to win!  Barely.  Now I have a break before fighting the true final boss, which apparently has, oh…five stages?
While that doesn’t sound quite as obnoxious to the 10+ stages of killing Ansem back in Kingdom Hearts, it doesn’t sound like something I’m ready to face right now.  I’m thinking I’ll select a place to grind, get the hang of some advanced tactics, and build up as much SP as I can before giving that a try.  In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and unlock the Special Movie the quick way (using the Konami Code, bless you Square-Enix), which didn’t really spoil anything unless you count it a spoiler that one of the characters is confirmed to survive.  It uses the gyroscope and requires you to swing the 3DS around a lot, so my sister was kind of weirded out by my behavior, but eh.  Worth it.  I love secret movies.
Party’s current set up and Mastered Jobs, all Lv 81:
-Tiz, currently Dark Knight Lv 10 with Hunting; Mastered Ranger, Summoner, Valkyrie, Performer, Ninja
-Agnes, currently Red Mage Lv 11 with White Magic; Mastered White Mage, Salve-Maker, Swordmaster, Spiritmaster, Templar, Conjurer
-Ringabel, currently Conjurer Lv 12 with Black Magic; Mastered Black Mage, Thief, Vampire
-Edea, currently Knight Lv 12 with Sword Magic; Mastered Spell Fencer, Pirate, Swordmaster, Dark Knight, Conjurer


How Prominent is One Piece?

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 03 2014 · 126 views

My Japanese textbook just used it in a grammar example.
Here's the Tumblr post for details.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions.


Oh, April Fool's Day...

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Apr 01 2014 · 103 views

I was thinking that maybe I was too hard on April Fool's Day and that maybe I should give it a chance.
Then I see these people crafting the most heart-destroying "there's a TWEWY sequel" prank they can possibly come up with.
And I remember why I hate this holiday.

Bravely Second Asterisk Guide

1. Freelancer
2. Valkyrie
3. Red Mage (12/29)
4. Time Mage (12/30)
5. Performer (1/2)
6. Tomahawk
7. Swordmaster
8. Wizard
9. Cat Master
10. Astrologer
11. Ranger

I Have Approval Now?!

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