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Technic Coliseum Tips

Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Jun 24 2013 · 648 views

These are all tips that have been submitted by players.  Some may be redundant, so I'll organize it later when I have the time.
Thanks to Canis, Keizah, Ninja, Pulsate, Zakaro, and Vox.
  • Don't buy items. All you need is two, as Onua showed us. BUY TRAINERS.
  • Put down large amounts for sponsoring. IF YOU PUT DOWN SMALL AMOUNTS, YOU'LL GET SMALL AMOUNTS.
  • Do not buy upgrades early game. Wait until late game. THE SPECIAL ABILITIES THEY PROVIDE AREN'T WORTH IT EARLY ON.
  • Look at the first three of the four fighters I reviewed. Notice anything about them? A VERSATILE ELEMENT IS KEY TO THIS GAME.
  • Get an item that let's you fly. FLYING IS A HUGE ADVANTAGE.
  • No number of stat trainers or items can make up for a lack of creativity. Don't stick to the base applications of your powers; try using them in new and exciting ways. Virtually any element can become fairly versatile if you experiment with it a bit. Pahrak will pull you back if you go overboard, so try everything you can!
  • Two words: lurk more. Unless you're in a match against them, you've free to look at people's strategies as much as you want. Find out what people like to do, what works, and what doesn't. I can't even count the number of times Electro's beaten a fighter with much better stats by predicting that fighter's moves.
  • The most important super-secret tip to succeeding in the coliseum: HAVE FUN. I know that sounds basic, but the game's kinda pointless if you take it too seriously. A lot of players have gotten frustrated and left because they were too fixated on winning. Enjoy meeting other players, coming up with new strategies, and seeing your fighters grow.
  • Buy items and trainers that compliment your fighting style - I cannot stress this enough, don't buy items just because they seem strong.  If you're going to toss in Widgets for an item, make it something that works with your style, something you think will really come in handy.  Flying items fit with just about any strategy, but other things may require you to think about how you fight.
  • Use your powers to their fullest - If you go too far, Pahrak will tell you.  Just try out unique ways to use your powers- I've won myself several matches with Furno by using his control over fire to heat up the ground.  You should find ways to use your powers in the least predictable way- use things like control over water to dehydrate the area, manipulate the arena, go wild.
  • Have a lot of fun - This is really important.  This is just a fun forum game, so don't get mad if you lose a match or don't have a lot of Widgets.  If you lose, then it was still fun to make a strategy, and you can say you learned something from the match and congratulate the winner.  Just have fun with the game, don't take things too seriously, and you'll have a great time here.
  • As has been said before, when you have lots of widgets, don't spend it all on items. Spend at least some of it on stats, which are a permanent addition to your fighter (unless you stop sponsoring them), unlike items, which can be sold so you may end up buying something that was never really worth it. When you do buy an item, make sure you'll use it. For example, if your fighter is a Roborider and your fighter has a very high agility and you think about purchasing the item 'Handling Patch', do you really need it? 
  • In addition to the above, when thinking about buying an item, are there any items that your fighter is particularly weak against and that you are currently bad at countering? Think about what other items your fighter could buy that could counter it. For example, fighters with high minds get one of their biggest advantages stripped away when going up against a Toa with a Suletu. To counter it, you could buy a Staff of Molecular Disruption, which destroys 1 item in a battle. This was my very reasoning behind getting one.
  • Try to make up for any weaknesses your fighters have with your fighters' strengths. For example, your fighter might not have a high toughness, but if you have a high agility, instead of tanking the hits, try making them dodging them instead.
  • Flight is a huge advantage. Especially if your opponent is grounded. This alone allows you do so much more than you can on the ground in certain situations, though in underwater arenas (if there are any) flight is useless as all fighters can swim as far as I am aware.
  • Try not to focus on too many stats at once. For example, some fighters focus solely on one stat like Mind whereas others focus on stats like Agility and Toughness. However, try not to leave one stat behind too much, or it will me one of your glaring weaknesses.
  • When going up against a fighter, try to remember their inventory of items, whether it's none, one, or ten, and make a counter for each one. If you can't counter it,  at least try to resist it. If you can't resist it even a little, try to interrupt it. 
  • Variety is a very good thing. Keep that in mind. Don't make yourself too predictable. Many others said this, and I reiterate this too.
  • Try to fight other fighters of your class. If there are few fighters in your class (unlikely in Classes A and B, not so much for classes above), try fighting fighters at the lower end of the class above and at the higher end of the class below, depending on whether you're in the lower end of your current class or in the higher end of your current class. It does not have to be said that a Class F fighter is going to mop the floor with a Class A fighter... ten times over.
  • Use your element in creative ways, in unpredictable ways, in new ways. Experiment with it. If you're having trouble thinking of examples for your element, try finding an example of a creative use of it in the Bionicle story. For example, for fighters affiliated with the fire element, at one point in Journey's End, I believe when grabbed by the throat, Tahu used his power over fire to melt Nektann's armour.
  • And on the lines of elements... get the elemental reforge if your fighter does not have elemental powers by default. It is by far the most useful upgrade any fighter will ever get, allowing them to do so much more. It only costs a cheap 5,000W, too!
  • Weapon Reforge: This is the first thing you want to get if you begin sponsoring a new non-Toa fighter. This allows your fighter to use elemental abilities, which are like the best thing ever. Also, you can have their weapon change to anything you want. Onwards to the Level-Up Upgrades!
  • "Level-Up!" Upgrades: If you haven't figured it out already, the 'Level-Up!' Upgrades are the set of Upgrades that add +1 point to all stats, allow your fighter to gain an extra point with a trainer after a tournament, and give you an extra ability to boot. (A.K.A Energized Proto, Core Transfer, OS Update, Meteor Armor, Legacy Gateway, Illegal Refit, and Antidermis Infusion.) These Upgrades are best for those who think that they're going to stick around for sure, and keep this specific fighter. If that's the case, I'd recommend getting a 'Level-Up' Upgrade as soon as possible, or at the least before the fighter's first tournament. These Upgrades are like loans, in a way, but can prove to be quite profitable in the long-run. I'll give you an example. Each of these Upgrades is 30,000W. The +1 to all stats with the initial purchase is worth 12,000W. Subtract and what you're really paying is 18,000W for +1 point per tournament and an extra ability. If you had bought one before the first tournament, like I did with Breez, than with 4 tournaments that's another +4 free, with each point counting as -3,000. Therefore, currently it's like I paid 6,000W for an ability. After Tournament 8, however, I will have paid nothing, and am actually being rewarded for sticking with Breez and the Coliseum for so long, in a way.  TL;DR: "Level-Up!" Upgrades are like loans, buy if you plan to stick with the fighter and Coliseum.
  • Hordika Venom: Straight forward and simple. +1 point to all trainers you buy from now on, but you can't train in Mind. Again, quite like a loan. I feel this is best to get right after you've amped up your fighters Mind to a level that can be acceptable for the next few Classes, and then grab this and go wild with Strength, Toughness, and Agility. If you plan to eventually get Keetongu's Cure, get working because it'll take 17 separate uses to break slightly over even. If you don't, after 10 uses you're making profit.
  • Inika Charge: Only use this if you plan to be going BIG. Otherwise, just not worth it.
  • Shadow Leech: Use if you like the character, but dislike their element. It's quite cheep so it really won't be an issue.
  • Effect Removal: (Keetongu's Cure, Klakk's Scream) When you're done being Shadowy or a Hordika, get this.
  • Distance, Distance, Distance!!! My first tip is that if your fighter is the type who has high mind stat and low strength Such as my von nebula or kopaka when he began rely on distance. Try to create a strategy around keeping a distance from your opponent. You will notice that kopaka tends to rely on his ice daggers, This is because they allow him to keep a distance from his opponent and yet still deliver heavy damage. Use attacks that do not depend on you being upclose and personal with your opponent
  • Tip 2 goes hand in hand with Tip 1. If you have a fighter who relies on the above tactic use items that supplement that. My most favorite example is using The skakdi spine (any will work but i like the impact vision version) and Axonn's axe. These two allow you to fire energy that relies on the mind stat, which supplements the above tactic well. Many times i have used those two together along with Kopaka's ice daggers to deliver a three attack combo from a distance. That means you deliver 3 times the mind stat energy at once. Plus if you fighter does tend to have some strength Axonn's axe allows you to throw the weapon and have it return to you, And as an added bonus you can coat the blade in energy allowing a mix of mind and strength stat damage...Even better. So remember items that supplement distance
  • For tip number 3 i will be veering a bit. Think of strategies that will increase a stat without at item. By this i mean using your powers. For example i used to use a tactic of coating the ground of the arena with ice then using Kopaka's ability to slide on said ice, I would have him slide to increase his agility for you can move faster skating than you would running. Along similar lines i would also use momentum to try and increase strength.
  • For tip 4 well not quite sure for tip 4. I guess this one would be that if you do have a character that becomes a nuva remember that your fighter loses the ability to use alot of kanohi. I know i had hoped to buy the kanohi kadin item only to discover that if i bought it it would not serve any purpose for Toa nuva can not use non-nuva masks. So i guess the summary of this tip is do not waste widgets
  • My last and final tip is by far the most important. Never give up. Even if you challenge a fighter that is so high above you remember that there is always a chance you could win. Never be discouraged. If anything buy the Rahkshi staff of silence and use this only when fighting a fighter who is so above you. eliminating a fighters element does offer quite a huge advantage and can sway a fight to you side.

  • Hey, all newcomers/lower ranked players. I thought you might like it if I took the top four fighters, profiled how they got to the top, and gave out some tips on how to win: Kopaka: Vox's strategy with Kopaka has been simple. Raise your Mind Stat to extreme levels. He has also been playing for a long time; Onua: So many new players have done the opposite of Onua, the first big scary fighter. Dual Matrix bought two items, and then solely raised his stats; Millennium: Light is one of the most versatile elements. That, combined with a high Mind can make you a force to be feared; Electro: Keizah has minimized his weaknesses of horrible strength and decent toughness by making use of the fact Electro can fly, and maximizing his agility.

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Canis Lycaon
Jun 28 2013 07:28 AM

Perhaps you could split up the tips by who said them? Like in between six and seven their would be a space, maybe something along the lines of 'Keizah's Tips'. Also, I profiled the top four fighters on how they got to the top.

    • 0
Pahrak #0579
Jun 28 2013 11:30 AM

I might do that when I go back through it.  I'll also look for the profiles--sorry I missed those.

    • 0
Canis Lycaon
Jun 28 2013 12:53 PM

They were in the same post as my tips, which was right here.

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