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  1. Don't leave! Bionicle has just returned!

    1. Canis Lycaon

      Canis Lycaon

      Do I know you?

      (JK, but I did have to check your display name history)

  2. I just kind of lost interest in BZP. I might come back one day, who knows.
  3. nooooo don't leave.

    1. Canis Lycaon

      Canis Lycaon

      I was back for a day at most. I might come back.

    2. Rahkshi Guurahk
  4. Hi everyone. This is probably the last post I'll ever make, but I have an announcement: Before I left BZPower, I created the outline for a Mafia game. (Probably a side game). If you would like to run it, please send me a PM with a little info on why. HINT: There is an overabundance of one role, many of those duplicates with special abilities.
  5. Well, at the very least, all I hope is that the Team update comes back.
  6. I'll take a spot. I need to get back into these things.
  7. Virus targets Onua, the zombie.
  8. Virus will attempt to INFECT IT ALL!!!!!11!!1one!! (Nocturn)
  9. I'm open to the change, Virus targets Pridak.
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