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  1. I just kind of lost interest in BZP. I might come back one day, who knows.
  2. Hi everyone. This is probably the last post I'll ever make, but I have an announcement: Before I left BZPower, I created the outline for a Mafia game. (Probably a side game). If you would like to run it, please send me a PM with a little info on why. HINT: There is an overabundance of one role, many of those duplicates with special abilities.
  3. Well, at the very least, all I hope is that the Team update comes back.
  4. I'll take a spot. I need to get back into these things.
  5. Virus targets Onua, the zombie.
  6. Virus will attempt to INFECT IT ALL!!!!!11!!1one!! (Nocturn)
  7. I'm open to the change, Virus targets Pridak.
  8. Mil will attack Flare and enter the tournament simultaneously.
  9. I will attack whoever Flaredrick decides to use, for fear of angering Pulse, who the RNG gods have smiled upon! Open to matches!
  10. Can somebody give me a brief recap of the last 14 pages?
  11. Okay, I recently fell out of BZP activity, so I'll need a recap. What has happened so far in game? (briefly)
  12. Then I will attack Breez for attacking me! (with Mil)
  13. I will target one of my many opponents! Mil on Nidhiki for targeting a player!
  14. IC: Rakona "Good girl." Rakona fed her Kikanalo a small treat, and then walked out pens where several where being kept. She had been assigned to the Kikanalo Riders and had been training her own beast as a mount. She had to train it to get its obedience, which was a tiring task. At the very least, the cartographers hadn't discovered Blackrock yet. That would be the end of the Brotherhood, the organization which she so fervently served. It was small compensation when she had been drafted into the second biggest threat to the Koro. Goran had bought an apartment and was feigned to be her blind father, navigating with an Arthron instead of sight. So far the ruse was working, but they had to be careful - Goran would sit for hours on end not moving when he had no commands from Rakona. As Rakona was walking around the small base outside of Po-Koro itself where the Riders where centered, she heard a rasping, parched voice. She spun around on her heels to look at the speaker, a thin, slender, weak and very ironic Skakdi. And most importantly, a heathen. "Rakona. As Korru is out, I'm in charge. I think you're ready to go on patrol. Grab some armor and weapons." "Thank, you sir." Oh, how the cultist so dearly wanted to drive a sacrificial, ceremonial knife through his ribcage and remove his heart, bringing him into the service of her lord, the great Archangel Ak'Rei'An. But such fantasies and ideals would have to wait until a later date. --- Rakona sat on the beast, with a spear and shield strapped to her back. She was wandering the desert, and had a map spread out in front of her with directions to Blackrock canyon, the base of operations for the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An, the location of all her Brothers. Oh yes, it was time to go home.
  15. Hey, what's going on with the Dark Walk quest? Nothing has been posted for several weeks.
  16. SHOPPING SPREE: -One Hiker Mike trainer for Virus. (-3,000 W) -CreateRoads.EXE (-7,000 W) -Hex Shield (-7,000 W) 3,000 7,000 +7,000 17,000 Leaving me with 3,000 W.
  17. Well, I didn't see any rules about multiple sponsors, so I didn't say anything. I'll take Virus in that case. (Not Pridak. I don't want to spread myself to thin.) Strength: 2 Agility: 7 Tougness: 4 Mind: 8 Element of choice will be Lightning. I'm open to any matches.
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