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Trainer in a Faraway Place


Megaman 2's Dr. Wily Stage 1 Theme

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Creativity, General Life, Megaman, Music Nov 24 2012 · 552 views

Alternative Titles: I Finally Got To Combine The Creativity Category With The Music Category!


So, what have I been up to, other than disappearing for my birthday and using Blender? Well, getting a slight cold. But aside from that? Playing Cave Story and Megaman. But that's not what this is about, oh no. What this is about, is me playing my keyboard. And no, not the thing I'm using to type this; I mean what's essentially a piano. And what overplayed song from Megaman 2 have I been playing more often than not recently? No, not the title theme, I'm still learning that. No, the song that's probably only second to the X vs. Zero fight from Megaman X5 in terms of remixes. The Dr. Wily Stage 1 theme.

I've been trying it for a couple days now, but today and last night was the first time I actually got further than an off-key redition of the first part. I actually figured out the notes, for when you're only playing one note at a time(Since I still fail at playing the Keyboard with 'chords', and it's closer to the 8-bit version this way), in part thanks to different videos on the net. I still mess up some of the notes when I try to speed through it at the normal speed, but when I concentrate, the only times I mess up, are me hitting the wrong notes because I can't reach far enough; or me just missing the right key by accident.

My next try, will likely be the Protoman Whistle Theme used for MM3's ending, but we'll see.



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, Computers, General Life, Music Sep 09 2012 · 403 views

Alternative Titles: 882 Notifications What.


So, yeah, haven't been active here for the past week or so, yeah... I apologize heavily for anyone waiting on me. But as the alternative title says, I have an abundance of notifications, and a case of 'too many things to do, so little time to do them'. =/ Minecraft didn't help any. =P

Also, also! I have a wireless set of headphones! The manual for it is partially in engrish, though. =P Doesn't matter, though, as it was rather easy to figure out. =P I also have a wireless mouse for my laptop that works fairly well. It was five dollars, and the headphones were about 9-ish, so it was a fairly good deal. =D

Also, Metric is an awesome band.


The Asylum

Posted by Blessed Blade , in General Life Sep 02 2012 · 467 views

Alternative Titles: What Is This No Doctor Who Category Must Fix This Problem.


"Who killed all the Daleks...?"
"Who do you think?"

Well, that was certainly an awesome episode. Since that line was in the trailer, I feel comfortable actually posting it, but otherwise, I'm going to stick to non-spoilers for the entry; however, that was certainly an epic way to start off the series. =D


How To Spot Blade At Brickfair

Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, General Life, Internet Aug 02 2012 · 424 views

Alternative Titles: Everyone Else Is Doing This


Step 1: Find a sword, LEGO or otherwise, though preferably LEGO.
Step 2: Take it to the very centre of the building.
Step 3: Say 'I SUMMON BLADE!' as loud as you can.
Step 4: Pull off the hilt and handle of the sword, or just cover it if a real sword for some reason.
Step 5: Look proudly at the Blade that you just made appear, while thinking regretfully that the member could not make it once again.

... What? I never said anything about spotting me. =P



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, General Life Jul 26 2012 · 328 views

Alternative Titles: What Point? There's No Point Here.


So, yeah, 1 in the morning, and I'm still on here. Random late night blogging for the win? Let's see how long I ca- hzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ahem. So, yeah. Got a few more good matches before I just decided to listen to music, but I'm just going to get off. Lost more matches than I won, anyway. xD


Well That's Odd + A Question

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, General Life Jul 24 2012 · 358 views

Alternative Titles: Agh Why Won't You Stop?


So, I have an odd problem... So, I have an external hard drive, been using it to store stuff in archives, so I can transfer between computers.

Well... Uh... It won't stop the hard drive so I can remove it. And I don't want to unplug it from the computer until it's safely ejected, otherwise, things might go horribly wrong. But it won't let me; it keeps claiming something's using it, but the other possible thing that could use it, was already turned to a copy of the file which is actually on the desktop, so nothing is using it; at all!

The only thing I could do, seemingly, is just shut the computer down, and then unplug the hard drive from the computer afterward, but that isn't something that is really best, since I want to be able to just stop and remove it, without having to halt browsing just because something decided to keep the External Drive in use... -_-

Also; a question to readers; is there anything in the blog theme or entry layout you'd want to see updated? I know my content blogs need changing, but I'll work on that when that's possible, for sure.



Posted by Blessed Blade , in BZP, General Life, Nintendo Jul 21 2012 · 418 views

Alternative Titles: Well At Least My Arms Aren't Too Sore.

Apparently walking over 12,000 steps two days in a row, while also attempting to train your arms isn't a good idea; you really can't do it a third day. Mainly because walking is painful that third day. >>'

On the bright side, over the past two days, with the watts built up over the past few months, I unlocked two more Pokewalker courses, and got some more puzzle pieces for the Puzzle Swap app. Which they just added another new puzzle for. D=

*Predicts that this will get pushed off the first page in two seconds*


New Laptop

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Computers, General Life, Writing Jul 15 2012 · 407 views

Alternative Title: Or Should I Say My Own Laptop.

So, got a laptop of my own last week. =D FInished setting it up Friday night, been using it to browse stuff since then.

It's rather convenient, even if it needs to be plugged in all the time. =) Looks like it can run Blender too, but there's still the whole 'I have no mouse for it' problem. Unless I can mimic the functions, but I don't know if I want to try. =P

Dang enter; it submitted the post on me. xD

I've also been writing a Pokemon-related story, however, I might hold off on posting it; at least until I get further in. =)


Master Sword Part 4/this Past Week

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Blender, BZP, Creativity, Gaming, General Life, Zelda Jul 07 2012 · 521 views

Alternative Titles: No - There's No Three - Don't Ask.

That's all one title, I separate alternate titles with commas. =P

So; dual entry!

First of all, remember the master Sword I was creating? Well, I more or less finished it! The only problem is; I don't know how to texture it that well(Especially with the Gnu Image Manipulation Program deciding to not handle PNGs anymore.), nor do I know how to take pictures of stuff that's been created. >>' That's really the only reason I haven't put up even an untextured version of the model yet. =/

Second... Well... This week hasn't been that great. Something happened a few days ago; which is the reason I was offline for the past two days, as otherwise I likely would've been annoyed for seemingly no reason.(Along with the fact that my computer wasn't plugged in until today. =P)

Though, yesterday was also due to my tooth starting to hurt a little, because of it seemingly finally appearing, after being blocked by my wisdom teeth until last year. However... All I could think at first was, 'What's with my teeth and the summer!?', because it was a year last month that I had my wisdom teeth out. =P


Hey Canada

Posted by Blessed Blade , in 3DS, Computers, Gaming, General Life, Internet, Nintendo May 30 2012 · 566 views

Alternative Titles: We Need A Reblog Button.

Hey. Canadian 3DS users. Take your 3DS places; you might *gasp* get streetpasses!

Also, while you're add it, turn on the dang streetpass plaza's streetpass functions. I got two tags; both only for MK7, which, while that's cool and all, it doesn't help me with puzzles or Streetpass Quest(Using the EU name since that's cooler, admittedly.)...

Basically, use the system as it's meant to be used. You'd think bringing the system to a zoo of all places would get around 10 or so, if not more, at the very least... =/

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