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Pokemon Black And White Random

Posted by Blessed Blade , in Nintendo, Internet, Gaming, 3DS, Pokemon Jul 25 2012 · 571 views

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Can't type up the entry and that quick enough.

Awesome match; I made someone DC. =P Basically, I used my annoyance inducing Swampert to scout the team, take out his Dragonite, and then toy with him after that. After my Outrage crushed him, he DCed. =P

Lemme explain further.

I sent out my Swampert as lead; set up Stealth Rock and roared him away as he kept hitting me for miniscule damage. He first had his Milotic dragged out, then his Blitzle, which is exactly what I wanted to see, after having noticed it in Team Preview. He switched, but my EQuake still did damage to his Vigoroth, which once again thought it could take me with Strength. I roar again, and groan as the Milotic's dragged out. It wipes me out rather quickly.

So, I send in my Gallade. Toxic and Protect alternations allow me to predict what he'll do(Yay, predictions that are actually right! =D), though I kinda wish I had've pulled off two Bulk Ups before my Close Combat, since he succeeded with Protect twice. I outsped him when he tried to attack, one down.

Blitzle's back out, I go to Close Combat it, the Blitzle faints me since I was getting low on health. That's fine, I send out Garchomp, one EQuake faints it. He sends out his already damaged Vigoroth, I choose 'Outrage', it may have gotten to the animation, 'Communication Error'.

The only real regret I have is that I couldn't save the video of it. =P It was hilarious. xD

Spore battle just now: 15-28749-74313

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Nice. =P I haven't tried competitive battling.. yet.
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Blessed Blade
Jul 25 2012 09:47 PM
I just beat someone awesomely.

The person was a Spore Poison Heal Breloom spammer. I'm putting the battle up in like two seconds; it was that good.

Basically, patience pays off, despite him putting me to sleep every two seconds. It also shows my Garchomp's awesomeness. =P
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Cosmic Titan
Jul 25 2012 10:06 PM
I don't have the patience for competitive battling. But I do like collecting Pokemon. :P
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Blessed Blade
Jul 25 2012 10:08 PM
Yeah, not everyone can take waiting 5 minutes to make a move, then have to wait five more minutes, because you were put to sleep again. At one point, I was just tapping the screen, because I knew I wanted to use Psycho Cut, but I never had gotten a chance to use it. Until he tried to finish me off. =P

It is rather fun, though, when you actually have a team ready. =)
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Disconnects make me sad. My win/loss ratio would, like, double. Because I don't disconnect. :'(

but no seriously vigoroth what
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Blessed Blade
Jul 26 2012 09:17 AM
Yeah, me neither. xD

And I'm just as surprised as you, I must say. 0_o Actually, even more, considering all the Vigoroth did during it's time out was spam Strength. =P
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Considering Blitzle and Vigoroth, you'd think it was an in-game team, but Vigoroth isn't in the Unova dex.

oh wait

It's in the Expanded Dex. Was the person you were fighting Japanese? (still doesn't explain Swampert)
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Blessed Blade
Jul 26 2012 07:41 PM
Swampert's my Pokemon. xD

And yes, the person was Japanese... Feebas isn't until post-game, though, so unless the guy did like I do sometimes, and just brought his in-game team mixed with his competitive team because some of his team wasn't leveled up correctly...
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