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  1. Updating two of my characters from before to hop back in soon. I didn't change any evolutions, but moveset changes are in bold. Username: Nara567Name: Justin IredsiFaction: TLHometown: Lilycove CityAge: 19Appearance: HerePersonality: Chill, takes time to appreciate the world around him. Interested in figuring out how the universe works. Willing to try nearly anything to solve a problem. Headstrong.Background: Justin has been on a variety of missions since joining Team Liberty, notably recruiting Regice and Regigigas, and a mission to Unova. There, he caught a Munna and became able to access the Dream World. Seems to be a lost soul, but continues to search for his elder brother.Equipment: --Pokémon: Manectric (Sparks), Munna (Plush), Marshtomp (Clay), Shiftry (Sunny) Species: ManectricNickname: SparksTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Orange tinted furPersonality: Confident and playful.Ability: StaticSpecialty: Excels in speedKnown Moves: Thunder Fang, Bite, Wild Charge, Quick Attack, Discharge, Thunder Species: MunnaNickname: PlushTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Purple flowersPersonality: Quiet, shy, and timid.Ability: TelephathySpecialty: Able to access the Dream WorldKnown Moves: Yawn, Dream Eater, Psychic, Gravity (MT) (Changed from Trick Room), Hypnosis, Nightmare Species: MarshtompNickname: ClayTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Shorter head finPersonality: Carefree and sort of a klutz.Ability: TorrentSpecialty: DefensiveKnown Moves: Muddy Water, Endeavor, Blizzard, Water Gun, Earthquare, Protect Species: ShiftryNickname: SunnyTrainer: Justin IredsiAppearance: Shorter, spiked hair and larger fansPersonality: Serious, likes to fight.Ability: Early BirdSpecialty: Speed and ranged attacksKnown Moves: Explosion, Synthesis, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf, Faint Attack, Leaf Storm Username: Nara567Name: Zac FlashFaction: --Hometown: Fortree CityAge: 21Appearance: HerePersonality: Mischievous, likes to joke around. Sort of an adrenaline junkie.Background: Previous Team Rocket field agent. Like a leaf in the wind, ready to go wherever.Equipment: --Pokémon: Kecleon (Melon), Mawile (Jaws), Duskull, Darmantian (Kongo) Species: KecleonNickname: MelonTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: --Personality: Can't sit still for too long, energetic.Ability: Color ChangeSpecialty: High staminaKnown Moves: Ancientpower, Syncronoise (changed from Substitute), Slash, Shadow Claw, Sucker Punch, Psybeam Species: MawileNickname: JawsTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: --Personality: Relaxed, stubborn.Ability: IntimidateSpecialty: Strong physical attacks and defenseKnown Moves: Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Crunch, Iron Defense, Astonish Species: DuskullNickname: --Trainer: Zac FlashAppearance: --Personality: Optimistic, sort of a jokester.Ability: LevitateSpecialty: Hit and runKnown Moves: Future Sight, Confuse Ray, Disable, Shadow Ball, Payback, Shadow Sneak (added) Species: DarmantianNickname: KongoTrainer: Zac FlashAppearance: --Personality: Lacks confidence, timid.Ability: Zen ModeSpecialty: --Known Moves: Fire Fang, Hammer Arm, Incinerate, Fire Punch, Rollout, Psychic
  2. May be slightly addicted to Fire Emblem Awakening

  3. Front | Back | Side | Fighty Wanted to try something out, it was nice to get back to building a little. Disassembled him right after the pictures were taken, though, since I'd prefer to have my G2 Toa intact.
  4. Leaf Storm is usually the main one people use with Contrary Serperior. +2 SpA for every use.
  5. Aw yeah, got myself a shiny Eon Ticket Latias =D Lonely, not the best nature but I didn't really have the intent of using it for actual battles. Until I checked IVs, and it has perfect in HP, Def, and SpAtk, and according to an IV calculator, it has close to perfect Atk and SpDef too, while speed is only lackluster. Not bad. =D
  6. I believe you need to have more than one Pokeball, otherwise it won't take it.
  7. Nara


    oh man, the bubble wrap page still exists? I always forget about it and then get really excited whenever it gets brought up again =D
  8. If ORAS kept the same mechanics as X/Y, then the shiny rate has been up'd, yeah. The odds are doubled, so 1/4096 for any Pokemon, not just the mirage spots. It's even higher with the shiny charm. I plan on shiny hunting all the legendaries possible ^-^
  9. Ah, okay. I believe the current consensus is that Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, and Deoxys are all shiny locked, as nobody has been able to find a shiny through soft-resetting and no pictures have been shown of the battle if one of them were to be shiny. The problem with just seeing a summary screen, even with the pentagon, is that powersaves exists; people can just add on the pentagon to a shinified mon.
  10. Wait, you caught a shiny one? Do you have proof, like a battle picture maybe?
  11. Nara


    Congrats ET! =)
  12. Nara

    Naruto: End of an Era

    I'm also unsure of what happened to Anko, lol =P Is it the general consensus to use spoilers for manga vs anime? Ah well.
  13. Nara

    Naruto: End of an Era

    You know, minus Choji. =P I'm happy with the way it ended.
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