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  1. Thanks very much, been wanting to play this one for some time. Great to be able to play it again. And also thanks on the Taluka game too BULiK!
  2. You are an absolute hero my dude. Could I get a download of Taluka Silver as well? I'd love to get the Taluka Silver download as well! Is there also any possibility of anyone having bonesiii and Ojhilom's game Map of Mata Nui?
  3. Adding voices for the characters in this game? Nice! Looking forward to seeing more progress on this, just saw this and stuff is looking quite nice. Keep up the work!
  4. Very excellent. I liked the ending where you just started adding the various characters in place of the Piraka based on the name.
  5. ​​Ah, so it seems they were not aware of what the rock was capable of, eh? And no Phinto gets some new abilities, it should be pretty interesting to see how this will play out in future comics. Hopefully the turaga won't get too mad at him for absorbing the rock's power.
  6. Oooo, a BIONICLE RPG. I'll have to play this sometime, glad to see another RPG, never got to play the original version. Thanks for posting an updated version of the old one.
  7. hi new comic here

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