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  1. You are an absolute hero my dude. Could I get a download of Taluka Silver as well?
  2. Awesome. Thanks a lot man! Let me know if you come across any of the other ones.
  3. Hey, BZPower, my old friend, I've come to talk to you again. Does anyone by any chance happen to have a copy of the following games? I'd be massively grateful if you guys could provide any help at all 1) Mata Zuto 2: the Infestation - the old version. Not the RMXP one, but the one made way back in the day in RM2k3 format. 2) Matrixman Network Transmission (either 1 or 2) 3) Can't quite remember what it was called for definite, but I think the name was something along the lines of "the Bionicle Anthology"? I recall it being an extremely old RM2k3 game, have no strong hopes for recovering it in this post-Great Downtime era 4) that massive one with tons of editions by Valrahk set on Mata Nui whose name I can't remember at all lol 5) Son of the Toa 6) and actually tbh the new version of Mata Zuto 2 as well seeing as the link in the software lib is apparently dead Any help is much appreciated thank
  4. Renaming yourself for a brief joke. Huh, hope it was worth it. :P

    1. Padishah Mehmet II

      Padishah Mehmet II



      bow before the kayseri-i-rum

    2. The Hip Historian Iaredios

      The Hip Historian Iaredios

      You sure are quite dedicated.

  5. IC: (Cylund, Taris Lower City) Cylund nodded very, very slowly. He still couldn't, for the love of the Force, say who this twi'lek was, and her fixation on meeting them on the swoop track seemed perverse at best. Inquisitors being around, however, now that wasn't just strange, that was really bad and they needed to get out of here. "Let's move, fam," he muttered to his partner and proceeded down towards the Stray Tach.
  6. IC: (Cylund Calrissian) "Yeah I've seen you before, on the swoop track. You think I wouldn't recognize a fellow swoop champion?" Cylund stared blankly at Nadia. For about a minute. "I'm sorry. I have literally no idea who you are. Are you asking for an autograph or something?"
  7. IC: (Cylund Calrissian, Taris Junkyard) Cylund, at the time, was trying his best to, seemingly, take a grenade apart without blowing it up with nothing but his bare hands and his teeth. Another look at it confirmed that the detonator did not seem to actually be operational, more model-like than anything; what raised as many questions as reassurances, and yet, that was Cylund for you. That said, when Benth stretched out his hand, after Tallik shook it, Cylund put his toy aside and gave Benth's hand an amicable shake. "Nice meeting you, Benth. Rare to see a face even remotely friendly on this lump of coal of a planet."
  8. IC: (Enaltai, Taris Lower City) "It's surprisingly difficult to tell. It's like... it's like they've stopped following us, but are going the same way?" And yet... another that he could sense so clearly across the Force? Did that mean..? "... Maybe they're not following us after all. It might have been a false alarm." His heart knew better. (Cylund, Junkyard outside Taris City) "And, for that matter, believe you me, mate," Cylund spoke, grinning a shitfaced grin, "the city's not the place you wanna be right now. Don't even argue, just believe it, man. What's a Republican doing here, anyway?"
  9. IC: (Enaltai, Somewhere in Taris) "Whoever it is," Enaltai muttered, "they... seem to have stopped following us, that much is clear. Yet... at the same time, they're not far. And it looks as though they're getting closer. Just... a lot less coordinately than before. Are we anywhere close to that safehouse of yours?"
  10. IC: (Enaltai, Taris Alleyway) Enaltai did not answer. He merely followed Rex, tossing a glance over his shoulder. Quietly, so quietly that no one could possibly hear from afar, he said, "We're being followed. Any ideas on how to lose them?"
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