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Darkness & Starlight



Posted by Spoony Bard , Jun 18 2009 · 323 views
Such a great movie cult classic.



Choose My Next Big Lego Final Fantasy Project

Posted by Spoony Bard , Jun 18 2009 · 561 views
Final Fantasy
I wanna make something epic. Something big. Something for next year's Brickfest or Brickfair.

But I can't decide, so I shall let the decision be made by my fans and Andrew. You don't have to know anything about Final Fantasy. Just choose which you think will look so cool in Lego.

Final Fantasy I - Chaos Picture
Final Fantasy II - Emperor Palamecia Picture
Final Fantasy IV - Giant of Babil Picture (sorry all I could find for DS)
Final Fantasy V - Omega Picture
Final Fantasy VI - Deathgaze Picture
Final Fantasy VII - Ultimate Weapon Picture
Final Fantasy VIII - Griever Picture
Final Fantasy IX - Necron Picture
Final Fantasy X - Seymour Natus (no good picture)
Final Fantasy XII - The Undying Picture

Only choose one.



I Didn't Get The Job

Posted by Spoony Bard , Jun 17 2009 · 313 views
That is Lego for ya.

Back to being mopey again.



Senior Denied His Diploma

Posted by Spoony Bard , Jun 16 2009 · 608 views
A Very Costly Kiss: Senior Denied Diploma
by Mike Krumboltz

For teens, there is no greater joy than graduating high school. Shaking off the shackles of education and claiming that hard-fought diploma is truly an epic day. Unfortunately, for several students at Bonny Eagle High School in Maine, their natural exuberance has led to some surprisingly serious problems.

On Friday night, when the senior class was waiting to graduate, excitement began to grow. Students bounced a large inflatable rubber duck. The noise level rose. And then came "the kiss." When called, one student walked on stage to receive his diploma and blew a kiss to his family. The school administrator, clearly not the sentimental sort, sent the student back to his seat ... sans diploma.

The seemingly harsh punishment has sent the Web all aflutter. Searches on "student denied diploma" and "bonny eagle high school" are both through the roof. Additionally, blogs and news papers are chiming in with opinions on whether or not the administration overreacted. The student's mother has given interviews and is quite upset at her son's treatment. According to an article from Fox News the outraged mother said, "A bow, a kiss to your mom is not misbehavior."

But the administrators feel they were just enforcing the rules that students agreed to. At a meeting following the debacle, school superintendent Suzanne Lukas said that "if a student doesn't adhere to the expectations, then the consequences are clearly spelled out."

This isn't the first time that rambunctious (dare we say "fun"?) behavior affected a graduation ceremony at Bonny Eagle. "Four years ago we had some issues with silly string and beach balls," said Lukas.




What Is Your Favorite Lego Set?

Posted by Spoony Bard , Jun 15 2009 · 352 views
Just one of the questions I was asked during my interview. I didn't want to think about it, but my answer was Kopaka. I told her how awesome and appealling he was.

Anyways where to start. I arrived early because I was going to have lunch with Steve Witt, since we are chums. He gave me a quick tour of the first floor of the Brick House, and my jaw dropped. You know the saying "like a kid in a candy store". Yah this was like 10x more than that. Basically the large store models you see in stores and cons, and smaller custom models built by the staff, and set models are just everywhere.

So ate lunch with Steve and Eric in the LEGO CAFETERIA!!! Ok not as amazing but still.

So after lunc went back into their office area and I got to build one of the Lego Store event models, which was cool and I even got to give feedback on it. After that, I just chilled and watched some comedy on their TV to kill the 15 minutes I had remaining.

As far as for the interview, I think I did pretty good. Their offices are littered with Lego too. I don't know if I got the job or not, but I will get the results by the end of the week.