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  1. Yeah however the part at the end is also part of the play. They never showed the whole thing in the beginning. -Omi
  2. Spoony Bard

    Firion Wip

    Based on his Dissidia Artwork. So far I got the details down right. I just need to give him blue bracers and paint on his bandana. He will have all his weapons. Or I could take the cheap way out and say the figure is based on the official novel artwork, where he only has a sword and no bandana. But still need blue bracers. -Omi
  3. Spoony Bard

    Vote For Me

    Doesn't meet the requirements of a date. -Omi
  4. Thank you to those who nominated me for Lego Ambassador and to those who have sent me testimonials. I greatly appreciate your support. -Omi
  5. Oh wow Matt B had his Enterprise there. -Omi
  6. Gave it a one. Beggars can't be choosers. -Omi
  7. Spoony Bard

    Free Giveaway

    I am a BZPower member. I wants free thing nao.' -Omi
  8. Can I send myself? I'll let you put me together. -Omi
  9. If you go, drive. Flights are such a pain with money. -Omi
  10. thru –preposition, adverb, adjective an informal, simplified spelling of through. Technically they did get it right. -Omi
  11. Does the entry stiill exist? Occasionally something will seem silly to me in retrospect, and I go on occasional purges, so your point may not be valid. Yes. Otherwise I would not have screenshotted it. So regardless of whether you think it is silly or not, you cannot hide what you did. -Omi
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