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  1. Big news, the MLP movie trailer just hit! Pretty crazy stuff. I didn't actually know this issue until I watched the episodes, but yeah it was really noticeable. It's not due to a framerate difference so much as when other countries speed up the episode slightly to fit their network's timeslots or to fit in more ads. I'm usually one to wait to watch things until they air, like when Steven Universe episodes release early, but in this case since episode 13 was one I was really looking forward to, I broke down and watched it. I did luckily manage to find an upload of Episode 13 (The Perfect Pear) that was captured at the correct speed and pitch, and I'm glad because this was probably my favorite episode all season. Feels ramped up to 11.
  2. If you know where to look on streaming sites, Australia actually aired episodes 12 and 13 this week before their hiatus break, and fans got recordings. I might go check it out myself, because I was particularly interested in those episodes. I actually didn't know the EqD specials were happening, I'll have to look those up!
  3. Apologies, I've been a lurker on BZP for almost 14 years, it's difficult to break that habit. Fluttershy's episode was pretty good. Definitely cool to see how her character's developed and changed since season 1, and she's now able to stand for herself and pursue her dreams. Seems like all the Mane Six are going in similar directions, and I wonder where that will lead once their goals are accomplished. Next week's Sweetie Belle episode almost feels like a thematic continuation of the Applewood Derby episode last season, showing that the CMC aren't so little and dependent anymore. I wonder if we'll get similar character growth stories for Scootaloo and Apple Bloom eventually, like how each of them got a Luna dream episode.
  4. I really liked both of the premiere week episodes. A slice-of-life season premiere is sort of a welcome change, in my opinion, from the usual high-stakes villain plots. I loved seeing the more relatable, down-to-earth side of Celestia, the mane six actually using creative teamwork in a fun scenario, and in episode 2 the Starlight/Trixie antics were also pretty great. I didn't like this week's episode quite as much, since the babysitter story was pretty predictable and not terribly interesting, but I was pretty impressed with how well they wrote/animated Flurry Heart to actually act like a real baby or toddler in nuanced ways. Decent episode, just not my cup of tea. Next week is a Maud episode, so that should be fun!
  5. Season 7? That starts on April 15. If you're asking about Whinny City con, that just ended on Sunday.
  6. I just spent the weekend at this year's Whinny City Pony Con, which was really fun. Always nice to have a convention within driving distance. Can't wait for season 7!
  7. I feel bad about not posting here more often, given how slow this topic is. I definitely still watch the show every week. I thought Legends of Everfree was pretty good. The new powers are interesting and I'm glad they get to keep them for future installments. Also just finished watching today's episode, "Where The Apple Lies". Solid episode with a decent lesson. Some fun easter eggs in the background ponies too. I hear the finale episodes just aired in the UK, but I'm avoiding spoilers until they officially air in the States. I'd rather not put myself in the post-season hiatus any sooner than I have to.
  8. In my village, we have Daryl, Daryl the Pony.
  9. Huh, I'll have to check it out. Sounds really interesting and I'm not really sure how it managed to slip my new game awareness radar. On a side note, I can't see a blog entry with this title and not link this Neverhood music.
  10. 0118 9998 8199 9119 7253 As for billing information, you can find that here.
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