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From: Hero Factory Winter 2012 Sets

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Ironic that on the same day a topic was created and locked, finalized pictures are found.


Over at the site spielwaren-hegmann.de (right here), finalized pictures (with no confidential markings) of the Hero Factory Winter 2012 sets have been found, along with their official names.


I compiled the pictures into a gallery that can be found here.




Rocka - $12.99

Furno - $12.99

Breez - $12.99

Evo - $7.99

Surge - $7.99




Thornraxx - $7.99

Toxic Reapa - $7.99

Jawblade - $7.99

Splitface - $12.99

Black Phantom - $19.99


Of note are, obviously enough, the presence of only five heroes and five villains respectively, as well as the heroes and villains being divided into two sizes; the normal villain size and the standard hero size.


Other notable things include the fact that all Heroes are equipped with a pair of handcuufs that utilize a new piece alongside the chain piece used in Hewkii Inika, and a redesigned Thornax Launcher (top half is a new piece, bottom half is a Thornax Launcher).


Also Black Phantom is surprisingly epic win. I didn't think he would be.







Source: Hero Factory Winter 2012 Discussion

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Guest kopakanuva13


You mad, Kardas? :B


I dunno, this is shaping up to be one of my favorite lines, aside from Savage Planet (because it had Raw Jaw, Waspix, and wolf!Bulk). I'm not too thrilled by the villains, but the heroes are pretty sweet. They have the classic HF look but with a lot more posability and are visually interesting. It's nice to see some unique character designs for the villains too - the shark and Nui-Rama-like body styles, as well as Splitface's non-traditional approach show that the designers are really trying to be creative with the system.


Also translucent lime, and a teal-ish color? Yes!

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