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  1. u suk

    1. Arby!


      who do u think u are punk


    2. Arby!


      also i'm in bzpc right now and i'll probably check in from time to time (if it's even still used??)

      so come at me, bruh

  2. But don't tell nobody. In all seriousness though, I might actually come back here if the leaks are true. In the meantime, I'm gonna get back to playing on the xbox one with some mods from this site. And I'm waaaay too lazy to find the font or do my signature anymore.
  3. you're back ew you loser

  4. I haven't been here in forever, but I noticed I'm no longer an outstanding citizen, even though I have full proto. Is this normal? How else is my legacy supposed to continue?
  5. Legion, Tali, and Mordin would be your best options then. Tali and Legion both die when you pick either the Quarians or Geth (Tali commits suicide and Legion attacks you and you have to shoot him multiple times), and Mordin is so hurt when you betray him and his dying scene is the absolute saddest thing ever. But Mordin's kind of tricky because if you kill him and Wrex is dead from the first game, then you get the support of the krogans and the salarians and that's not good because you'll have a lot more war assets.
  6. Really? Did not know he stands down automatically. I knew that if you did his family armor quest you didn't need a high paragon or renegade score. And no, the game will not allow you to kill Zaeed if he's one of your last two members.
  7. Liara is not invincible, I can assure you of that. If you play your cards right and prevent yourself from getting war assets in Mass effect 3, whoever you are running with to the beam at the end are killed by the exploding mako. And if you did your duty in Mass effect 2, the only squadmates you should have left in the last game at this point are Vega, Liara, and EDI (don't do Javik DLC), and you can kill EDI by choosing destroy ending. Don't forget you can shoot Ashley or Kaiden at the coup. And by the way, it is possible to do all loyalty missions in mass effect 2 and still only have 2 survivors, including getting Chakwas and the whole crew killed. I've done it with some help from My fancy and neat list. My survivors were Morinth and Jacob, and I held off on doing Samara's loyalty mission until after the suicide mission. I would recommend trying to keep Morinth and either Mordin or Jack. Mordin because then you can see one of the saddest scenes ever in Mass Effect 2, and if you don't kill Wrex in the first game, he finds out about your treachery and you have to kill him there, but he will also take away your krogan war assets. And then Jack because if you don't do the mission where you save her and the kids, then Cerberus captures all of them and she is turned into a Phantom. And Morinth is turned into a banshee. One of the best parts about doing this evil playthrough is that you can hold off on doing all the loyalty missions and recruitment missions that you can because when you get Legion, you don't have to care about the crew and can take Legion on all the recruitment and loyalty missions and he has a lot of dialogue you never would have heard otherwise since usually you would race to the crew to save them. But if you don't wanna do that, you can always sell him instead of activating him and then you fight and kill him in Mass effect 3. Trust me, I know how to do a horrible playthrough, or as I call them, a Mufasa playthrough (don't ask). If you have any questions come ask me because I have put waaaaay too much thought into this. ~U_K~
  8. Member name: Ultimate_Kardas Entry Topic: Here Entry picture: Here I would've re-sized it, but I'm in kind of a rush. ~U_K~
  9. Well. Haven't been here in awhile. Anyway, I heard about this contest way too late and built it as fast as I could in a day and a half. Pretty proud with what I got. White Fury ~U_K~
  10. At this point in time, the only Halo achievements I'm missing are from Halo wars, and I only rented that game. And Halo 2, but that's only on pc so it doesn't count.
  11. So hear me out. I've only ever played diamond, but this was my team: Torterra Gyarados Crobat Lucario Dialga And I am totally blanking out on the last one, because that was the one I kept switching out, but I believe it was mainly a Haunter? Anyway As my first pokemon game, can I just say how hilarious it was to put my new magikarp first into every battle, switch him out immediately, and then he got half the xp, which leveled him up really fast. Then for about half the game I absolutely wrecked with just my Gyarados and my starter.
  12. $100 bucks more, you can't turn off the camera/microphone system, once daily check-ins, one-time use codes and that's it... Well, you pay $100 more for the actual kinect which seems fine, you can turn off every aspect of the kinect in the settings, and for all intents and purposes, it will be off other than the fact that it's not unplugged, the once daily check ins does suck for some people, and is a valid complaint, but it won't bother me, and only certain developers will be putting costs on used games. It does kind of suck, but it's not much different than online passes. $100 bucks more, you can't turn off the camera/microphone system, once daily check-ins, one-time use codes and that's it... Also Xbone has worse specs. And Playstation Plus gives you free games every month, and discounts on digital purchases. And IMO Sony has better exclusives, bot for the PS3 and 4. Sorry UK, but YOUR OPINION IS WRONG (I still love you though) Not by much. Plus I still love the controller way better. Can't stand the playstation controller. Xbox 360 is giving out two free games per month until the release of the xbox 1, and I don't know if it will continue, but while PS plus does generally beat xbox in this aspect, you at least get to keep the games for xbox if you stop subscribing. Again though, Playstation wins overall in this category. And IMO X1 has better exclusives. PS4 only has infamous, Knack, order 1886, killzone. Other than being mildy interested in the order game, Not interested in any.
  13. People shouldn't be hating on microsoft so much. Especially since The final fantasy game and KH3 are coming out for the x1 too. You have to pay for multiplayer on the ps4 now too (10 bucks less than live), and third party developers are allowed to decide if you have to pay for used games on the ps4. Not much better. Plus titanfall looks amazing, and I like playing games on consoles more than pc (sue me).
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