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Contest Extension And Lost Incident Theory



Firstly, the General Art contest, LEGO Battlescapes, had been extended by two weeks, to Tuesday May 8, at 11:59 PM EST. :)





Second, still writing The Perfect Cage. The end is in sight now. :biggrin:


Third, now that taxes are done I hope to start getting some Expanded Multiverse stuff back up later this week. Watch the discussion topic in S&T for updates. Not sure how much I'll be able to get to this week but what is needed includes putting up a saved copy of the wiki in downloadable format (a temporary solution), redoing the fanon collection topic, continuing the Shards contest, art for the next (finished) Cipher Chronicles episode, figuring out if I'll be posting that or the guest author, posting it, and working on the Season One finale.


Big list lol, and I've probably forgotten something. :P


Fourthly, I've been writing, off and on, a blog series I've been thinking of doing for over a year, basically expanding on my "variety is good for society" theory that I've summed up before. Obviously geared towards forum discussion, but a lot of it is applicable in many other situations. Because I've had trouble keeping up blog series that I wrote as I went before, I'm instead writing this whole series before I start launching, just as I do with fanfics, so it'll be easy to continue posting it until it's all up. So it might be a while before I launch it. And yes, I'll try (try :P) to keep it more concise than my older entries. :lol:


Fifthly, LOST still rocks. :biggrin:


Sixthly, speaking of LOST, I think I've come up with a theory that explains what was really going on in the Season Five finale, which in my observation is the single most confusing part of LOST to most fans. Basically, I think the Lostaways really had to be at the Swan site to be teleported back to the future. In all the other time-jumps, energy was seen building up (due to the Orchid wheel being off its axle) before they "time-ported". Well, energy was building up at the Swan site too.


So I think the nuke did NOT go off, but that finale tap of the bomb just happened to be at the same time as enough energy had built up, and they were timeported to the future. But the bomb DID need delivered, so Juliet didn't die for nothing; bear with me on this. As soon as the energy was channeled into the timeportation, the Incident's charge was released just like what would happen later with the pushing of the button in the Hatch. This gave Dharma the idea and bought them some time to build the hatch before it built up again. But they also built the safeguard system to actually set off the nuke.


If I'm right, then when Desmond turned the key in the Season 2 finale, he actually set off the nuke then. And survived because he was farther away -- and he, Locke, and Eko were time-ported to safety too just before it went off, after the key was turned. This would seem to explain just about everything related to the Swan. But the bomb probably couldn't have gone off in the S5 finale, because Juliet was right next to it but she did survive for a while. Other theories are possible but they seem like more of a stretch to me.


Also there's some loose evidence for this in the flash sideways, that the island was sunk but Ben and his father moved off the island, hinting that if the nuke had gone off in the S5 finale, Juliet and company probably would have died, or at least Juliet, instantly, but the island would NOT have been destroyed as Kate thought; the same thing would have happened as when Desmond turned the key. But perhaps the early destruction of the Swan site would somehow let the Man in Black destroy the island by some other means, before Oceanic 815 flew by.


Of course, this is all an artificial construct in the afterlife made by the Lostaways to find each other, so it doesn't necessarily need to be accurate to what would have happened if the bomb went off, but it seems to fit.


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(I have no idea what the rest of this blog entry was about. XP)


But alright! Now I think I'll work on another entry! I really hope we get more entries in. Crunchy's a formidable opponent, but if I get into the top three, I don't want that to be because there were only a few entries. =/

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