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The Wall



Man you know




I've always been hard on this album. I could go on and on explaining why, but I am sure a few Pink Floyd fans would put me up against the wall (SORRY) for that.


Though recently I managed to obtain the album (with help from a very good friend), and I'd say I'm beginning to soften up on it a bit. I still prefer other 70's Floyd albums to The Wall, but I've definitely begun to take a liking to it.


Blah blah blah GOOD MUSIC.


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Yeah, I kind of dislike some of the songs on this album. It was in one of Floyd's stranger moments, where the members weren't necessarily agreeing about a variety of things. There are still some awesome songs on here (Comfortably Numb for example), nonetheless, but I'd prefer Dark Side of the Moon to this. Which not a lot of people would agree with me on - anybody I've talked to dislikes that album intensely. :/

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I was actually just listening to The Wall.

I feel like I always under-appreciate this album. It really is just beautiful, and it surprises me everytime I listen to it.

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I want to be perfectly honest here.


I can't handle Side 4 somedays (Tracks The Show Must Go On - Outside The Wall) and I dislike some other songs on it.


But I still tolerate them when you consider the entire album as a whole. So yeah, it's overrated IN PARTS but it's still amazing.

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The reverse has happened to me. I used to love this album intensely, and it helped get me through a lot of things as well, but I really played it too much and now I really don't enjoy it, particularly because it reminds me of a dark period mentally in my past that I've mostly moved away from. It's also way too erratic, which made sense at the time but now feels a bit stupid, particularly as I've started to really appreciate consistency with music albums in general. I still like the songs, even some of the ones from Sides 2 & 3 that I didn't use to like, and I still adore the concept and subject matters, but I just cannot enjoy it as much as I used to as a whole, it's become tainted on a personal level. I guess that's not really relevant but anyway.


It was never my favourite Pink Floyd album, though. I still think Dark Side is the best album on a production and music level, but the one I enjoy the most is Animals, with Meddle up there as well.



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