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The Iron Toa


So, I'll have a free blog for a week. Neat. I might buy a premier membership when this is all done. It depends on how much I like this and other perks. I don't think I've ever had a blog before, and I know I've never had a BZPower one.


Okay, so, I guess I should tell about myself and my interest in Bionicle and BZPower. Well, I like to type fan-fiction. Looks like a good place to add some links to my story topics (to save you the trouble of using the links in my signature :P)! I have been working on a long series of epics (well, the series is only four, but the epics all together are long). This story focuses on Toa and Matoran and starts (link to the forums archive there) in a region I made up called Yrenta. Most of the story takes place in that little corner of the Northern Continent, with some action elsewhere -- later, as Toa become less common, the characters must cover more territory to make up for the lack of other heroes. Anyway, I have one story on the side: a comedy called Story of Pehkui Nui. Personally, I don't like the script-style for comedies, so mine is written in standard format. I have not yet written any stories that take place outside the Matoran Universe, but I will feature Spherus/Aqua/Bota/Bara Magna sometime.


I'd really like it if you'd read and review my stories. I recommend you start with Tale of Yrenta, which starts in... I think you know where... during the reign of the Barraki. Now, the latest story is called End of Yrenta, and yes, it will feature the end of Yrenta. I'm getting to it. It's running really long -- 40 chapters as of now, and while I'm pretty sure I'm well over halfway done, I still have some more story arcs and a general idea of the ending in mind. If I had known it would be this long, I would have made it two stories. Maybe I'll split it when this is all done. We'll see.


I also like to MOC. Wait, that's not a verb. I like to build custom Lego models -- and lately it's been nearly exclusively Bionicle. I have a Brickshelf gallery full of my Bionicle models, and so far it's only Bionicle models (and some pictures. No fancy drawings, just sprites and a couple stylized character cartoons. I'm not much of artist, but I do mess around in Paint Shop Pro sometimes). Lots of the custom models I see on Brickshelf and pictures of these conventions... they're just stunning. No way I can compete with that. I'm a mediocre builder, but hey, I have fun with it. And the focus is on fan fiction more than innovative builds. I like to make models of the characters in my story. If you read my story, please take a look, because those models are what my characters look like. Accept no alternative! I think I might even try to eventually MOC every named and several unnamed characters in my story. Yeah... maybe I'll make that into a project. Here would be a good place to post updates on how that's coming along, right?


Well, we'll see about that. But speaking of projects, this would also be a good place to tell of the other little project I have. If you'll scroll down to my signature and see the... oh, nevermind. Here it is:


End of Yrenta is featuring a battle between Toa and their allies and the Brotherhood of Makuta that takes place 802 AGC. If you have any characters from your own works that you would like to make a brief appearance or be mentioned as participating, please message me.


Now, I don't want to give away too much information, but this involves about fifty to sixty Toa and an army of about a thousand to two thousand. Er, a big difference in that last bit. Call it about 1500, then. After centuries of preparation, the Toa mastermind of this operation has recruited enough members to strike against the Brotherhood. They'll be attacking an island fortress. A small yet strategic location off the coast of the Southern Continent. Just a little place that the Brotherhood uses as a staging ground and communications outpost. It's not a major target. Really.


Anyway, I think this would be a great opportunity to reach out to my fellow fan fiction authors. (Wow, I don't usually call myself an author... 'writer' will do, even though it's all typed, not written... sorry for my rambling.) With the numbers of Toa declining, I think that it would make sense that several of these Toa would come from other writers' stories. Of course, non-Toa allies are welcome to join. Just no Brotherhood of Makuta (obviously) or Dark Hunters. I don't like to 'hijack' other peoples' characters, so I'll make sure whatever role they play is alright with you, and as far as the plot goes they won't do much more than show up for the battle. So far, two fellow writers have responded to this. The first is Maganar, who has allowed me to use his Toa of Fire Tignioni (hey, read his epic, too!), and the second is rahkshi guurahk, who has let me use a Toa of Air named Ebanus. Judging from his signature, Ebanus is his BZPRPG character. Sorry, guurahk, I have not gotten into BZPRPGs yet. Maybe someday. If you're reading this, you two, thanks again. I hope you like the story. Everyone else, here's a recruitment message from Toa Iskanemo:


"It has been eight centuries since the Great Spirit Mata Nui was forced into sleep by the treacherous Brotherhood of Makuta. For over eight hundred years, the Makuta have been allowed to spread their shadow over the lands and seas. The one faction that has had most success combating them is the Dark Hunters, and know that the Shadowed One has a spirit as evil as any Makuta's. Will no heroes make a stand against the Brotherhood? We Toa oppose them in small groups, but only to be wiped out one by one. We will not prevail that way. So let us band together! Only then can we overthrow the Brotherhood and bring the Makuta and their allies to justice. I speak not only to Toa, but to all inhabitants of the universe. There are not enough Toa left for us to do this on our own, and besides, it is the duty of all beings to oppose this plague upon our world. It is the Duty of all of us to serve Mata Nui by punishing those who wronged him, for he cannot. I believe he will be awakened someday, but until that day we must fight back for ourselves. If we wait, it will dishonor him -- or worse, doom us all. So please, seek me out, and tell me you will fight by my side."


So, I want YOU! To lend me your characters to have them participate in this much-needed stand against the tyranny of the Makuta and the corruption of the Dark Hunters. I won't kill any of them off (unless you want me to... which would be unexpected...), I promise, though they will see much battle and death.


Whew, what a post. So, how is that for the beginning of a blog?

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