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Next General Art Theme? LDD, BP updates, etc.



So, my initial proofreading of my next Paracosmos story, The Perfect Cage, is finally done. My brother may be reading it if he has time first, and I should make some art for it and stuff, but otherwise should launch fairly soon.


Don't forget to enter the S&T contest, everybody!


Sorry I've been a bit slow in proofreading the ones some of you PMed to me, but don't hesitate to do that if you want. I will try to be very thorough and check as many details as I can, so it can take a while, but I usually do catch some things to fix. :)


Has everybody seen LDD's latest version? The pieces are finally split up into more logical and numerous categories. Previously a lot of the minifig-related pieces were all dumped into two categories, which made finding the right part very tricky, but now they've got categories for bodies, head, hats, armor, weapons, animals, and more. Plus, I may be crazy, but it seems like there's a couple more Bionicle parts than I remember. And there's even more great HF parts and others.


This past month I have started taking all my collecting-dust MOCs and making LDD versions of them, instead of worrying about getting an expensive camera, and taking the less masterful ones apart. Finally clearing up shelf space this way, and ironically it's got me wanting to buy more LEGO finally. LDD, having the opposite effect I worried it might, once again. ^_^


I'm also categorizing my real plastic pieces by LDD-ify-able and non, so future MOCs can be guaranteed to be easily turned into digital form.


Anywho, as usual there's plenty on here that's still on the to-do list. My next project is to put up the polls of the Matoran traits -- this is just for curiosity, but it's been on my list for a while and shouldn't be too hard, so I plan to do that quickly this week. After that I'll worry about the Shards contest polls, which will take more work to collect and sort everything, and when that's done, start on the EM Season 1 finale and the like.


The first General Art contest on the new forums was very fun, and although we didn't get a ton of turnout, did get some great winning pieces out off it. So, this would probably be a good time to start throwing theme ideas at me for the next one. (Maybe to run around December-January or thereabouts.)


Recommended Comments

How about something involving romance? Now that General Art isn't strictly BIONICLE-based, even the people who firmly follow the BIONICLE canon that romance can't exist in the Matoran Universe can likely find inspiration somewhere. Also, my experience on various art sites tells me that there's very little that inspires as many people creatively as shipping within their favorite fandoms.


Obviously a romance-related contest would have to be kept G-rated, but that shouldn't be a challenge for most people. And it'd contrast well with the Battlescapes contest.

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Mention of a contest here makes me wonder again if we'll ever see the results of your UnMOCable contest from three or so years ago. That could be nice.


Otherwise, I think Aanchir's idea is pretty solid.



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Yea I think Aanchir's idea is really good, especially for all the shippers [it saddens me to know that I now know what that means lol :P]


A similar idea, maybe the theme Brotherhood, like Axonn/Brutaka, Mata Nui/Makuta, Vakama/Matau, etc.


Another theme idea- Christmas Present: Naughty or Nice?


Or we could do another contest similar to the Flash Fire contest. Would be nice if we arrange a canon contest for Tuyet or Lariska or some other character.

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