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  1. Why play with SW CCBS when I can play with the vastly superior Hero Mashers?
  2. Thanks, I use Photoshop CS5 and a Intuos3 Small 4by6in tablet
  3. This is my entry into the Legends Continues contest. Continuity-wise, this would fit in the aftermath of Makuta's wearing of the Mask of Ultimate Power, the chaotic energy from the event having changed their physical bodies and left them as shells of who they once were. Initial inspiration spawned from a drawing of a skull MoUP done in the last Inktober and after, I also did a quick sketch of a skull MoCr. Additional inspiration also came from hours of playing Witcher 3 and some discussions comparing the MoUP and MoCr to the helms of the Witch King of Angmar and Sauron.
  4. I need a refresher on the Art Guidelines because the condensed version is missing the rules about violence and whatnot. What were the rules on depicting violence? [i'm on a bit of a skull-drawing habit and I want to know where the lines are drawn.]
  5. Here's a take on the Rahkshi that I did a while back. Most I can remember was that I was probably looking at Doug Chiang's/Star Wars droid design and how he does his marker renderings.
  6. If you guys are interested in game development, modeling and the like, here's a look at how levels are created for the Mask of Creation game. http://etiennecarrier.com/lego-bionicles-procedural-modeling/
  7. Has there been any word on the artbook after the end of the contest?
  8. If Metru Nui was a danger zone, what was being done to clear it and by who other than the Dume/rahaga and Keetongu?
  9. Would like to point out this tweet by the Discord Twitter. https://twitter.com/discordapp/status/785577889290784774
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