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  1. I believe I remember reading the outline the LEGO group created for G2; it was leaked online somewhere. It said that they didn't intend to ever explicitly make a connection to G1, but that they would leave certain threads open for fans to imagine a connection. In this way, new fans wouldn't have to be encumbered by the old mythos, but old fans would have fun seeing the Easter eggs and potential connections.
  2. I think it makes sense if we view this as the prequel to BIONICLE, filtered through the lens of myth and time. Maybe there was some great guy who had a Mask of Creation, who fought against his brother who made inferior masks. Were those guys Ekimu and Makuta? Who's to say for sure? Apparently Artakha had a contest with Karzahni to determine who would get the MoC. Maybe that contest was mask making - which is why the Olisi looks like garbage. Canonically though, it seems that G2 is very far removed from G1. Though my guess is, had it gone on longer, they would have attempted to establish some sort of link through the connection between the upper and lower halves of the Vahi. But we'll never know now.
  3. I think that most Matoran are incredibly good-natured, and forgave Ahkmou of his wrongdoings. For example, when it was discovered that he was behind the poisoned Koli balls, the matoran forgave him eventually and let him integrate into the Po-Matoran society - giving him the upgrade and allowing him to resume work as a shopkeeper in Po-Wahi. Surely they Matoran will consider his actions as part of a past life that none of them can remember. And by the time the Turaga told them of Metru Nui, they'd already forgiven him for the Koli ball poisoning - so they know that it fits in with Ahkmou's nature. Yet they still try to accept him in their society, and hope for the best for the Po-Matoran. The Matoran truly embody higher ideals than most humans, who would have a much harder time forgiving a traitor in their midst. It seems from the Bionicle Wiki site that Ahkmou eventually served as "turaga" under Makuta's reign, and then evacuated like everyone else after the MU was destroyed, and is attempting to integrate into the Agori/Glatorian society. No word yet on if the Matoran will do anything to him for his final act of traitorousness. At the same time, perhaps it was better that Metru Nui was headed by a matoran rather than a more formidable minion of Teridax. All Ahkmou really seemed to regulate (according to the Wiki) was the types of statues that were made. Maybe the AskGreg archives have the answer.
  4. Blue dot on the Toa?Nuva on the... I'm confused haha Monocle on the Bionicle, I believe it's meant to be.
  5. I don't think it needs to be "rebooted" because of the flexible nature of HF's storyline. They could just jump in with the story centered around the Heroes fighting Von Nebula, and attempting to thwart his plan of making the "Villain Factory". I think the continuation could rectify one of the main problems of HF - namely, the lack of a common story thread from year to year. Having Nebula be a "behind the scenes" villain like Makuta was in G1 would fix this in my opinion.
  6. Let's talk about it. Do you think LEGO prioritizing their Star Wars CCBS lead to them neglecting their original CCBS property? Did BIONICLE having to compete w/ Star Wars CCBS end up ending the line? Or would BIONICLE G2 still have come to an early end whether or not Star Wars CCBS was a thing?
  7. Mata-Nui, no. I could see LEGO working with Warner Brothers to create a TV show or movie series - or even adding a re-booted version of BIONICLE to the Dimensions game - but LEGO isn't the type to sell IP's. When they can sell a product without the licensing, I imagine they'd want to take advantage of that. But please, Mata-Nui no. Never sell it to someone like Disney. They would ruin it. They only way that could ever happen would be if Disney bought LEGO outright - which is incredibly unlikely, as LEGO is sort of a family business.
  8. Of the ones I actively sought out and "had to have", probably Takanuva. Wanted him back in 2004, but by then the Metru dominated the shelves and Takanuva was gone.
  9. NO. Not anything against you personally, but I don't like this idea for several reasons. Modern pop culture is far too obsessed with nostalgia. Everything is a remake, a reboot, or a sequel. The Force Awakens. Blade Runner 2047. The cookie cutter MCU sequels. Bionicle G2 was even a "remastering" so to speak. Nothing is original in pop culture anymore. BIONICLE was good to start with because it bucked the trend. And it can do that again. I would honestly rather see each iteration of BIONICLE be totally different, like each generation of Final Fantasy or Yu-Gi-Oh!, where the themes and the premises are similar, but the characters and settings are different. Shake things up, but retain the few things that definitively make something BIONICLE (i.e. Masks of Power, Elemental Powers, the meshing of machine and magic, a story on an epic scale...) No 'remastering", no nostalgia tripping. If BIONICLE is to ever come back, it needs to be only marginally tied to the old series, but ultimately needs to be something completely new to both newcomers and long-time fans.
  10. One thing I really agree with about this is the idea that the Toa teams need to be made smaller - and if we go for a full-on reboot, there's no reason to be tied to the same characters or elements. Though I think 5 Toa rather than 3 would make for a better team dynamic with diverse personalities. I think too that G2 made a mistake by making the heroes to "big" and the villains...not that much bigger. Hate on Hero Factory all you like, but they got this dynamic correct most of the time. Firstly, by having hero sets smaller, it makes them more affordable, and the first sets you're going to gravitate towards when you buy a first BIONICLE for yourself, or as a present for someone else. Especially since BIONICLE would have to compete with other brands, a lower price compared to other figures out there will be very important. Secondly, from a story perspective, it just doesn't make the villains very intimidating when the heroes tower over their opponents. This is why the rahi and rahkshi were great.
  11. It's real. I saw a guy on the internet say he saw it. Seems legit.
  12. I think your assessment of the Ko-Matoran is spot on. As for the actual stars the Ga-Matoran studied... It's possible that, as the Ga-Matoral were scholars, they too studied Ko-Matoran research on Metru-Nui. Surely Mata-Nui had a good understanding of the cosmos, and thus was able to impart some information to the matoran. When the matoran later moved to the surface, Mata-Nui had foreknowledge of certain events based on the position of the red star, and thus the Ga-Matoran are able to base their predictions on it's orbit. As for the constellation of the spirit stars, perhaps the fact that the seven toa mata's stars can exist outside of the MU is a sign that they are more important or "special" than all other toa who have come before, and thus watching the stars of the toa can yield more reliable prophesies. Aside from information gleaned from watching the Red Star or the Toa Spirit Stars, there are some other alternate, more wild possibilities. A lot of their belief in astrology is based on superstition, and they only happen to get things right by coincidence. All stars in the BIONICLE universe are actually spiritual in nature, and thus are all able to communicate accurate prophesies. The Great Beings are in charge of it all. Of course, for this to happen, it needs to be retconned that there are in fact not Glatorian. Perhaps they only assumed the form of Glatorian while on Spherus Magna, and prior to that they existed in a more ethereal state whereby they can manipulate the very universe itself. The fact that Great Beings are able to transfer consciousness (as one did when he assumed the identity of Velika) may be evidence of this...but nothing Greg has said really supports this theory. The whole BIONICLE universe is actually all inside of an even bigger robot, and they are able to communicate through the stars in a similar way. Maybe all of BIONICLE occurs in a perpetual nesting egg doll, with each robot in side of a bigger robot ad infinitum.
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