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  1. Interesting... I should try fiddling with stud.io and its custom parts at some point, you make them work quite well. While I do like this take on the Kaukau Nuva, I do admit I miss some bits from the original Mistika Kaukau too... maybe you could use the connection points where the wings go in to mount a scope over the left eye? It might be a nice nod to the original while keeping the design of the custom mask. Also man I like the sniper rifle. Beefy-lookin' sucker, too.
  2. I find Nintendo's newfound partnership with Lego (between this and the Super Mario stuff) rather odd. Lego is a toy company, one that specializes in (at their heart) building blocks and construction kits. They take great efforts to encourage creativity with their toys, building, combining, making new things. So they're very permissive with fan creations, whether that's stop motion animations with Lego bricks, fan games, patching their old software, continuing old themes... because the point has always been to encourage creativity. Nintendo, on the other hand... well, they've earned their reputation for serving their fans cease-and-desist letters. Encouraging creativity is not something they're usually interested in, especially when Nintendo's own franchises are involved. I wonder where a partnership between such two different companies is going to go.
  3. It's a bit of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I think it's pretty cool that if you're a fan of superheroes, or LOTR, or other IPs, you can get your favorite characters as Lego sets and put them in whatever wacky settings you build with the rest of your sets. That's something awesome that younger me couldn't have imagined happening! Kids these days... but I find it hard to begrudge them something like that. On the other hand, I do miss original themes with slightly more serious storylines like Bionicle, and particularly Exo-Force. While Exo-Force never got nearly as dark or deep as Bionicle did, it was pretty clear it was supposed to be more than a seller of plastic bricks. Sellers of plastic bricks don't get experimental mech designs and manga-style web comics. That's the sort of thing I'd like now that I'm older, cool builds with some nice storytelling for all ages, beyond getting you to buy more sets. I am a sucker for cool robots... but then again, I suppose I'm not the target audience. I wonder if that's why people like Ninjago so much. Storytelling, cool builds, and the occasional giant robot thrown in for good measure.
  4. @Lenny, I find it interesting you mention the MCU. I've heard quite a few people say the MCU is this generation's equivalent to Star Wars, and of course everyone knows how important Star Wars was to a previous generation of kids and geeks and storytellers. Before that, I'm sure, there was Tolkien and Lewis and Jules Verne, other science fiction and fantasy authors. But I guess I fall in that weird middle ground where Star Wars doesn't click with me (I blame the prequels) and I'm too old to appreciate the MCU. But I did have Bionicle. I don't think I could ask for a better epic to grow up with. A world split into three planets, a Great Spirit and the giant robot body to heal it, cast out by his jealous brother to walk among the survivors and remember his purpose... there's so much there! For buildable action figures! This was my epic, my great saga of good vs. evil. I've gotten around to the point where I'm fine with Bionicle's cancellation. There's been nothing like it since, and I doubt there ever will be, even if a new series arrives under the same name. I think the only proper way to celebrate and remember it is to take its stories as inspiration and make something new.
  5. We're back! And I promptly forgot how to log in during the absence. Welp. The new design is looking slick, though! Hope it's easier for you guys on the technical end too.
  6. I have nothing to add to the conspiracy theories at the moment. Still, looking at "3IO" as my tired self, the word "Trio" comes to mind. Not sure if that was intentional or not. I don't think things in Bionicle often came in threes, combinations of six and two were more common. Well, you have the original Kaita, I guess, and the Three Virtues. And I suppose the legendary masks too in both Gen1 and Gen2 (Life + Time + Creation, Creation + Control + MoUP). STILL, I think Bionicle focused on six and two more than three. Anyways. Thoughts?
  7. Out of curiosity, would a Rahkshi character be considered if they used their staff and Rahkshi powers to fly around instead of an aircraft?
  8. Map of Mata Nui: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7863sQWxf-xaU04V1dVdlRsLVU My save file might still be there, feel free to delete it.
  9. On D.Va's mech, something on the scale of Sentry or Uplink from Exo-Force seems like a good scale to start from.
  10. I love how simple and... restrained this is. Peaceful. Calm. The polished granite and the white walls are perfect for the setting. Thank you.
  11. I'm curious if Bionicle could return, just not as its usual constraction self. Instead of those, have sets like the playsets from the Hordika, Voya Nui, and Mahri years. Some things might suffer because of that - I don't think an island with six different zones would work in a playset-based line, it wouldn't be coherent enough. With wrecked Metru Nui, Voya Nui, and Mahri Nui, there wasn't much variation across the geography of the island, so I think that worked in their favor. It also might be harder to have distinct masks on a smaller minifigure scale, and minifigures will never be as posable or sturdy as constraction builds. But I do wonder if it could work as a continuation of the series.
  12. Hm. In that case, I don't think I have anything you're looking for... sorry. Good luck though.
  13. I believe I have Mata Zuto 1 on my PC, along with the sequel if you're interested. I haven't played through the zip files I downloaded a while back, so I'm not sure if I have anything by LeKal or Twin Matrix. If you gave me some names to look for I could go through the zips again. Anyway, I'll try and get MZ1 on Google Drive sometime soon. EDIT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14zpEJjCUOC2kWNSReUDOGs8g3OotWwd7/view?usp=sharing Here ya go.
  14. Thanks! The Condor's my perpetual favorite, he's been through the most revisions too. I'm not quite sure about the cockpit from the original set... I didn't think the original had that much of a cockpit to begin with. Unless you mean the blasters and such that came out of the original's torso? You're right, it doesn't quite look the same. I'll have to see if I have enough white pieces to turn it back... I used a lot of my white on the Guardian. But I think you're right, it would look better with the original white. I don't think I could bring myself to get rid of the neon though. I like that idea! Rhotuka spinners would be perfect for a quad-copter drone, I think I'll try it out to give the Guardian a "spotter" buddy. And I could probably stick more boosters on with the studs under the wings. Or rockets, or I have two extra sniper-rifle barrels I could use somewhere. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try it out!
  15. Corresponding blog post More mechs? More mechs. Up on the revamp table are the Iron Condor, the Blade Titan, and the Sky Guardian. I just got done typing a big blog post on these three, so I'll keep it short here. The Condor has its signature rocket launcher back with a pair of shotguns mounted to it. The Titan is now in black and trans-green with a sweet looking chaingun (if I say so myself), and the Guardian is sleeker and more solid than before. Take a look and check out the blog post if you want the full descriptions. Iron Condor: Action Shot Front Left Side Back Wings Open Right Side Blade Titan: Front Left Side Back Right Side Sky Guardian: Sword Raised Sword Swing Sniper Rifle Front Left Side Back Right Side Once again, comments and the like are appreciated! -Jaga
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