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Coming This Week!



I'm officially ready to post the first chapter at least of my Bionicle retelling. Ran into a new problem in reposting the end of my previous fanfic, The Perfect Cage (apparently BZP has drastically shortened the maximum post length since the latest software update, and the final chapter and epilogue got cut off). Will repost final bit of epilogue tomorrow. Then I will get The Destiny of Bionicle up.


After posting the first chapter this week, I plan to post one chapter per week, at least until Chapter 10.


Then, since I haven't actually finished writing the whole story yet (but I'm sure enough about where it's going that I don't need to delay launch anymore), if I haven't got it all written by then I may take a break until it's all done, then continue posting.




-Original form of Vorox & Zesk -- TOP PRIORITY; need this for early chapters


-Karzahni plant

-EP entity

-giant jellyfish Rahi

-Tahtorak on home island, Keetonguan riding

-weird mutant scorpion


Some of these and others from the previous entry about art needed may be being done by some artists, but as of yet I haven't seen them. The only one that is urgent for now is the Vorox/Zesk.


Progress I have made on my own art for it since last update:

-several (classified for now) Agori and Glatorian non-canon characters

-Agori Alphabet (see BZP topic here -- and now includes sketch version!)

-Spirit's Wish Gate (with name written in my version of Agori)

-SM map sketch for locations in first 10 chapters (probably won't be displayed in the actual story but will be in the review topic firstpost, and later the appendix file)

-An LDD small-scale interpretation of the giant robot, designed to show the Red Star booster rocket attaching, plus a slightly larger version of the head

-a sketch of the Red Star based on the above

-LDD interpretation of Tahu "Re-Mata'ed", with and without Golden Armor

-something classified in LDD

-And this likely won't actually be used, but the LDD Matoran HF Masks project (see BZP topic) showing all Matoran element color schemes


One more urgent thing I need for early chapters is Annona, but I have requested permission for one on deviantart. So far haven't heard back. If I don't in time, I'll probably just slap together a sketch myself. I have figured out how to color sketches in GIMP now (two of the above are colored so far, not sure how many more I'll color), so if I do it I'll color it. And, if nobody tries for the Zesk and Vorox original forms in time I may try them myself too.


But, I think I'll take a break from art for now and get back to writing the final ten chapters.


Look for another blog entry before this week is over linking to the story!


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*fangirl shriek* It's almost here! OMG it's almost here!


Err...I mean, yeah, can't wait for this start. Look forward to reading it; sorry I can't help with any of the artwork though.

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If you're interested, feel free to use either of these for Annona.


http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/lego388/oo/annonaandtellfinal.jpg < Slightly more atmospheric, but also features Telluris along with Annona.


http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/lego388/oo/annonalayfk2435.png < Brighter version without Telluris.


If you're interested, I'll try to find the final file and take Telluris out of the image- providing you wish to use the first image sans Telluris, of course. =P

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YES. I got my scanner working, so I can probably send you the jellyfish sketches today. Should I just PM them to you?

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