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The new Bonkles storyline, should it be a reboot, will be massively hated by just about everyone


Should it not be a reboot, there will still be a strong contingent of people who dislike it and refuse to accept it as canon


BZP will be overwhelmed by the fighting over whether the old or new stuff is better



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Iunno, lots of reasonable people seem to be open to the idea of a reboot. And who cares about the unreasonable ones?

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I don't get all the "reboot is the only sane option" people. 


well, probably because, from a business perspective, it is? I dunno, seems pretty clearcut to me.

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I'm just waiting for the first official images of the new sets to pop up and for people to complain that they look like MegaBloks figures.



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I think "massively hated by just about everyone" is a severe overstatement, especially since there are sure to be loads of new fans who have never known the previous story and became fans BECAUSE of the reboot.


And your latter point just proves why doing a continuation to pander to old fans is a lost cause.

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