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Neon Avatar Evangelion

believe victims


something: *has giant robot*


me: that's evangelion





i was completely on the fence as to whether or not korra and asami were supposed to be getting together but that ending convinced me it was intentional. my one complaint is they didn't smooch. the smooch is the most important part. smooches are media code for "totes in love". with no smooch how can i trust this?


glad to see Varrick and Zhu Li get together. i'd been rooting for them but i was worried Varrick wouldn't shape up.


overall it felt like a great ending to the Kuvira arc. Very grand and exciting. The problem is, it didn't quite feel like the end of the entire series. Like, yes, they tied up some loose ends, and the ending was very clearly meant to be the end. I will not contest that. What I mean is that there was no overarching goal of the series to tie up. In the original Avatar series, the overarching goal was obvious: defeat the Fire Lord. They set it up rather quickly at the beginning, so when it finally ended at the finale, it felt complete, and like a full end to the series. Korra, however, had no such goal. Each season was a self-contained story, with only Korra stringing them together. They tried to tie it together a bit with Korra learning from past antagonists in the final season, but it was too little, too late.


Maybe I'm just a cynical old grump who expects too much but for the end of an entire series it just felt... underwhelming.


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