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I've run out of song lyrics to put as titles.



But this is the entry where I squee and exclaim my happiness at being the proud owner of all 6 2015 Toa. (Protectors and Lord of spooky spooky Skeleton Spiders soon.)


There was nothing quite like going into a Toys R Us and finding BIONICLE once again on the shelf. Even just the ride home with them was really a surreal moment for me, I thought back to my childhood memories of the line and my more recent memories from 2010 buying the Stars line and thinking "This is the last time I'll buy a BIONICLE set off the shelves."


Well take that, slightly younger me! You were wrong!


And now I have this wonderful group of multicolored individuals.



[image links to full image]


Don't really know what else to say other then I'm glad that my favorite toyline has returned.


Welcome back, BIONICLE. You were missed.

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