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  1. Hey BZP. It's been a while. Glad to see you're still around. You know, it's been 13 years since I registered here when I was just a kid and wow, how life has changed. I guess the biggest change would be how about 8 or so months ago I came out of the closet and decided to live life true to myself as a woman. It's been great and everyone in my life has been supportive. Not really the reason I'm writing this though, not sure I really have a reason for writing this. October is almost over, and that means my birth month and favorite time of year is coming to a close, but every October I end up thinking about this place and what it meant, and still means to me. I just wanted to thank all the admins, mods, and awesome users over the years for creating a wonderful community and more than that, keeping it around for so long past the expiration of the franchise it was based on. I know BZP isn't what it used to be, and I'm okay with that, things change, as I've learned through life. And at the end of the day? Change ain't so bad. Thanks for listening to my stream of consciousness throw words at a blog post for a while.
  2. KCGR

    I'm 19, not dead.

    True, compared to the time a lot of people have been here, very true.
  3. KCGR

    I'm 19, not dead.

    I was gonna write something sappy about how long I've been on this website on my birthday but I think that'll wait until next year when I'm 20 and been here for 10 years.
  4. Well, the announcement dropped today that G2 is ending, and well, I knew it was coming but honestly thought we would get another year. I'm very glad that LEGO even decided to make G2 in the first place, and happier still with the execution, while the ending is bittersweet after only two years, I think it was done well and respectfully. Goodbye again, BIONICLE, luckily for you, we've been through this before. I don't really have much else to say other besides that I better get on finishing up my G2 collection.
  5. I'm a big fan of both Akamai and Wairuha, so seeing them done with all the new sets is very cool. You did a really good job at making imposing combiners without being too bulky or disproportionate. If I had to give a criticism I'd say the weapons seem a bit crazy as two handed weapons, but that's more of my personal preference.
  6. Long ago on the mythical island of Okoto, the villagers were guarded by a mysterious being, older than time itself. He was known as the Protector of Life, as no inhabitant of the island knew his real name. The watchful sentinel resided in the mountainous terrain of the region of ice, his cavern like home filled with strange artifacts like none other found on Okoto. He has not been heard from since long before Ekimu was put to sleep, the mantle of 'Protector' becoming a tradition for the villagers to honor him. --- Gallery when public. -- Hey there! This is a moc I just recently created using a G2 Kopaka and various other parts from my collection. It's also sort of a self moc. The idea behind this creation, as you may have guessed from the lore-blurb at the top, is that Matoro from some version of the G1 universe ended up traveling through the different dimensions before ending up on Okoto. So join me as I take you through some of my design processes and ideas. Front View The torso is essentially a G2 Kopaka torso [Mostly cause i'm super bad at custom torsos and limbs.] with different armoring, and the main inspiration for the armor silhouette was a very knightly, almost MMO Paladin style armor with the very large, drooping shoulder pads. I decided to use the Matoro Inika mask and head because of two reasons, one - I'm actually a pretty big fan of how the Matoro Inika mask looks, and two, I couldn't figure out a reliable way to get a metru / mata head onto a CCBS torso without using rubberbands. Side View Not much to say about the side view, other than that I chose to use the old Y joint style hands because to me, they scream 'BIONICLE' when I see them. Back View The back view shows off that Kopaka's gear function is still active and functional, and also shows more of the bulky, tank type armoring. I decided to use the Inika Matoro feet mostly because I personally liked how they covered the back. Sword Pose So for the sword I wanted to make a weapon that wasn't silver, although I originally did toy with using Matoro Inika's blade. I eventually settled on this double edged sword using Pridak's feet, which I think have always looked good as a sword. Winter is coming. The MOC's arms and sword were specifically designed to be able to pull this pose off, and I'm glad it worked. Cave of Relics. Setting up a cave display for him was fun, and it is in no way done, but placing a bunch of stuff that he might have found around different dimensions was fun, almost a trophy hall sort of deal. -- Thanks for looking at my MOC! Feel free to comment if you want.
  7. For me, It's Hydraxon. His obscenely large and ridiculous arsenal [seriously, exploding boomerangs, think about that for a second.] coupled with a color scheme devoid of major colors just really works for me.
  8. As of now, it's a picture of Matoro Inika from the comics to go with my name, which is a blend of Matoro from G1 and the 'Protector of ___' from G2, obviously.
  9. Mostly the usual stuff that comes with joining a forum when you're 9, overusing emoticons [seriously. Walls of them. Everywhere.], not fully understanding the rules, etc. I..don't wanna think about it too much. It's embarrassing. 8 years later though, I'd like to believe I've improved.
  10. Makuta Conquered. Take that.

  11. I like this. I like this a lot. You've done a great job at modernizing the original Umbra's design and features, the adrenaline mode is a nice touch and the colors work much better with pearl gold replacing the keetorange, IMO. EDIT: Would it be possible to get some pictures of the skeleton of the torso up close, sort of showing how the head and torso armor attaches? I've been scratching my brain trying to figure out a way.
  12. So here I am, sitting at my desk playing some late night games, and suddenly scampering across the wall is none other than the true lord of the skull spiders. Guy nearly gave me a heart attack. It's time to claim my golden mask and become the master of..RAID, I guess?
  13. Well. I for some reason used to think that Matoro was going to turn evil during the Mahri year due to his assosciation with Maxilos/Makuta, I think? Not entirely sure why that theory was a thing. I also originally was vehemently against the entire concept of the Mata Nui Robot and the Mata Nui = the Universe theory until I watched the Mata Nui rising video and was thoroughly disproven.
  14. This looks fantastic. I really like how you had each limb be a different element, really gets the 'combiner' aspect across. If I had to give one criticism, it's a bit difficult to notice where the water protector fits in, but that may just be to the lighting of the pictures and how the purple and blue sort of blend together due to being close on the color palette. All in all, it looks really good and I might just have to build it myself!
  15. Love it. Was waiting for someone to do this. Not the biggest fan of the gun on the staff, looks a bit bulky. But it works with the G2 Protector/Villager weapon aesthetic they seem to be going for, so props on that.
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