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    "I am the ground you walk on ... the air you breathe. No longer must I fight you to rule a Universe. I AM the Universe!"
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    Lots books writing origami Lego duh star wars baseball adventures in odyssey huge star wars bionicle and anythingLego nerd also big marvel and dc fan but lately have only read marvel love most books Harry potter James dashner books hunger games divergent wings of fire legend leviathan are some of the more well known I am also a Christian I have a cat a dog and a hermit crab I also love many types of music play piano
    love 21 pilots micheal jackson, the fold queen and others that nobody here would know

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    oh no not A.I.M. there going to kill us all with their crazy experimentation and creepy mask things

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  1. good for meso can't wait for him to talk about this on ttv and congrats to everyone
  2. and don't forget vezon belgium
  3. Hey bzp I haven't posted in forever but I found this the other day and there is an actually village in Scotland called bonkle so awesome right! I must visit this place
  4. this kid has issues he talks to him self writes criminals names in a notebook loves watching the news on criminals deaths creepy anyway a robot kid from a utterly stupid and pointless show natzu
  5. dude can i buy that its so sick! awesome job!
  6. did anybody else do a double take, o the connection theories that come after this! Vakama's name doesn't get a cameo because this isn't the one Vakama made. The G1 Vahi never had a top half, let alone one that looked like this. Actually Vakama made a whole mask but it was unstable and separated into two parts. He was only able to find the lower have. (the G1 Vahi) That literally never happened. Vakama's creation of the G1 Vahi wasn't some obscure bit of backstory that just got an offhand mention... we literally witnessed it in flashbacks, including at the climax of Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. And there was never any upper half, lost, broken, or otherwise. I really don't see why people are so desperate for a direct connection between G1 and G2 that they're willing to play fast and loose with the original canon in order to allow that to happen.I thought that the vahi vakama made was incomplete it said this in the book can somebody back me up on this?
  7. Hey guys I haven't posted in a while and as you may know the dr.strange trailer was released yesterday and I was wondering are we going to get sets based of this because I think I remember A brickiest article with Dr.Strange set names in it or something but I can't find it. I mean of course we are going to get sets we have gotten sets of every marvel movie since the avengers but can we expect a sanctum sanctorum set i mean its kinda early to speculate but i will do so anyways sanctum sanctorum- $99 either this set is a big set or its like the batman v superman set with a small build and two minifigs if not sanctum sanctorum - then a final battle big set we get another small 30$ some sort of like village set of sorts then a smaller origins set posibly another possibility is that we have the Ant-man thing with one set of a battle scene.
  8. Imagines kopaka singing to melum you ain't nothing but a polar bear!
  9. I so wish both marvel and D.C. Had a minifig series but alas it will never happen (becomes reverse flash and looks at brickset on April 24, 2024 sees title reads article) never mind welp there goes all my money in the future man that punisher and hush minfigs look so cool!
  10. Wow there are no words to describe hau awesome this is I mean mata nui that animation was good and the music was the same level of over the top skill! Wonderful job! Btw hey click I haven't seen you in forever
  11. 3.5/5 been seeing you a lot lately but never really had before
  12. No problem, but I think a topic to discuss the new movie is necessary compared to making multiple threads about it or none at all. I think the site's pretty accurate since it says that added by Warner Bros. and that looks like an official poster. The first synopsis (the bottom one) might just an early description. not sure if that is good or bad
  13. I agree and I also tend to speculate way too early also. It us kinda saddening that we can predict the story so easily that is one thing that irks me about new gen is that they are trying to recreate old success when they need to be focusing on creating new things. To me gen 2 feels kinda like a story we have heard many times in many ways rehashed, don't get me wrong I love the sets and am happy that bionicle is back it just feels like its missing the heavy storyline that gave bionicle it's success early on it was something original that spark is missing In gen2. Okay I trailed off there but point is this topic doesn't need to happen really. I disagreeBy having the topic out now we can talk about what could happen for next year with out there being a risk of a leaked photo. Normally by the ended of the summer wave we already get one or two leaked photos. Then were all just talking about them and not coming up with are own ideas. So I like it that this topic is here now. your last sentence made me think of this "You are all my children, and you're lost because you follow blind leaders. No more false gods. I'm here now." anyway I was talking more about the fact that bionicle fans tend to speculate too early it doesn't bother me that this topic might have been created "too early" but I don't exactly agree with you ethier
  14. haven't played it but looked it up seems cool are you going to see batman v superman?
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