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  1. Granted, but it swallows you up. I wish for more Lewa.
  2. Granted, you are now stranded in an amusement park called 'the world'. If you had chosen 'the land', it'd probably be a different story. I wish for more misprints of masks.
  3. Yes, I do. I guess that's a tad bit unclear.
  4. Yeah, I do have some stuff and masks that have some worth, but I'm really bad at parting with things. I did kinda know that...
  5. Granted, pop-up ads for soft beverages now clutter up BZPower (THIS house). What have you done?! I wish for more MNOG GIFs to exist.
  6. It can really be any mask not already mentioned. Go right ahead, man. This is for everyone!
  7. The Mask of Light - Nathan Furst (from Bionicle: Mask of Light (obviously))
  8. "The Bionicle Music" from the Power Pack. I opened my playlist of 618 songs, and that was the first thing to play. It's not even the first song in the playlist (it played because I have it on shuffle).
  9. Granted, but the government covered it up, so you'll never know for sure. I wish for better RNG.
  10. Okay, so I have a few Bionicle pieces or so that I'm willing to trade and what I'll trade for. Keep in mind that I do accept offers other than those listed below. Here's a basic list of what I'd like to trade for: -Red Noble Ruru -Chrome Hau -Silver Kaukau (Mata) -Golden Miru (Mata) -Infected Kanohi Hau -Pohatu Mata's Canister -2001 Kanohi Mask Pack -QftM Card Game Booster Packs (9-cards) -Blue Krana Xa Here's a list of what I'm willing to trade(images will be provided soon): -Gali Mata's Canister (w/ poster) -Black Noble Ruru (Note: this one is from the 2003 Hafu, so it is not a misprint) -Vakama's Orange Noble Huna -Nokama's Light Blue Noble Rau (w/ Head) -Matau's Kaukau Staff -Green Mata Body -Green Krana Ca -Kanoka Disks (Onu, Po, and Ko) -Jaller's Yellow Hau -White Kanohi Pakari (Mata) -Knights' Kingdom Lord Vladek (2005) set (w/ Box, may be missing an insignificant piece) [No, I did not misspell "Trade" at the end, the "e" just got cut off. Also, I apologize for how unprofessional this looks. I've just been busy lately.]
  11. I'd certainly appreciate that.
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