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From: OFFICIAL Bionicle 2015 Topic




My review of Pohatu, Master of Stone:



  • The classic brown goes well with the color-scheme.
  • Said bones don't clash/stick out from Pohatu's colors.
  • Mask is very reminiscent of his '01 incarnation.
  • His asymmetrical arms brings something unique to him.
  • Those spikes on his right arm makes me think of the bone decorations a tribesman that lives in the desert would have.
  • Beefy legs = runner.
  • His boomerang weapons also give me a very 'Australian desert' vibe. And they fold up.


  • Noticeable gaps on his sides.
  • Only one arm swings.
  • Another dagger wouldn't hurt.
  • More of that classic Hewkii brown also wouldn't hurt.
  • Gun-metal colored weapons seem out-of-place.

Overall, Pohatu is a really solid set. Sure he's no Gali or Tahu, but he's unique in his own special way. And I could totally see why he's the one that always gets sold-out first at my local stores. Not to mention how beautiful those brown shells are--seriously think about buying a duplicate of him or the Protector of Stone just for those. So that wraps things up for my review. If you're a collector, than this is an obvious must-have. But if you're deciding between this guy and another Toa as your first 2015 Bionicle set, I'd say pick up the PoS first and choose from there; they're pretty similar.



Source: OFFICIAL Bionicle 2015 Topic

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They're called Stormerangs. :) The set designers let me get away with that one. Also, I must admit I'm not a fan of the gunmetal either. I'd much rather have silver. I'd also rather have a kicking function, but you can't have everything. Overall, I agree with you.

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