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Graduate Application(s?) In



For various reasons not entirely important to this blog entry, I've decided that I want to pursue a masters degree. This afternoon I sent in the application to my first choice program, and while I'm nervous about it (as anyone is nervous about an application) I'm satisfied with it. Hopefully I appropriately conveyed my eagerness for the program because it sounds like the kind of thing that's tailor made for my interests. And here is where I thank my oldest sister who spent her one afternoon visiting us to pour over my essay, making sure it was in tip top shape and appropriately sparkly. She's pretty much gotten everything she's ever applied for (which is, like, the opposite of my luck) so having her input was incredibly valuable.


My second choice application was sent in yesterday. I'm a little more concerned about this one. I "submitted" my application before the due date, but I'm not sure when the supplementary materials need to be sent in. The resources on the school's website say they aren't needed until April so that should really be the end of it, but I'm worried that I misinterpreted something somewhere and I won't end up giving them a complete application in time. Irrational? Maybe. But the sooner I give them that information the sooner I will get a response, so I plan to have the supplements in within the week- assuming the school responds to my requests for help on the application. Yes I need help figuring out an online application. Kind of embarrassing but there it is.


Anyway, I'm really hoping that one of my applications will lead to acceptance, because there is no plan B. Well, there is, but it doesn't have a much larger chance of success.


In an entirely unrelated event, my older sister was browsing diamond rings online today, with my oldest sister offering her input. When I tried to ask her what she was looking at rings for, both of them gave me a big shush sign with their fingers.


I have no clue what's going, but when I think of diamond rings I think of marriage. I get weirded out enough when my friends get married. I have no idea how I'd respond to a sibling getting married.

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The other way isn't unheard of, I don't think.


Also I would pester them about it until they got so sick of me that they forcefully remove me from their sights. But that's just me. XP


Good luck with the applications!

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