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BZPower Anniversary Blog-a-thon 2015

Bionicle Guru


Like a genie freed from his lamp, the premier perks activation for the week of BZP's anniversary have allowed me to come forth and blog once again! Perhaps this shall be a more fruitful week than last year's, but you never know! What if I have nothing useful to write about? What if I suddenly fall off the face of the Internet this week? Such are the worries that keep strong, basement-dwelling men and women awake at night.


This first entry is just a re-introduction, I suppose. Tonight, I plan to dine on some fine Popeye's chicken whilst assembling my recently-acquired Load N' Haul Railroad (MISB from 1992!). I'll finish redecorating my parents' basement tomorrow. Have to wait for that big-boy paycheck to come through, anyway, before I make the big renovations!


Stay tuned!


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