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Really, I can't have a REAL vacation...



So my semester of college is going to FINALLY FINALLY end on the 17th of December. I have two incomplete essays to finish and two tests to take before then.


Then I have to finish the Secret Santa thing in that time too, because my parents are going to drag me out of town on the 19th and back (late) on the 24th. I've now been informed that getting time to do ANYTHING on the 18th is going to be problematic, because my dad is going to be packing that day, and whenever dad wants to do something like that he keeps dragging the rest of us into it and making things really stressful in a way that he really doesn't have to do.


After Christmas, I'm going to be dragged out of town AGAIN for another three days. This is exasperation. And when I get back from that, I have two rounds of jury duty that hopefully won't run into or conflict with each other.


When do I get a real vacation?


All of this is going to make running the HF RPG really difficult. I need to get my act together and get through some major events before I leave, otherwise it's going to be a real mess. Yi yi yi.


So that's how things stand.


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Best of luck to you on the jury duty.


If you want help on the Santa thing, I'm open.



And it sounds like you're going to need to go into a coma or something for a few weeks afterwards just to get your energy back.

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My best idea for the Santa thing is to do a MoC. But I need to get my pesky parents/brother out of the house to make that happen, ideally. 


I may have to resort to a drawing, which will comparably suck.  


And my brain is already trying to go into a coma, believe me. 

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