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    Running the Kanohi Force, going to small-time local LEGO conventions, having fun with my dear, incredibly tolerant friends, and building MOCs. A lot.

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  1. Yo Ghiddy where are you man?

    1. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      He's gone, man. :(

    2. Clyce


      RIP Ghiddy. Wonder where he's at now.

    3. confused piraka

      confused piraka

      is this ghid?

  2. press F to pay respects

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    2. Laughing Man
    3. Erasmus Graves

      Erasmus Graves

      R.I.P. Ghidfather

      June 23 2013-March 09 2017

      Here lies Ghidora131, a free fish.

      “He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.” - Rafael Sabatini

    4. Clyce


      Okay years late, but why was Ghiddy banned? He was one of the coolest dudes on here.

  3. IC Doubt WELL NOT UNTIL YOU SAID IT I WASN'T He looked at the pair in a worried manner, hoping they wouldn't actually chime in. "I've been here for a while; I know where the doctor is."
  4. Okay, so before the rather off-topic discussion escalates any further... I wonder how many people Hijack is going to disturb in many ways simply by existing. You think moving is bad, see him fight or eat.
  5. Ghidora131


    IC Dessimus - welp "Your point is unceremoniously nulled because I am not making our defense an assumption of species traits," He growled as softly as he could. "I'm asking you to prepare for something worse than Vorox. Yes, Vorox attacked the ship, so the survivors say. But why on Bara Magna does that mean they were alone?" He leaned back, idling with his lone piece of silverware. "But it appears I'm causing tension in the proceedings, so I'll move on." He glanced at the Skakdi compatriot during his sentence to see if she had somehow missed his sarcasm. "Besides, us selfless workaholics have to do something with our bleak existences." "Fe does not carelessly ship its secrets around like children's toys; It would be more believable that the Vorox did this than to a Fe ship. But..." And then there was a gap of silence as his mind raced over Saffina's plan. The possible factors, the Vorox- who cares the variety- taking over the ship and potentially flying it, the event of losing the cargo haulers... He tapped the handle of his spoon against the table softly as he puzzled over it, finally setting it back down and glancing back up at Saffina with a soft confidence in his eyes. "There's not many gaps in that but it's the best option available. And given the night we have the visibility advantage." "Touche."
  6. IC Doubt Acid reflex, was it called? whatever it was, it was bugging him as soon as Kororia responded to the... Whoever it was. Why did he feel like this was going to happen with every Rahk she met?
  7. IC Lukasi - Metronome The sand splashed around in the ball of air for the time that it lasted, some spitting out to the sides until the attack dissipated and Metronome spilled onto the ground once again. It... It didn't work. Karz!
  8. Hey yo how's it going, buddy. Couple things: 1) This would be best as a personal message as it's meant for a single member, and 2) This is the profiles—not discussion—topic, anyway Sajhasibasufnsfnfjsfubslfsvsjb jsbhsbfsfbslkjfbnjsfbjhsbfujyslbfjbfbsjfbsebfuysfbiefiueiubbfbfkbafaebfjhabbwad. my error
  9. oops, didn't see this until after I posted again as Sorox. Whoops. It... Probably shouldn't, but if anything does happen Sorox has just been put into the position of wide, slowly-moving target, so this should be fun.
  10. This seems more like a very nice RP idea than a game.
  11. IC Sorox As the pair dragged him up, he tried desperately to make it look like he wasn't that bad off at all. It failed worse than Datrox's epic lighting. "S-set me on the bench," he grunted, trying his best not to gasp for air in a horrifying manner. It was then that he noticed his sword off to the side.
  12. I'm assuming you mean the bludgeon? sorry, I want to make sure I don't mess something up.
  13. And brilliant lighting on that one! that just makes it one pinch more spectacular. Now you're making me want to see stuff blow up more often in this. XD
  14. It might be a good idea to PM him something like this, as it's not really fit for the BZPRPG News and Discussion topic.
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