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Some Steam keys up for grabs...

Jedi Master J.


Hey, folks. I brought the Humble Telltale Bundle recently and well, I have most of games that it had on offer already, so I figure I give away some keys.


Here's the games that I have Steam keys for:


- Back to the Future: The Game Claimed by AZBlue

- Poker Night at the Inventory

- The Walking Dead: Season 1 (+ 400 Days DLC) Claimed by Iaredios

- The Wolf Among Us Claimed by Parugi

- Poker Night 2

- Tales from the Borderlands Claimed by Scythey

- Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series Claimed by Tyler

- The Walking Dead: Season 2 Claimed by Iaredios

- Jurassic Park: The Game


So yeah, if you are interest in getting any of keys for these games, please do let me know. Thanks in advance.


- JMJ 2016


P.S. - I just finished Season 1 of Netflix's Daredevil series. I got say it is interesting and I'll definitely be checking out Season 2 after I check out Jessica Jones since I been I told I should watch that first. Which I guess I probably watch first episode of that before I go to bed today. *yawn*


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@Scythey, AZBlue, Iaredios, and Parugi: Codes sent! I hope you enjoy the games.


@TMD: I'll take that as you approved that I am watching Jessica Jones now.


I got say it is interesting so far and well, I am looking forward to watching more of it later today.


- JMJ 2016

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