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Goodbye Legacy.



I was very sad to hear today that Andre Hurley (You should all know him as MaskCollector, owner of the Platinum Avokhii), has decided to sell everything in his collection. After years of preparing to create a museum of every part and collectible made, its all gone now. He's supposedly keeping the Avokhii, which is sad really, because no one else will have the chance to complete what he started. For one of the biggest collectors in the community to sell up, I'm really wondering what has happened to our truly beloved theme.


Until next time,



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Nothing's happened to Bionicle itself. But people grow up. They move on. As great as MaskCollector's collection was, I don't think he ever really could come up with a feasible way of achieving his dream of sharing his collection with the world via some sort of traveling or stationary museum. And, absent that, and with other goals in life, he has a lot more to gain from selling off his collection (to people who might conceivably be able to make better use of it) than he ever could by hoarding it and keeping it to himself.

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