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Trying to find Ekimu and Quake Beast



So, about two weeks ago, I biked 6 and a half miles in 100 degree heat to get the final wave of G2 at Toys R Us. They had Umarak, Storm Beast, Lava Beast, but not the other two. I checked a few other stores, but they were not there either.


Over the last two weeks since, to periodically check other stores, I have (still in the 100+ degree heat) biked over 25 miles total, walked over 10 miles total, and came pretty close to heat stroke on three occasions, all to STILL NOT FIND EKIMU AND QUAKE BEAST.


It occured to me a few minutes ago that I did all of that to avoid the $6 shipping charge that I would not have to pay in-store.


You know what, $6 isn't that bad...

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Lego S@H still has both (technically). Doesn't quite get you free shipping, though.


My wife found Ekimu recently, not sure where (suspect Walmart). I just broke down and bought Quake Beast straight from Lego (no luck locally). Backordered until the 18th. Might see that same production run hit a few stores too?

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