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  1. Let's see what I can come up with off the top of my head. Put a heavier focus on Kongu Inika's constantly-on telepathy (and the difficulty of dealing with it) Mixed-gender elements. Maybe having some elements more likely to be male, or more likely to be female, or more likely to be neither, MAYBE, but none 100%. Have the Hordika to "go bad" be Onewa, Nuju, or Matau (my preferences in that order) Have the Mask of Light story last a full year, somehow, replacing the Kal story. Malum was banished for nearly killing Strakk, and then Strakk was banished for nearly killing Ackar. Nothing interesting was done with Strakk in that moment, and it feels like a missed opportunity. Give the Toa of the Green on the Mangai team no weapon, because he quickly grows a wooden weapon in the shape of whatever he needs whenever he needs it. (Back when the Mangai canonization was happening, I recommended that, but no one seemed to notice lol. I still think about that sometimes).
  2. This is not the biggest disappointment. This is not the most consequential disappointment. But it's the one that I keep thinking about. When the Inika transformed into Inika, their masks acted way differently than anything we'd really seen before. Three (hewkii, jaller, and nuparu) got masks that gave them super strong physical abilities. Matoro got a mask that allowed him to "fly" long distances as a scout. Kongu and Hahli though? Kongu got telepathy he couldn't turn off. Hahli got a mask that made her head hurt. In a real world analogy...Kongu was schizophrenic, and Hahli had chronic migraines. It's been a while since I've read through the books, so I don't remember how it played out for Hahli, but I DO remember how it played out for Kongu: early on, it looked like dealing with voices constantly would become an integral part to his character, but then it kind of got...handwaved away, I guess. Obviously, my disappointment is only in hindsight, but my biggest disappointment was that this wasn't explored. You had two characters who were clearly not neurotypical stuck on a team that had won the lottery. I feel like having two characters deal with that in any way would have been good for kids at the time who might have been dealing with stuff like that, or helped them understand someone else dealing with it. I doubt lego would have allowed that in a million years, which might be why it wasn't explored (I remember the dismissal of Kongu's problems to be very sudden, like Greg suddenly realizing he couldn't write about that), but it still feels like a massive story loss 14 years later.
  3. I am unsure whether we personally interacted back then off the top of my head, but the fact that you not only have evolved past the hate, but have gone back to make amends with those you feel you hurt speaks volumes about who you are as a person today. That much growth is incredibly hard to do, so massive congratulations on having achieved it. Also, thank you for informing me that the term "hate parroting" has a name. That will be incredibly useful in my day-to-day life.
  4. I honestly lived more on BZP than the real world back in 2009-2011. It made more sense to me to have a "more advanced" account. Also I was, like, 13, so that reasoning made sense. I still think it was a good move. I'm glad I supported this site with money, it deserved it.
  5. This site, and the people on it, were hugely influential on my development as a person. I come back every couple months because it feels like coming home in some ways. Plus, the site has this vague, hard-to-describe, "Old internet" feel that I don't really see anywhere anymore...I like it. Plus the people are still cool. It's interesting to see a username pop up here that I remember from 10 years ago.
  6. I absolutely love the fact that we are maybe going to get more MOCs canonized...some of the best character's appearances are from fan mocs. However...this announcement gave me some strong flashbacks to about 6 years ago, with the Toa Mangai canonizations. I loved that too, but there was a lot of backlash. I'll be paying attention to see what happens with this.
  7. Apologies if this is slightly confusing or incoherant. So, I've been listening to this song over and over for months after finding it on Spotify: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWB3-6MZ_UE I find it fascinating, and really like it, in a very precise, specific, probably almost nitpicky way. It's clear the narrator in the song (whether he's supposed to be Ethan Wood himself, doesn't matter) spent his childhood with bionicle. Seeing as he's showing specifically Tahu Mata, and the fact that he still has the original set with the original canister, it likely mattered to him through his childhood, teenage years, and now adulthood. Now, he's an adult dealing with adult problems...he clearly is approaching the end of a relationship, which is a difficult and confusing thing for anyone to go through. So, how does he try to make sense of his emotions in that moment? He relates it to Bionicle, something that's been a part of him since he was small. He expresses vulnerability in the confusion of this moment by essentially showing something pure from his childhood. In doing that, he expresses at the core who he is, as expressed in the line "what you see is what you get". That may be reading in too much...but really, this resonated with me in a big way. The narrator in the song clearly had hopes for everything in his life to go well when he grew up, and when something didn't, he calls back to his childhood in an effort to make sense of it. This isn't a new idea, but to my knowledge, this is the only song to do something like that with specifically bionicle...Bionicle was one of the biggest parts of my development as a child, so this resonated with me in a big way in particular. So, bringing attention to that song is one thing...but, there's a second thing that it made me realize. All the original fans of bionicle, who were old enough to be there for 2001 and experienced the story as it unfolded until 2011, are adults now. There's an entire population of people who were influenced by Bionicle as much as the singer in that song, all of whom are entering their respective industries right now, if they haven't already. For star trek, so many of the people who saw it in theaters were so inspired by it that they took jobs in specific scientific fields, changing what technology is available today. Some went into film, creating some of the most well-known movies and shows. Some got jobs in the government out of optimism to try to create the future. Many of those people lived their lives in a way that were shaped by what they took away from star trek. Many of them brought unique insights to their careers that were inspired by star trek. Many of them changed the course of the world in some way, influenced uniquely by star trek. This isn't at all unique to star trek, it just so happens that Star Trek's influence is well documented. Well, Bionicle's influence begins now. Obviously, the song I showed is not well known at all, but it is deeply unique and could only have been made by someone who grew up with bionicle. I think that some of the media, technology, and policy that emerge soon may begin to be influenced by the bionicle fans who contributed to them, even if it's in small ways. I think, statistically, that at least a handful will make a massive impact in the world, influenced by their experiences with the bionicle story and sets. I have no idea what the specifics of that will look like, but I believe that that will begin around now...and that's really cool to me. Again, maybe I'm reading too much into it. but it's definitely something I've been thinking about for a few months.
  8. I was given hope by someone who claimed they managed to get old Bionicle promotional stuff from a liquidating Toys R Us. If you happen to live in michigan, let me save you some time: I just called all of them. They don't have it anymore.
  9. While i like the idea, that looks harder to hand write...maybe might try to learn to read it for myself, though...hmmm... Somehow, no. I'm fairly sure they're both some variety of business majors.
  10. On my dorm door, I put a whiteboard, and wrote a message in Matoran saying "If you can read this, I want to talk to you". It's a longshot, but the idea was that if someone was able to recognize what the alphabet was (or, even better, was a dedicated enough fan of Bionicle to read it fluently), that was a person I wanted to get to know. I was just informed that two of my RA's had made it their personal challenge to figure out what the weird circles on my door mean. They have apparently spent the last three weeks trying to crack what it says letter by letter. They managed to do it. They still don't know what alphabet that was. I'm amazed and stunned.
  11. Most people in their twenties stay awake at night thinking about their future, their career, their views on life...I legitimately could not fall asleep for two hours last night because I was thinking about Matoro's mask. 1: At some point, we learned that the scope included on all of the Akaku that we have seen were added after they were made. This is to compliment the mask's power. What this means, though, is that the base akaku that most matoran walk around with in the MU has no scope. 2: There are, to my memory, four characters in the story with scopes built into their masks: Kopaka, Nuju, Kazi, and Matoro. Ignore the MNOG2 matoran. Of course whoever made Kopaka's mask added a scope. He was a Toa, and his Akaku actually had power. It made sense for him to get all the "Extras". Nuju had his scope build extra, since the scope really does not necessarily compliment the Matatu's power. It makes a lot of sense for Nuju, though, who actively used his scope in his role as a scholar (you actually see this too in LoMN). I can't really explain Kazi's scope, but the guy came out of Karzahni. If he had a third arm coming out of his forehead it would make sense. Matoro's scope, however, makes no sense. What little we know about his time in Metru Nui confirms that he was a scholar like nuju, but that seemed to be an "on paper" job at best. It seems like his main job and focus was selling rahi, and spending time in the archives. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd need a scope for. Once the move to Mata Nui happened, he was a translator. Being able to see a mile away won't help listen to a guy three feet away from you. Basically: unlike the other three, Matoro's scope makes no sense. 3: We don't know much about the mechanics of who would be given a scope, but think about some example scenarios: Maybe they were very common additions, given to almost anyone. This is not likely. It would explain why Matoro was able to get a scope, BUT: it meant that there is a short list of characters who we know, who therefore WOULD have a scope. Vakama, for example. If scopes were easily obtained, then Vakama literally had free access to the materials and hardware to attach a scope to any mask he wanted. He would also be able to make use of it, finding microfractures in masks he made. TL:DR: if scopes were easy to get, Vakama would have a scope. Vakama does not have one. Scopes were hard to get. If this were true, then Matoro would absolutely "not fill the requirements" for acquiring one. 4: MY POINT: Ignore the physical sets, which can be chalked up to the fact that this lore was not decided when the mask was designed, and the fact that the expense of creating a new mold only for matoro (a mcdonalds set) made no sense. I don't think Matoro, as a matoran, had a scope. Thoughts?
  12. if my memory serves correctly: specific matoran had the potential to become toa if needed. These matoran were often seen as eccentric or different somehow, such as Krakua (again, top of my head, refer to bs01). So, not all.
  13. Assuming infinite funds: yup. Not assuming infinite funds: you're better off filling in gaps elsewhere in your collection before you buy doubles.
  14. Actually, a blank circle would equal an "O", but I do get what you are saying...maybe replace the matoran symbol for O with a circle with a hollow dot in the center, that would be a good replacement...or make the space some new symbol, like a plus sign in the middle of the circle, or something unambiguous like that. Well the first option won't work because that's the symbol for zero. And a plus symbol looks a lot like a 4. Maybe you colour in the whole circle? That'd be pretty tedious to do for every space, though. Oh i've been writing the numbers wrong...I've been writing zero as a solid dot, with 6 being a hollow dot with a dot in the center. darnit. And I suppose you are right with the 4... It would just have to be something that is very obviously not some other character. Dot on both the left and the right. Line across the bottom. A spiral. Eh. I may come up with something practical, see if something works. I do like the idea of just printing out a page of circles, though...that would make this significantly more practical.
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